The Surprising Bias Of Venture Capital Decision-Making

Stories of entrepreneurs launching innovative ideas, raising millions in venture capital and turning startups such as Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat into multi-billion dollar companies has catapulted venture capital investments, setting record numbers since the dot-com era. On the surface,

相关内容: that decisions venture more biases with their deci

Singapore’s Credit Culture raises $29.5M for its soon-to-launch digital loan business

Singapore’s digital fintech companies are attracting investor attention and dollars in 2019. Fresh from Singapore Life — a digital-only insurer — raising $33 million across two recently closed rounds, so Credit Culture, a digital loan specialist — has banked SG$40 million ($29.

Zimbabwe’s government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Harley Davidson reveals more about its push into electric vehicles Venture capital, global expansion,

Twitter testing ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to distinguish who started a thread

Twitter is testing a new tag that will make it easier to parse who started a thread. The new feature, which is starting to pop up for some users, makes it easier to find posts from the original tweeter within a thread, but may also help curb (some types of) abuse on the platform, making […]

Microsoft confirms Bing is down in China

Microsoft’s Bing is down in China, according to users who took to social media beginning Wednesday afternoon to complain and express concerns. The Seattle-based behemoth has confirmed that its search engine is currently inaccessible in China and is “engaged to determine next steps,

Buzzfeed will cut its staff by 15% in major round of layoffs

It’s a dark day to work in media. On the heels of news that TechCrunch parent company Verizon Media Group (formerly Oath) would lay off roughly 800 workers, BuzzFeed has announced its own substantial staffing cuts. And though they were anticipated,

AWS launches WorkLink to make accessing mobile intranet sites and web apps easier

If your company uses a VPN and/or a mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web apps, then you know how annoying those are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink,  that promises to make this process significantly easier.

A former Bessemer Venture Partners principal just closed his own $30 million fund, and here’s how

Sunil Nagaraj, who’d studied computer science as an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, landed a pretty nice gig after deciding to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. He wound up working as a principal for Bessemer Venture Partners, a top-tier venture firm with locations around the world.

Oculus Positions VR For Primetime

Today Oculus gave 1,500 developers at the Oculus Connect 2 conference (as well as those at home via livestream or on Gear VR a chance to watch) a look at how the consumer version of the Oculus Rift will roll out in Q1 2016,

Net Neutrality And Modern Exchanges

A great victory was won earlier this year for supporters of innovation, competition and openness — net neutrality rules were adopted by the FCC. Those rules have recently come into effect, and we’ve already seen significant movement, including the $100 million AT&T fine for data throttling.

Oculus’ New $99 Samsung Gear VR Makes Serious Virtual Reality Affordable

At half the price of its last mobile VR headset, the new $99 Oculus-made Samsung Gear VR is cheap enough to unlock virtual reality for the mainstream. Revealed today at the Oculus Connect conference, it works with the whole 2015 line of Samsung Smartphones including the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge,





Watch Dogs Graphics and Gameplay: PC Vs. Xbox One, With Surprising Results

MojoKid writes: Normally, the question of whether a game runs better on the PC or a console is a no-brainer, at least for PC users. Watch Dogs, however, with its problematic and taxing PC play, challenges that concept.

Xiaomi Arrives As Top Smartphone Seller In China

New submitter redseo writes Xiaomi, known as the Apple of China, and recently enjoying its new-found fame and glory in the Indian market, has achieved yet another milestone. It has overtaken Samsung, to become China's best selling smartphone manufacturer, in Q2 2014.

Google And Microsoft Battle For Market Cap Supremacy

Update: Microsoft pulled it off, and at the time of writing (2:45 pm London, 9:45 am New York), Microsoft is worth more than Google. We’ll check back in at the end of the day:


日前,在创业邦举办的创业老友记分享会上,春雨医生创始人张锐分享了 2011 年春雨医生上线以来,他在找人、找钱、找方向三方面的创业教训和心得。  在建立团队时,一定要避免过度承诺以及近亲繁殖的问题;在融 ... ...


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卡西欧推出 iOS 应用程序,让你随意哼下的旋律转换成音符

在 iOS 上的音乐创作工具可谓琳琅满目,现在连卡西欧都在这栏目上推出一个名为 Chordana Composer 的应用程序。使用者能利用 iPhone 把自己哼或唱出的旋律记录在乐谱上,即使没有深入的乐理知识都可以随时编曲。



航空品质真霸气 飞机零件组装成个人桌子

MotoArt 是一家非常任性的公司,整天痴迷于用飞机零件来制作桌子。以前我们介绍过他们用喷气客机发动机制作的大型会议桌,如果嫌那太大,现在给自己用的小桌子来了。  

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