Windows Phone 8.1 set to arrive on 14 April

That’s the developer preview, mind, but it’s still a full version of the updated OS, and mobile Gods willing, it will be with us a week on Monday.Read more:

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Windows Phone 8.1 set to arrive on 14 April

That’s the developer preview, mind, but it’s still a full version of the updated OS, and mobile Gods willing, it will be with us a week on Monday.Read more:

Glance Background for Windows Phone won't receive any future updates

Glance screen is an excellent feature which shows the time, as well as useful notifications when the phone is on standby. Last year, Nokia released an app for Windows phone devices which allowed users to use custom backgrounds on the glance screen.

HTC 8S won't get the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Developer Preview

HTC users have been repeatedly mentioning their frustrations when trying to upgrade to the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview. Microsoft did mention on its support forums that some devices require an update from carriers or the OEM before it can run the preview properly. Specifically,

Voice activation ability coming to Cortana, hopefully it won't activate accidentally

Recently, Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox One video advertisement in which Aaron Paul (Jesse from the hit show Breaking Bad) triggered several thousand users' gaming consoles to switch on when he said the words "Xbox On." Several users took it to social media, like Twitter and Reddit, 

Upcoming Windows RT 8.1 "Update 3" to include Start Menu; won't be major update

Microsoft has been extremely quiet regarding the upcoming “Update 3” for Windows RT 8.1 users, which is set to land sometime this September. We first learned about the existence of Update 3 back in January, where Microsoft confirmed Windows RT 8.

The perils of BYOD: Security implications and how to combat them

Ensuring secure passwords are used, and providing employees with software and services that promote security, can make BYOD the positive development it really should be. Read more:

Windows Phone 8.1 hands-on review: falling in love with Windows Phone all over again

Windows Phone has always been known for slacking behind the competition when it comes to Android and iOS. With a lack of apps and the absence of many features which make iOS and Android powerful, many were beginning to give up on Microsoft's mobile phone platform. 

Windows 9 news recap: Modern UI 2.0, Tech Preview to be updated frequently, and more

It's been a busy week here at WinBeta with lots and lots of Windows Threshold news breaking ground. We learned about an updated Modern UI, a new rapid release cycle for the preview, when the preview will launch and what it will be called.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update preview to roll out next week, bringing Cortana to UK devs

Windows Phone 8.1 Update is coming to developers very shortly, featuring a number of interface tweaks and Cortana with a British accent.Read more:

Nokia highlights apps that can help keep your kids safe with Windows Phone

Nokia has highlighted three apps available on the Windows Phone Store right now that are designed to help parents keep their children safe with Windows Phone. Not only does Windows Phone have built in technologies to help make Windows Phone safe for children (I.E. Kids Corner),

Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

New text mining system will cut down on processing and wait times.

Amazon hiring 2,000 more UK workers

Among the 2,000 new workers the tech and retail giant is looking for, are engineers, software developers, as well as data scientists.

Top technological trends for 2019 and beyond

As an entrepreneur or an established businessman, you need to broaden your thinking, explore technologies and implement the ones that will aid the growth of your business even further.

Broadcom reportedly in talks to buy Symantec

The deal could be worth $15 billion.

Kaspersky tracks down major new ransomware

This one is different, and more dangerous.

How messaging apps are raising the stakes with slack

Enterprise communication expert, Praveen Kandyadi, shares his insights on best practices messaging apps need to implement in order to beat the biggest player in the market.

Connected cars and the future of transport

Q&A with Ankur Bhan, head of WING business at Nokia.

5-year-old cracks Xbox Live security features

A child was able to bypass Xbox Live’s password entry screen on his dad’s account and was rewarded with a place on the firm’s list of trusted security researchers.Read more:

Fearing “huge attack” from Palestinian hacktivists, Israel bans international data from government s

Intelligence led to the decision that was accompanied by advice to government workers to avoid opening any emails that are sent from outside of the country’s borders.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Samsung discovers ‘wonder material’ to create the flexible phones of the future

The company’s technology institute found a breakthrough synthesis that allows it to speed up the commercialisation of graphene, which has 100 times more flexibility than comparable materials.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

c++11 function_typetraits备忘 - 饭后温柔

function traits.获取函数或成员函数的返回类型,参数类型,参数长度,类类型。函数参数列表推断基于typelist:先看一个普通函数非const的特化: template struct funct...

全球最紧凑旗舰机Aquos Xx 302Sh再次亮相

夏普之前已经推出了多款新机,虽然不清楚是否走出国门,但靓丽的外形设计还是受到了不少用户的追捧,而现在他们则是带来了一款全新的旗舰机。Aquos Xx 302Sh配备了5.2寸1080p IGZO屏,机身尺寸为132×70×9.

驴妈妈打造五月狂欢 “免费旅游” 开启“后门票价格战”时代

上海2014年4月29日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年4月28日,驴妈妈旅游网在上海圣诺亚皇冠假日酒店举行五月狂欢月暨六周年店庆新闻发布会,宣布将从2014年5月1日到5月30日期间,开展“一天High不够,整月都Happy”旅游狂欢月活动。

Nokia Lumia 1020's 'exuberant' resolution makes it ideal for medical use

A mobile phone and medicine are not two things that you would naturally think of going hand in hand. But the Nokia Lumia 1020 is no ordinary handset. Last month,

苹果iPhone 6曾尝试过20种不同尺寸的屏幕

据国外媒体Daring Fireball的约翰格鲁伯(John Gruber)报道,苹果在开发最新一代iPhone时并不是一开始就选定4.7英寸和5.5英寸,而是制造了20多款不同尺寸的样品,最后才确定选择这两个尺寸。



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The iPad at 5: Was everyone wrong?

On Jan. 27, 2010, Steve Jobs stood before throngs of reporters and unveiled the iPad, Apple's much-anticipated tablet.The presentation, which you can watch in iTunes or in the YouTube video below, came three years after Apple introduced the iPhone.See also:

Survata Surveys Investors, Raises $6 Million Series A

Survata is a three-year-old, 10-person, San Francisco-based startup that creates consumer surveys for ad agencies, hedge funds, consumer packaged goods companies, and many others that are looking for feedback about their offerings. If Chipotle is thinking of introducing a new salsa concept,


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