Refugees break free from police and make a run for it at Hungary border

Hundreds of refugees ran across fields from police on Tuesday at Hungary's southern border with Serbia, attempting to make their journey on foot to Budapest. Some migrants said the situation at the collection point was so bad that they wanted to return across the border to Serbia,

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Refugee crisis prompts tensions to rise between Croatia and Serbia

RAB, Croatia — Following a bevy of measures and countermeasures implemented by both Serbia and Croatia, stemming from the two countries' inability to reach an agreement on how best to handle the recent immigrant surge, the citizens of both countries are starting to feel direct consequences.

UN court rules Serbia did not commit genocide in Croatia

RIJEKA, Croatia — The International Court of Justice in Hague decided Monday that Serbia is not guilty of genocide over Croatian population during the war in Croatia in the early 1990sFurthermore, the court dismissed Serbia's countersuit,

Drone Footage Shows Massive New Border Fence Between Hungary and Serbia

Hungarian police are erecting a 175 kilometer razor wire fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia. This depressing video from Drone Media Studio shows how the beautiful countryside is being destroyed — literally and figuratively — by anti-immigration policies.Read more...

A huge 7,500-pound sausage has been unveiled in Serbia

Anyone who tells you things are always bigger and better in America is wrong. Just look at this 6,600-foot long sausage that was unveiled at the Kobasicijada festival in Turija, Serbia.Seriously. Look at itIt's 7,562 pounds of savory meat expertly removed from 28 pigs.

Flag-Waving Drone Sparks Chaos, Halts Serbia-Albania Soccer Match

And now for a truly surreal story featuring international soccer, geopolitical beef, tussling players, riot police and — of course — a flag-waving drone.To set the stage: Serbia and Albania played a qualifying match for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament on Tuesday night in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hungary border closure redirects migrants through Europe

Hungary's decision to close its border with Croatia to an influx of migrants has caused a reshaping of the flow of migrants in Eastern Europe through the Balkans, resulting in a backlog as the countries try to cope with the continual flow of humanity over borders.

Refugees break free from police and make a run for it at Hungary border

Hundreds of refugees ran across fields from police on Tuesday at Hungary's southern border with Serbia, attempting to make their journey on foot to Budapest. Some migrants said the situation at the collection point was so bad that they wanted to return across the border to Serbia,

FishingBookers Helps You Book Fishing Trips

This year’s Audience Choice at Disrupt SF has a WHALE of a tale to tell you. Called, this Belgrade-based company is streamlining the process of booking fishing boats. Yes. Really. Founded by Vukan Simic and Nemanja Cerovac,

A European Soccer Match Was Abandoned Over a Drone-Induced Brawl

Last night, Serbia played Albania at soccer in a Euro 2016 qualifier. But, in the 40th minute, things turned surreal: a drone flew over the pitch flying a flag which raised tensions enough to start a fight and get the match stopped.Read more...

3 reasons why the refugee crisis is happening now

For years, refugees and migrants have fled Syria's bombed-out cities or boarded rickety ships to cross the Mediterranean in search of a better life in EuropeBut this year, the refugee crisis seems much more urgentWhy?See also: Voices from the Mediterranean:

Spotify is reportedly rolling out a feature to let you block artists

Soon, you may be able to block R. Kelly from ever appearing on your playlists.Spotify is testing an iOS feature called "don't play this artist," allowing users to block particular artists from being included in playlists, libraries, charts, and radio stations on the music streaming platform,

Hilarious 'Bird Box' memes offer comic relief for burned Saints fans

After a fierce Sunday of back-to-back playoff games between the final four, the NFL has its Super Bowl LIII competitors — and Saints fans are furious.They're channelling their frustration through Bird Box memes. In the final moments of a sudden death overtime period,

White House tweet tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. aren't going over well

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well. In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King "gave his life" for the civil rights movement, and that "our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice.

Stunning photos show the super blood moon in all its glory

In the wise words of Yello, "Oooh yeah. The moon is beautiful." Western hemisphere skywatchers enjoyed front row seats to a stunning celestial treat Sunday night as the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 arrived in its full glory. An eclipse of similar caliber is not due again until 2022. 

'The LEGO Movie 2' teaser features a supremely great Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A brand new teaser for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part dropped on Sunday, featuring the debut of a character based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Although the pioneering Supreme Court Justice didn't voice the character,

Self-driving scooters and bikes? Uber's working on it.

Your electric scooter could one day be autonomous. Uber is working on self-driving scooters and bikes, according to 3DRobotics CEO Chris Anderson. The company announced plans to explore electric scooters and bikes that can drive themselves to charging stations and riders. In a tweet on Saturday,

Razzie Awards 'honor' First Lady Melania Trump with Worst Supporting Actress nomination

Entertainment's most dishonorable honors are back and this time their public shaming is focused on the White House.Mocking the worst of the worst in last year's cinema, the 39th Annual Razzie Awards announced their nominees today with President Donald J. Trump notably front and center.

Greek island on 'verge of explosion' with thousands of refugees stuck in limbo

The first point of entry for thousands of refugees and migrants pouring into Europe is the Greek island of Lesbos, but rather than finding hope and safety on the island, those who arrive are finding themselves in dire conditions that are quickly unravelling.

Electric is the new black: This new tech will make you rethink gas power

There's nothing romantic about a gas station. There's nothing sexy about coughing up a cloud of exhaust every time you open your garage. And even though we love the roar of an engine, there's nothing glorious about shelling out at the pump.Gasoline is dirty businessBut truth be told,

6 tips to get you off the starting line in 'Forza Motorsport 6'

The Forza series turns 30 this year, and developer Turn 10 Studios celebrates with Forza Motorsport 6. Taking a great leap from the series' humble beginnings in Forza 5,

【结对项目开发】电梯多线程调度----需求分析 - 摆摊的程序猿


WSJ: Yahoo Is Planning to Make Its Own Original Web TV Shows

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo is planning to take on Netflix and Amazon, with ambitions to produce its own original web-series programming.Read more...    



IBM patent lets firms choose location of cloud data

Big Blue's new cloud technology could help businesses comply with the data regulations in different countries, by allowing them to choose where their data is stored.Read more:

Watch Google show off a working prototype of Project Ara (it looks pretty great)

Google has released footage of a working prototype of its remarkable modular smartphone known only as Project Ara. Read more:





PC玩家不当养子 《街霸5》明年春发售?

对于古典系的格斗游戏迷来说,现在唯一能指望得上的估计就是老卡的《街头霸王》了。下一代到底什么时候出?似乎是明年春季。  在最近的 PAX East 游戏展上,老卡说漏了嘴。



U.K. Web Users Now Prefer To Do It With Smartphones

U.K. web users now see their smartphone as the most important device for getting online, overtaking the previous most popular device, the laptop, according to a study of Brits’ digital habits. Read More

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