NASA confused the moon with the sun in photos posted to Twitter

Oh, NASA. That is not a picture of the sun from the International Space StationThat's a picture of the moon.On Tuesday, NASA's official Twitter account, which boasts 12.1 million followers,

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NASA astronaut uses Earth's glow to light his space selfies

An astronaut spending a year in space likes to take selfies, too.NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted two new selfies on Twitter on Saturday, showing off his picture-taking skills from 220 miles above the Earth, on board the International Space StationSee also:

NASA Is Building a Robotic Service Station for Earth-Orbiting Satellites

NASA wants to create a robotic gas station in space.While that might call to mind visions of interstellar starships, the unmanned depot won't actually be used to refuel rockets leading to the outer solar system or other worlds. Instead, it will service satellites orbiting Earth.

NASA astronauts capture rare 'red sprites' above Earth

Astronauts on board the International Space Station recently captured two photos of rare, mysterious "red sprites" — atmospheric phenomenon associated with powerful thunderstorms on Earth.

SpaceX Dragon Leaves International Space Station to Return to Earth

The privately funded Dragon spacecraft left the International Space Station on Sunday morning, and will return to Earth later in the afternoonDragon was released from the ISS' robotic arm at 9:26 a.m. ET, and is scheduled to splashdown in the Pacific Ocean at 3:02 p.m. ET,

13 striking photos that show Earth's beauty from 250 miles above

In the 15 years that people have been living and working aboard the International Space Station, astronauts and cosmonauts have sent incredible views of Earth from the orbiting laboratory. The current crew onboard the outpost is no exception.

Watch the Earth and its Space Station shine in this ultra HD video

The blues and greens of Earth's surface have rarely looked finer than in this new ultra high definition video — taken from space.NASA released the four-minute video Monday showing some inspiring footage of the Earth and the interior of the International Space Station.

NASA envisions sending data to Earth with laser beams

NASA spacecraft may soon be able to beam their data home to Earth blazingly fast — with lasers!In space, a slow data connection means more than just annoyingly long video-loading times. It can cause frustration and mistakes on the International Space Station,

NASA confused the moon with the sun in photos posted to Twitter

Oh, NASA. That is not a picture of the sun from the International Space StationThat's a picture of the moon.On Tuesday, NASA's official Twitter account, which boasts 12.1 million followers,

European astronaut back on Earth after record-breaking spaceflight

Three people who lived and worked on the International Space Station for nearly 200 full days are safely back on EarthNASA astronaut Terry Virts, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov landed in central Kazakhstan at 9:44 a.m. ET (7:44 p.m.

Space Station could get laser weapon to zap space debris

The International Space Station could one day get armed with a laser to shoot down orbiting debris, researchers say.This concept could eventually lead to a laser-firing satellite that could get rid of a large percentage of the most troublesome space junk orbiting Earth, scientists added.SEE ALSO:

Jimmy Kimmel gets Michelle Obama to say stuff she couldn't in the White House

Once upon a time, being in the White House required you to maintain a level of decorum.Now that Michelle Obama is out of there, the former First Lady can tell us about where she stole her phrase "they go low, we go high" from, and who her "freebie" is.

Netflix has a cool easter egg to salute Marvel great Stan Lee

The death of Stan Lee has been a tough one for fans, but Netflix has a neat way to honour the comic book genius. If you search for "Excelsior!" on the streaming platform, you'll be presented with a list of Marvel titles that are available on Netflix.SEE ALSO: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Oh nothing, just Ted Danson learning how to floss dance

Contrary to popular belief, and countless online videos of Fortnite lovers making it look easy, flossing ain't that easy. But that didn't stop Ted Danson, who was caught by his The Good Place co-star Jameela Jamil learning one of the most popular dance moves of 2018.SEE ALSO:

Stunning astronaut photos show Australia's outback 'like an open geology book'

German astronaut Alexander Gerst posts many extraordinary views from his lofty perch in the International Space Station.The European Space Agency astronaut and geophysicist has posted videos and photos from orbit showing the extreme power of Hurricane Florence,

Get a free $10 Xbox Live gift card with 'Red Dead Redemption 2' at Walmart for less than $50

Love cowboys? What about video games? Have someone on your gift list who loves both of those things? Then you'll want to take advantage of this deal at Walmart, which gets you a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One, plus a $10 Xbox One gift card for less than $50.

Sharp's new smartphone has double the notch for...double the fun?

As phonemakers try their best to make the notch look less obvious, Sharp is doubling it up.The Japanese electronics maker has unveiled its AQUOS R2 Compact, featuring the company's first "double notch" design.SEE ALSO: Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a very different kind of notch,

This official 'Fantastic Beasts 2' artwork is spilling with 'Harry Potter' easter eggs

Without spoiling anything, it's safe to say that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald brings the new franchise in the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling even closer to the Harry Potter universe. 

Kansas State fined $5,000 after band accused of marching in shape of penis

Kansas State University's band is really bad at marching in the shape of the USS Enterprise and now it's paying the price.The university has agreed to pay a $5,

Plane catches on fire at Las Vegas Airport, shutting down runway

As temperatures eclipsed 100 degrees Tuesday in Las Vegas, there was even more heat on the runway of McCarran Airport when a British Airways plane bound for London burst into flames on the tarmac. The blaze alarmed nearby passengers and set social media on fireSee also:

Grumpy Cat is totally over baseball, 'throws' first pitch at Diamondbacks game

Grumpy Cat is not pleased with baseball — or anything, for that matter.She put aside her disdain, though, to "throw" the first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Labor Day.See also: Grumpy Cat will be the world's most miserable comic book heroAnd by "throw,

用STM32来实现简易四旋翼飞行器的飞控 - Moran_




加強競爭力!Android Wear 2.0 更新 10 月 15 日推出

現時越來越多廠商推出以 Android Wear 為作業系統的智能手錶,據知 Google 為了加強這類穿戴式產品的競爭力,將會於下月推出 Android Wear 2.0 更新,到時將會加入多種新功能。以下有更多資料:The post 加強競爭力!Android Wear 2.

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文章: Apple Watch两个月开发的一些收获总结

Apple Watch即将于4月下旬发售,而对于Watch App的开发已成为热点。本文作者通过Watch App的实际开发经验,将其中的一些注意事项总结,分享给大家。 By 刘瑞

Schoology Cloud-Based Education Platform Lands $32 Million Series D

Schoology, the learning management system that focuses on cloud collaboration, has today announced the close of a $32 million Series D financing led by JMI Equity, with participation from existing investors including FirstMark Capital, Intel Capital and Great Road Holdings.

Microsoft reveals $299 Xbox One Black Friday deal

In the battle to rule the holiday console-buying landscape, Microsoft has struck first with a not-too-surprising $50 price drop on its Xbox One console.The deal won't go live until Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and then it only lasts until the end of Cyber Monday on Nov. 30.

dispatch_after实现原理深度探索 - JeuCouleurs

dispatch_after 是GCD中延后执行的一种方法,但是实现原理自己并没有仔细探索过,最近在和群里小伙伴讨论GCD的时候说到dispatch_after,讨论的程序有点复杂,我这里简化为一个for循环来阐述具体实现原理。示例程序11 // 循环5次2 for (int i =0;...

Uber Dribbbles Up A New App Icon

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作为第一篇专栏,我想写写离自己身边最近的事情,并以此作为突破口,先是让自己的思维和手指运动起来,其次是发现更多有意思的事情并把它分享给大家。7月初的时候我买了一部宝丽莱产的拍立得相机,Model名称是Impossible-1。我想对于大多数的人来说,宝丽莱的名字并不陌生,在2008年宣布破产的时候,人们都在感叹这样一个流行符号即将淡出人的们视野,有着100年历史的宝丽莱也随着这一天的到来,彻底变成人们“回忆的过去”。1937年,28岁的埃德温兰德(Edwin H.Land)创立宝丽莱公司,主要业务在太阳眼镜以及为相关部门做的科研事业。

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