'Crossy Road' brings a new take on its 'endless Frogger' to Apple TV

Apple TV's new gaming-friendly bent is best encapsulated in Hipster Whale's newly reworked iOS hit, Crossy Road.Combining the endless runner hooks of Temple Run with the old school arcade stylings of Frogger, 

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Apple Just Won CES 2015

Welp. There goes the next CES. With the Apple watch shipping “in early 2015″ Apple just sucked all the air out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, home of the Consumer Electronic Show.

The iPhone 6 And Apple Watch Keynote Video Is Now Available For Replay

Earlier today, Apple offered a live stream its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch event, but if you missed it (or want to watch it again), the video is now online. During the live stream, Apple ran into numerous issues,

Apple Announces iOS 9

It’s pretty much tradition for Apple to announce a new version of iOS at WWDC. For the past few months, rumor had it that Apple was taking a gap year to focus on fixing existing features and solidifying Apple’s mobile OS foundation.

Apple Watch 21大谜题:黄金版究竟有多贵

苹果特别发布会开幕在即,业界普遍认为Apple Watch将是苹果此次发布会主角。

Apple Watch 21大谜题:黄金版究竟有多贵

苹果特别发布会开幕在即,业界普遍认为Apple Watch将是苹果此次发布会主角。

iOS随笔-UIWebView的基本简介-官方文档翻译 - 指尖上跳跃的阳光

继承关系:NSObject-UIResponder-UIView-UIWebView遵循:NSCoding NSObject UIAppearance UIAppearanceContainer UICoordinateSpace UIDynamicItem UIScrollViewDelegate...

提前感知Apple Watch 各种细节:续航、心率Glance等

本文由MACX综合编译:苹果将在下周一(美国时间3月9日)举行的 Spring Forward 发布会上公布 Apple Watch 更多信息,消息人士提供了关于 Apple Watch 续航时间、健康和健身功能、应用以及其他体验的更多消息。

威威趣谈: 爱笔有方Apple Pencil保护套亮相


Apple Launches Streaming Music Service

One of Apple’s biggest announcements at this year’s WWDC event was its brand new streaming music service. The offering has long been rumored, but Apple made it official this morning,

金色运动版Apple Watch vs镀金Apple Watch

Apple Watch 一共有三个系列版本,但是仅有 Apple Watch Edition 版本才有真正的黄金版,不过这个版本那高高在上的售价和稀少的货源也不是随随便便就能买到的,这也是苦了很多想要一款金色的能与自己的金色 iPhone 相配的用户,或者是喜欢Apple Watch标准版蓝宝石屏幕的用户。

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this week, and it'll be a special one

Get ready for what might be the best meteor shower of 2018. The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks late at night on Thursday into the wee hours of the morning Friday, could bring more than 100 meteors per hour to light pollution-free skies in dark areas around the world, according to NASA.

Commuter starts petition to move Holland Tunnel's infuriating holiday decorations

You ever see something mildly infuriating but manage to breeze past it? Imagine breezing past it every day, five days a week. And instead of breezing past it, you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour. This mildly infuriating decor oversight looms overhead,

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 review: Basic to the extreme, but hands-free Alexa is a nice bonus

Amazon Fire HD 8$79.99 (Starting)View ProductThe GoodVery affordable at $79.

15 songs turning 20 in 2019

Take a look at all of the hit songs turning 20 in 2019, and you'll be reminded that music was bangin' in 1999.Pop goddesses like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez gave us some of their greatest hits,

Save $250 on the iRobot Roomba 960 at Best Buy. (That's nearly as good as Black Friday.)

While the Roomba 980 is iRobot's best vacuum yet, the 960 isn't too far behind. And when this thing goes on sale, people can not get enough of it. (Case in point: When we wrote about this deal on the 960 ahead of Black Friday, it was one of the most popular posts we did all week.

Puma is reissuing 86 vintage smart shoes that are fresh as hell

Puma is upgrading your workout wardrobe with the RS-Computer shoe. These vintage beauties originally came out in 1986, and were able to track your speed and other factors with a built-in computer chip. Puma says the 2018 model will look the same while sporting some new tech inside. Read more...

Save up to $150 off the iPad, iPad Pro, and new MacBook Air at Amazon during this Apple sale

Holiday sales are great to help you save a few bucks on gifts for your loved ones — but they're also an excellent way to justify getting something shiny and new for yourself.If you've been putting up with the same crappy laptop or tablet for far too long, you should know that Amazon has the 10.

Busy New Yorkers take a moment for a little ballroom dance in the street

There are so many elegant ways to cross the street.Improv Everywhere's latest mission involved staging some seemingly impromptu ballroom dance routines in the middle of a New York City crosswalk. Oddly enough, no one minded stopping to watch a little choreography.

Apple unveils iPhone 6S Plus, the biggest and most powerful iPhone yet

Apple announced the bigger iPhone 6S Plus in San Francisco alongside the new iPhone 6S.Like its smaller counterpart, the iPhone 6S Plus is an "S" model update and not a complete redesign.

Apple reveals the iPhone 6S

Apple has officially taken the wraps off its new iPhone for 2015, the iPhone 6S. Unveiled alongside the larger iPhone 6S Plus, the new model improves on last year's iPhone 6 in many ways, but looks almost exactly the same.The biggest difference from previous models is the introduction of 3D Touch,

Some assembly required: Google debuts "Cardboard" VR headset at I/O conference

The most unusual product launch to come out of Google I/O conference was a small DIY VR headset that anyone - yes anyone - could make.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/26/some-assembly-required-google-debuts-cardboard-at-io-conference/

Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Get (or Share) News About Open Source Projects?

An anonymous reader writes "Now that freshmeat.net / freecode.com doesn't accept any updates, I wonder how the Slashdot crowd gets news about new projects, and even new versions of existing projects. For project managers, where could you announce new versions of your project,


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Oracle Sues 5 Oregon Officials For 'Improper Influence'

SpzToid writes: Following up on an earlier Slashdot story, the Oracle Corporation has filed a rather timely suit against five of former governor John Kitzhaber's staff for their "improper influence" in the decision to shutter the Cover Oregon healthcare website,

酷开独立后发布新电视A43 成人儿童老人电视三合一

酷开 A43 电视最大的特点是一台电视配备了三种不同的遥控器,分别适配成人、父母和儿童版的电视界面,看到的也是不同的内容和交互方式。


Florian de Looij 自 12 岁开始上手操作 photoshop 起就再没放弃这一爱好。这位荷兰设计师一直致力于探索数字动画和插图。去年年末起他开始在名为 FLRN GIF 的 Tumblr 账户上分享他的动画实验作品,一些有关几何 ... ...





Here's How To Make A Vaccuforming Machine

Over on io9, I’ve been charting my progress on how to make a set of Stormtrooper armor, working off of a kit. But, how do you make the kit in the first place? You need a vaccuforming machine. Read more...


北京2016年4月13日电 /美通社/ -- 国内领先的中高端人才发展平台猎聘在北京发布《2016年一季度人才数据报告》。报告显示,今年一季度互联网对人才的需求比去年四季度有所下降,无论求职者还是雇主均开始回归理性,但这并不影响互联网依然强劲的人才吸纳能力,可见互联网并未迎来真正的行业寒冬。 相比互联网行业,传统行业的人才需求依然在低谷徘徊,目前还看不到明显的回暖迹象。

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