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Deepomatic Grabs $1.4 Million For Its Deep Learning Visual Search Technology

French startup Deepomatic just raised $1.4 million (€1.2 million) from Alven Capital and business angels, such as Pierre Valade and Jean-Charles Samuelian.

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Deepomatic Grabs $1.4 Million For Its Deep Learning Visual Search Technology

French startup Deepomatic just raised $1.4 million (€1.2 million) from Alven Capital and business angels, such as Pierre Valade and Jean-Charles Samuelian.

Google One is more proof of commoditization of consumer cloud storage

We have long known that the price of cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive have been getting cheaper over time. Yesterday’s launch of Google One in the U.S. dropped the price for Google storage even further, cutting the cost per terabyte per month in half,

Cisco’s $2.35 billion Duo acquisition front and center at earnings call

When Cisco bought Ann Arbor, Michigan security company, Duo for a whopping $2.35 billion earlier this month, it showed the growing value of security and security startups in the view of traditional tech companies like Cisco. In yesterday’s earnings report,

Arm wants to power your next laptop

Arm, the company that designs the chips that power virtually every smartphone and IoT device, published its roadmap for the next two years today. That’s the first time Arm has done so and the reason for this move, it seems,

The company behind BarkBox is opening an ‘outdoor clubhouse’ for Nashville’s dogs

Bark, the company behind the BarkBox subscription for dog treats and toys, is planning to open what it calls its first BarkPark in Nashville. It sounds like the goal is to create a space that combines a dog park with a coffee shop or other hangout spot for humans. “I was out with friends, we’re […]

Nuro and Kroger are deploying self-driving cars for grocery delivery in Arizona today

Self-driving car startup Nuro is ready to put autonomous vehicles on the road in partnership with Kroger to deliver groceries in Scottsdale, Arizona. This comes a couple of months after Nuro and Kroger announced their partnership to offer same-day deliveries.

Crypto firm Pantera Capital is looking to raise up to $175 million for a new venture fund

Pantera Capital, which has made its mark in recent years by investing early and often in a wide variety of digital assets, is looking to raise up to $175 million for its third venture fund — an enormous jump from the $25 million it deployed for its second venture fund and its $13 million debut […]

Messaging firm Line launches a dedicated crypto fund

Messaging company Line is continuing to burrow deep into the crypto space after it announced the launch of a $10 million investment fund. The fund will be operated by Line’s Korea-based blockchain subsidiary Unblock Corporation, which is tasked with research,

Makeup Subscription Delivery Service ipsy Raises $100M

ipsy, an online makeup subscription delivery service, said today that it had raised $100 million. Users subscribe to ipsy, paying the company $10 per month, which then sends them a monthly package of makeup called a Glam Bag filled with various samples of products.

Doctor Search Portal Practo Buys Hospital Management Platform Insta Health For $12M

Doctor search platform Practo, which recently closed a $90 million Series C round led by China’s Tencent, is broadening its focus on catering to hospitals after buying up healthcare management firm Insta Health in a $12 million deal. Read More

Patent Reform Tries Again

Patent reform, long a decidedly unsexy topic best discussed over a strong espresso, has been a hot topic in recent years. Even though Congress substantially overhauled the patent system just three and a half years ago with the passage of the America Invents Act,

This Is the 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale We Deserved

Warning: Spoilers ahead.If this week's series finale of How I Met Your Mother left you reeling from the twists and turns, this video might help soothe your rom-com woes. A super-fan created the clip, which imagines an alternate ending to Ted Mosby's love storySee also:

传谷歌将放弃Nexus 转而推出Silver高端手机


T-SQL 小数点转换百分数 - _cc

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在无线充电领域至今仍未有统一的标准,当厂商需要生产支持无线充电的设备时候往往需要在PMA, Rezence或Qi等标准之间选择一个加入,无论对厂商还是消费者来说这都是巨大的麻烦。


昨晚,传出腾讯将以7.36亿美元收购58同城约19.9%的股权的消息。随后,i黑马记者连线了58 同城CEO姚劲波,询问了该项交易缘由。其透露的关键信息如下:1、接受腾讯投资不是为了拿钱。

Is this the end of Microsoft Office in the UK government?

A consultation that was launched several months ago with the remit of saving money decided on the standard in order to also provide easier collaboration with the public.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

【苹果发布会】Apple Pay:重新定义移动支付?

Cook 称苹果的目标是要代替你的钱包。 苹果新公布的线下移动支付系统命名为 Apply Pay。在发布会上,苹果公布了 Apple Pay 的使用场景,它主要通过内置在 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6+ 的 NFC 芯片和 TouchID 技术,来实现便捷的移动支付。

Sam Flemming:运用文化灵感于社交媒体中 Using Cultural Cues in Social Media

Kantar Media CIC创始人和CEO Sam Flemming受邀参与ThoughtfulChina主题为”运用文化灵感于社交媒体中”的节目录制,与主持人分享品牌商应如何将中国流行文化与互联网文化相融合,以拓展其社交媒体策略,


@Cascade 的解释没有错,但是可能会让一些人产生误解而他把2张色彩不同的图片大小不同的原因归结于暗色图像在变换到频率域,同时做了量化以后,产生了更多的重复数据(其实结果没错,前提有问题,色彩不同本身重复数据就不同。


很有趣的一对问题。 Why Cadillac moving to NY from Detroit? 1 Cadillac以前是只是品牌独立,内部还是在GM体系内,没有独立的财务核算,寄生在母公司内。

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