Google’s secret Android TV set-top box may finally make an appearance

Google is reportedly preparing for the launch of a new set-top box dubbed Android TV. Efforts to establish Android in the living room have been a long time coming.    

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What to expect from Amazon’s TV streaming device

Amazon is set to announce a TV streaming device to compete with Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast Wednesday. Here's what we already know about the device and Amazon's plans for it.    

Bertelsmann offers 15,000 scholarships for Udacity’s Online Data Science Course

In a joint initiative with Google and Udacity, Bertelsmann, the international media, services and education company, is inviting the people 18 and…

Sponsored post: How Regulation Will Unlock A New Crypto-Boom

Regulation is quickly becoming a hot topic in the crypto-world. The unregulated, “Wild West” environment of the crypto market left investors wide…

Where We’re Going With Unified Communications

A business is not an island. Businesses must be in constant communication with customers, clients, vendors, contractors, employees, partners, and more —…

Why can’t we work out a technological solution for music distribution?

In February 1983⁠ Iegor Reznikoff and Michel Dauvois, the Parisian archaeologists surveying the renowned cave pantings of the Pyrenéan Ariège, faced a…

Sponsored post: The Next Stage Of The Crypto-Boom

Cryptocurrencies have officially returned to a full-blown-frenzy. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the crypto-pie. Corporate coins, government coins, and…

Drama-Free Artificial Intelligence

Depending on who’s listening, the current discussion involving the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in business inspires a range of dramatically divergent…

Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame…

Leaked music contract hints at impending launch of Amazon’s Spotify killer

Amazon is working on a Spotify-like music subscription service, which could launch as early as next month.    

As the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger process gets going, expect more talk about peering

It's likely that the FCC will take a close look at the peering issue, and it will begin that process as part of its review of the Comcast purchase of Time Warner Cable.    

Will YouTube’s music service be like a series of karaoke videos?

YouTube has delayed the launch of its music service even further. Part of the issue seems to be which videos to show while people play individual songs.    


VI课程作业 (DEVIL NUT) 上传上来颜色落差太大 删了几张


文/@于欣烈,微信公号「叭叭呜」这几天关于车联网最热门的话题无疑就是 CarPlay 了,周二我的那篇报道被转发转载很多,多谢各位同学对我的支持,特别是虎嗅和36Kr的同学,把它放到了网站头条。



这不是碎玻璃 而是直径200微米的微型摄像头



  PingWest曾经对腾讯的“开放”有着诸多质疑,比如它的有限开放、开放平台存在规则模糊不清的“ […]

Tim Cook 和 Eddy Cue 再次现身太阳谷媒体会议

就像之前预测的,苹果 CEO Tim Cook 和互联网软件和服务高级副总裁 Eddy Cue 本周会再次参与太阳谷举行的媒体会议。

How The Mighty Eagle Is Fallen — Rovio Announces Layoffs

Rovio Entertainment, the Finland-based maker of Angry Birds, among other games, is laying off 130 people, or 16% of its current workforce.

Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks

j_philipp (803945) writes Manyland [Here's the twitter feed and a FAQ] is an html5/ JS-based MMO universe created by a community and two indie developers from Europe. Everything in the world can be freely drawn and placed: From the cars, animals, plants, houses, bridges, to everyone's own bodies.


简要分析:上周共发生 29 起国内外投融资事件,其中国内 21 起,国外 8 起,另外还包括并购事件 5 起。 您可能也喜欢的文章: 36kr:2014.10.


苹果昨天发出了秋季发布会的邀请函,除了时间地点以外,邀请函上还写着一句神秘的:Hey Siri, give us a hint! (siri,给我一点暗示!)既然这样,我们决定就来调戏一下Siri,看她怎么回答。

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