Deepomatic Grabs $1.4 Million For Its Deep Learning Visual Search Technology

French startup Deepomatic just raised $1.4 million (€1.2 million) from Alven Capital and business angels, such as Pierre Valade and Jean-Charles Samuelian.

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Deepomatic Grabs $1.4 Million For Its Deep Learning Visual Search Technology

French startup Deepomatic just raised $1.4 million (€1.2 million) from Alven Capital and business angels, such as Pierre Valade and Jean-Charles Samuelian.

E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down

Brisbane, California based e-motorcycle startup Alta Motors has ceased operations, TechCrunch has confirmed.  Earlier today Asphalt and Rubber — and several subsequent outlets — reported the company stopped operating this morning, fired its staff, and may be looking for a buyer.

The space pen became the space pen 50 years ago

Everyone knows about the space pen. NASA spent millions on R&D to create the ultimate pen that would work in zero gravity and the result was this incredible machine. Well, no.

Knotch launches Blueprint to help marketers find the best publishers of sponsored content

When I last wrote about Knotch, the company had just patented its color-based feedback system that helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of their sponsored content. Since then, it’s added a competitive intelligence product and now Blueprint,

Amazon says it will add 1,000 more employees in the UK, bringing the total to 28,500, bucking the Br

A lot of uncertainty hangs over the UK as continues its slow march out of the European Union, but today one of the world’s biggest companies announced plans to expand its presence in the country. Amazon today said it would add another 1,000 workers in the UK,

Disruptive technology and organized religion

At a recent Vatican-sponsored conference, I learned that disruptive technology and organized religion have more in common than not. opens up its beta

After wrestling with the development of a technology that would create a three dimensional map of the physical world for over a decade, the team at is finally ready to open up its toolkit to developers that the company says has done exactly that.

MoviePass is under investigation for securities fraud in New York state

More bad news for MoviePass . At the direction of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson is now the subject of a fraud probe in New York state. “We’ve launched a securities fraud investigation into ⁦@MoviePass⁩’ parent company,

Makeup Subscription Delivery Service ipsy Raises $100M

ipsy, an online makeup subscription delivery service, said today that it had raised $100 million. Users subscribe to ipsy, paying the company $10 per month, which then sends them a monthly package of makeup called a Glam Bag filled with various samples of products.

Doctor Search Portal Practo Buys Hospital Management Platform Insta Health For $12M

Doctor search platform Practo, which recently closed a $90 million Series C round led by China’s Tencent, is broadening its focus on catering to hospitals after buying up healthcare management firm Insta Health in a $12 million deal. Read More

Patent Reform Tries Again

Patent reform, long a decidedly unsexy topic best discussed over a strong espresso, has been a hot topic in recent years. Even though Congress substantially overhauled the patent system just three and a half years ago with the passage of the America Invents Act,

如何用C++语言编程(How to program in C++) - Anthony-黄亮

C++要解决的基本问题有两个,一是如何处理好int类型;二是如何处理好vector类型。在解决这两个问题的时候,C++的设计者们遇到了相当多的细节问题,不过它们都已经被记录在了C++ programming language一书中。

Xbox One 更新预览加入全新音频、Kinect 选项

分类: 游戏产品那些运气不错的 Xbox One 玩家已经在进行下月更新的 Beta 测试了,既然如此,网络上会传出各种爆料也就没什么好奇怪的了。

Weave News Reader is back in the Windows Phone store

Weave is a popular news reader app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 that gives you the ability to follow any website or blog. You can either choose from their grouped built-in sources or just search for the ones you want to add. Previously,

Harnessing Big Data For Social Good, YC-Backed Nonprofit Bayes Impact Launches

Andrew Jiang, Paul Duan and Eric Liu, the three founders of Y Combinator’s latest nonprofit, Bayes Impact, aren’t your typical entrepreneurs.

Vodafone launches rural mobile broadband scheme for up to 100 hard-to-reach communities

Citizens across the UK are being encouraged to team up with local MPs to request the 3G mobile broadband signal to be installed in areas that otherwise don’t have Internet access.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Netflix Is Also Shelling Out to AT&T For Better Streaming

When we heard that Comcast was bullying Netflix into paying for better connectivity, we foresaw a sad streaming future . When news slipped that Verizon was doing the same thing, that pretty much confirmed it .

iOS和安卓太腻 2015年新智能手机平台将暴增

目前市面上智能手机大概分为两大阵营,霸主 Android 首当其冲,第二便是苹果的 iOS,消费者购买手机也以这两个平台为主。那么,除了 Android 和 iOS 之外就没有别的选择了吗?

Charli XCX's bonkers new video battles terrifying social media demons

Don't you hate it when you're hanging out in your bedroom dancing around and texting your friends when, suddenly, your phone runs out of battery and demons come out of your closet to haunt you?That's the struggle in Charli XCX's new video for "Famous," directed by Eric Wareheim, of Tim & Eric,

Linux I2C总线驱动框架剖析 - 猛虎嗅薇

一、I2C Bus(集成电路总线)接口协议由飞利浦公司开发,产生于20世纪80年代,用于连接主控制器和其外围设备。

如何更方便的访问tableau online常用报表

在tableau online后台,会按照:项目,工作簿,视图的层次组织管理报表数据。 项目可以看着是目录,方 [...]

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