Terry Myerson blogs about Office 365 discount with Windows 10 upgrade

Terry Myerson could be considered the second most powerful man at Microsoft. He was (and still is) leader of the team that created Windows 10. However, Terry was also recently promoted to the Windows and...

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Terry Myerson blogs about Office 365 discount with Windows 10 upgrade

Terry Myerson could be considered the second most powerful man at Microsoft. He was (and still is) leader of the team that created Windows 10. However, Terry was also recently promoted to the Windows and...

One Microsoft delivering One Windows 10: a January 21st recap

Windows 10 news recap: RTM released, campaign announcement and more

This last week was a super busy one for Windows 10 watchers. Microsoft kicked the week off by announcing a new marketing campaign which is set to begin next week called #UpgradeYourWorld. As part of the new Upgrade Your World initiative,

Deal: Xbox One X with Forza Horizon 4, Forza 7, Red Dead Redemption 2 and NOW TV for £399.99 in the

If you’re a fan of the Forza series, as well as Red Dead Redemption, enjoy watching NOW TV and are on the lookout for a new Xbox, then UK retailer GAME may have just the deal to tickle your gaming thumbs. Coming in time to offer some Christmas savings, GAME is offering up an Xbox […]

You can now gift apps and Xbox Live avatar items through the Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced yesterday that it has extended digital gifting through the Microsoft Store to apps and Xbox Live avatar items, which comes in addition to digital games, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Games Pass subscriptions.

How-to start with Microsoft Learn

Microsoft recently announced a new learning platform so you can educate yourself about Azure, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerBI, with more coming soon to acquire skills to advance your career. This tutorial will guide you through your first steps through Microsoft Learn.

Europe’s busiest airport turns to Microsoft technologies to look to the future

Heathrow Europe’s busiest Airport is about to get an upgrade with a third runway, and Microsoft is assisting with its technology. Around 78 million passengers passed through its terminals in 2017, and with a planned upgrade, we would expect to see at least 130 million.

Microsoft turns its Mile-IQ acquisition into a new app, Spend

This week, the team behind the mileage-tracking app MileIQ has quietly released a new mobile app called Spend, which purpose is to help business users tracking expenses.

It’s official, the EU has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub

the European Commission has officially approved of the Microsoft and GitHub purchase without any conditions and says the purchase would not damage competition in the sector.

How to install Windows 10’s Linux Subsystem on your PC

In 2016, Microsoft made a stunning announcement during its annual Build developers conference: it was bringing the Linux shell Bash to the Windows desktop* as a first-class citizen.

Microsoft outlines why governments should upgrade to Office 2016

With the official release of Office 2016 today, Microsoft is also pitching why it believes upgrading to this new version is a good idea. While Office 365 users will be automatically updated to the latest...

Satechi’s Bluetooth Cortana Button is now available for sale

Just less than a couple months ago, we reported that Satechi was developing something called the “Cortana Button,” which enables people to quickly make Cortana listen for commands or questions with the simple press...

Microsoft jointly invest in new cloud security service Cloudflare

What is CloudFlare and why is it worth the combined interest of Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm and Baidu? On its own, Cloudflare is a U.S. based content delivery network that acts a reverse proxy for websites....

即刻盘古合并后遗症:结构不明晰 员工出走


A Big, Bold Prediction for Marvel's 'Expanding' Cinematic Universe Plans

Oh, what a Comic-Con this is going to be for Marvel fans. Marvel Studios dropped the news Friday afternoon that they've secured five new dates for upcoming films through 2019, and if there's one thing we know about Marvel, it's that they always have grand,


在瑞典生活,搭的士的次數寥寥可數,價錢非常昂貴是主要原因。跳上的士最低消費超過 300 港元,並非人人都能夠負擔。車費貴,很少本地人會截的士,多數都是車等人;於是有的士公司就想出另類服務招徠。




也许所有从Xbox 360时代走过来的玩家们对Xbox Avatar这个系统都不会陌生,这个在国内被称为“纸娃 […]



Java知多少(48)try语句的嵌套 - Coda



小白叨一叨:不管你是进入新媒体行业多年的老大叔,还是刚刚接触微信运营的小鲜肉,不管你是坚持内容为王还是粉丝量至 ...

Not Nearly As Many People Watched Bills/Jaguars As Yahoo Wants You To Believe

So, did you watch any of Bills/Jaguars, the first NFL game to be exclusively broadcast online? It was, by all accounts, a pretty good stream. But the popularity of the broadcast probably wasn’t anywhere near as high as Yahoo would like you to believe.Read more...



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