GoPro Odyssey VR camera will cost $15,000, arrive in November

Back in May, Google revealed Jump — an open-source platform that lets content creators easily capture immersive 360-degree video. A Google Jump camera consists of 16 cameras in a circular array, and the first manufacturer to create a camera to Google's Jump specifications was GoPro,

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Google I/O 2015:16 台 GoPro 攝影機組成一台 360 度環景動態攝影機並支援 Google Jump

在Google I/O 2015 上也宣布了一款由 16 台 GoPro 串接而成的環景攝影機,並支援 Google 最新的 Jump 虛擬實境系統鍊。

GoPro Odyssey VR camera will cost $15,000, arrive in November

Back in May, Google revealed Jump — an open-source platform that lets content creators easily capture immersive 360-degree video. A Google Jump camera consists of 16 cameras in a circular array, and the first manufacturer to create a camera to Google's Jump specifications was GoPro,

GoPro’s 16-Camera Rig Is Called Odyssey And Costs $15,000

Remember the massive GoPro camera array unveiled during Google I/O? Well, it’s now available. Kind of. Called Odyssey, professional content creators can apply to purchase the camera array with an estimated delivery of early November. The price tag? $15,000. This is part of Google’s 3D,

[多图]谷歌VR远征计划启动 推JUMP虚拟现实拍摄工具

在Google IO 2015开发者大会上,产品副总裁Clay Bavor介绍了Google在VR技术方面的进展。Cardboard是Google 2014年推出的一个3D VR眼镜项目。

Google’s Using An Insane GoPro Rig and YouTube to Bring VR to Everyone

GoPro has developed a rig housing that’ll allow you to shoot 360 video for Google’s Cardboard. It’s just one part of making content using Google’s new Jump system—a solution that standardizes every step of creating VR content. This is how VR goes mainstream.Read more...

Google 发表第二代 Cardboard,与 360 度虚拟实境平台「Jump」

Google 在去年的 I/O 上发表了 Cardboard 这个 DIY 的 VR 装置,为一般大众带来了简单实现 3D 虚拟实境的可能性,而今年则是再对它做了改良。

Google Is Looking For Testers For Its Jump VR Video Cameras

Google wants YOU to test their Jump virtual reality video capture platform. Or, well, some of you. Maybe like two, given how I imagine the percentages will work on this. The company is opening up invitations to anyone interested in trying it out,

GoPro 为 Google Jump 打造的 16 相机套件要价 15,000 美元

这个在 Google I/O 上登场,由 Google 和 GoPro 合作的 Odyssey 大杀器套件,之前六月的时候 Google 自己就已经开放有兴趣的人登记过一次,不过 Google 毕竟重在推广,所以更重视的是你拿到套件之后怎样利用,而非这个套组的成本多少。

【I/O 2015】想拍 Google Cardboard 能看到的 VR 视频,首先得集齐16 个 GoPro

此前高晨美眉曾写到,售价不到 10 美元的 Google Cardboard,只是 Google 在虚拟现实愿景中的一小部分。在刚刚结束的 Google I/O 上,Google 用全新的虚拟现实平台 Jump 证实了这一点。

GoPro's $15K Google-Powered Camera is the Next Best Thing to Teleportation

This year, the most amazing thing I saw at Google’s annual developer conference wasn’t a phone, a tablet, or even a head-mounted display. It was a 360-degree 3D video that took me to Japan. Now, filmmakers can spend $15,000 on the tech that made it possible: the GoPro Odyssey. has announced a stack of great Black Friday SIM-free reductions

Online retailer has revealed a host of Black Friday deals and next in line is the highly-anticipated SIM-free sale, with reductions in prices on Google, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei handsets. Not only are all those big names included in the sale,

Tumblr iOS app removed over child pornography, users complain unrelated blogs are being purged

Chaos at Tumblr.After users reported the Tumblr iOS app disappeared from Apple’s App Store over the weekend, the microblogging platform initially stated nothing more than they were “working to resolve the issue.” Days later, with the iPhone app still MIA,

8 tech gifts that won't fail this holiday season

We get it: You're busy.So busy, in fact, that you don't have time to parse dozens of lists to find the right tech gifts for the people in your life. You just want to pick something that you know pretty much anyone would be grateful to get. And it's not cables.SEE ALSO:

There's 10% off all new Macs with the KRCS Black Friday UK sale

Let's get the awkward introductions out of the way first, in case you weren't already acquainted. KRCS is a premium reseller of Apple products and accessories, stocking a wide range of products including the Mac, iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and much more.

Samsung has launched its Black Friday UK sale with deals on mobiles, watches, TVs, and more

In today's technology market, you can pick up Samsung products from pretty much every self-respecting retailer. That's a great thing, especially for the savvy shopper that's looking to secure a great deal. Sometimes however, it's best to go to the source.

The adidas and Reebok Black Friday UK sales are stepping it up with further discounts

Over the last week, both adidas and Reebok have released voucher codes in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering customers the chance to receive free shipping and a discount all rolled into one deal.Well both retailers have stepped it up,

UK politician casually shares 'Game of Thrones' quiz result midway through a work day

You'd think that pretty much every politician in the UK would be busy these days thinking about Brexit and you know, the future of the country.  But it seems that Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Micheal Gove, has other, more pressing matters to attend to.

Bon Jovi's plans to perform in China have been shot through the heart

Turns out that this is a song for the broken-hearted.Jon Bon Jovi made headlines — and racked up 1.3 million YouTube views — in August, when he recorded a cover of Teresa Teng's classic Chinese love song "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" (The Moon Represents My Heart).

The Rock heroically rescues puppy, stands fully clothed in swimming pool

While you were enjoying your barbecue this Labor Day weekend, The Rock was out saving lives.The actor, Internet superstar and professional Baller posted a photo of himself to Instagram holding his two new French bulldog puppies, Brutus and Hobbs. Classic puppy photo, right?Except for one thing.

You can shop Serena Williams' HSN collection straight from her fashion week show

When she’s not training for her next tennis match, Serena Williams is designing her latest fashionsLast year Williams, 33, debuted her first clothing line made exclusively for HSN at New York Fashion Week. This season,

[图]Google Wallet现在可以让你追踪货物发送情况

近日Android和iOS平台的Google Wallet上线了一项新功能,能够让网购消费者及时了解和追踪货物的递送情况。

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini specs and pics are leaked

There’s been another S5 Mini leak, this time of the specifications of the incoming handset, along with some images.Read more:



中国品牌力指数公布 移动领域苹果超三星成首位

由工信部中国企业品牌研究中心及直属研究咨询机构Chnbrand实施的2014年调查中国品牌力指数(China Brand Power Index,简称C-BPI)近日公布,在移动领域,自2012年就一直占据C-BPI首位品牌的三星,其首位终被苹果所取代。

宏碁将于MWC 2015推出新款Windows手机

据英国科技网站TechRadar 1月27日消息,宏碁将于3月举行的世界移动通信大会(MWC 2015)上发布一批新款Windows手机。目前,宏碁已有Liquid E3和Liquid Jade等智能手机,但并未引起市场轰动。

要给孩子治近视 先治家长手机瘾


Oculus Rift Special Event Live Blog

We’ll be at Dogpatch Studios in SF to check out the latest from Oculus, which is most likely going to share some details regarding its upcoming consumer Rift headset launch (set for early 2016). Hopefully we’ll get a lot more specific on release timeline and price,

17 people who boldly decided 'it's not my job'

"That's not my job." People use that phrase all the time and sometimes they're right — but other times they're simply being lazy, unwilling to do any extra work like moving a tree branchSee also: 15 people who had no idea the cameras were rollingThankfully,

深圳,Demo Day为你而来

Demo Day将要登陆深圳,就在12月11日,为你而来。其实一路走来,Demo Day已经陪伴大家走过了7期,有很多创业者都通过demo day找到了有意向的投资人,也有很多投资人在demo day上发现了极具潜力的优质项目。

500-lb. gingerbread house is the star of The White House holiday decorations

If you were thinking about running for a chance to live in the White House, this may just push you over the edge.White House holiday decorations are always impressive, if a bit over-the-top (like this terrifying army of grinning snowmen).

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