Looks like Chromecast screen mirroring is coming to Android

Screen casting may be coming to Android -- but is it a third-party development, or something that Google wants to introduce officially?    

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What Happens To Privacy When The Internet Is In Everything?

This week Google’s Eric Schmidt was on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he suggested that the future Internet will be, in one sense, invisible — because it will be embedded into everything we interact with. Read More

Five 2018 Predictions — on GDPR, Robot Cars, AI, 5G and Blockchain

Predictions are like buses, none for ages and then several come along at once. Also like buses, they are slower than you…

The AI Revolution for Recruitment

In the era of autonomous vehicles, food delivery by drones, and swiping our way to love, it’s clear that the tedious, time…

Voices in AI – Episode 26: A Conversation with Peter Lee

In this episode, Byron and Peter talk about defining intelligence, Venn diagrams, transfer learning, image recognition, and Xiaoice. Byron Reese:  This is Voices…

Voices in AI – Episode 25: A Conversation with Matt Grob

In this episode, Byron and Matt talk about thinking, the Turing test, creativity, Google Translate, job displacement, and education. Byron Reese: This is…

Voices in AI – Episode 24: A Conversation with Deep Varma

In this episode, Byron and Deep talk about the nervous system, AGI, the Turing Test, Watson, Alexa, security, and privacy. Byron Reese: This is…

Voices in AI – Episode 23: A Conversation with Pedro Domingos

In this episode Byron and Pedro Domingos talk about the master algorithm, machine creativity, and the creation of new jobs in the…

Gigaom #MobilityTalk Tweetchat on 12/7: Innovating the Enterprise through Mobile, Security & Product

Get the latest strategies in enterprise mobility, security, BYOD, and deployed devices in our 45 minute Twitter chat #MobilityTalk on 12/7 at 1:00…

Dayframe brings photo slideshows to Chromecast

Dayframe's newly-updated Android app is the best way yet to cast personal photos and other imagery to the TV screen.    

Dayframe brings photo slideshows to Chromecast

Dayframe's newly-updated Android app is the best way yet to cast personal photos and other imagery to the TV screen.    

Binge-viewing House of Cards season 2: I survived Frank Underwood

Kevin Spacey is back to conquer Washington DC, and what better way to match his ambition than watching the entire second season in one day, binge-viewing style?    




威锋网讯 4 月 30 日消息,根据《彭博社》的最新报导,苹果最快将于今天开始发行新一期的债券。




全球第二大移动广告公司InMobi推出原生广告交易平台。这一平台是InMobi和自动化广告交易技术公司Rubicon Project合作的产物。


一组科学家首次找到方法生产超薄钻石纳米线,研究报告发表在《Nature Materials》上。钻石纳米线的强度和硬度被认为超过碳纳米管和聚合物纤维。

配自家Odin处理器 LG G3衍生版将于本周发布


Dez Bryant, NFL karma and the greatest catch that never was

A game changed, a potential career-defining play nullified and a heavy dose of karmic comeuppance — 24 hours after the fact,


Dontnod娱乐(Dontnod Entertainment)是一间小型游戏工作室,曾制作主机游戏《勿忘我》(Remember Me)。




2015年对于星战迷们来说绝对是一个值得纪念的年份,不仅仅是多年以后我们终于等到了星战系列的最新电影《星球大战 […]

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