55 Memorable Quotes From Disrupt SF 2015

Disrupt SF 2015 has come to an end, but the stories and experiences will continue to inspire us for years to come. The TechCrunch social media team has compiled 55 of the most memorable quotes from Disrupt SF 2015. Enjoy! Read More

55 Memorable Quotes From Disrupt SF 2015

Disrupt SF 2015 has come to an end, but the stories and experiences will continue to inspire us for years to come. The TechCrunch social media team has compiled 55 of the most memorable quotes from Disrupt SF 2015. Enjoy! Read More

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

It was a big week in tech, including everything from Disrupt SF 2015, the launch of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and a big Oculus announcement. But before we get into the top stories of this week, a quick recap of Disrupt. This year, Agrilyst,

Facebook and OpenStreetMaps empower the mapping community with AI-enhanced tools

If we're going to map the world, we're not going to do it with ever-greater volumes of elbow grease. There's just too much work to do. AI and computer vision are helpful assistants in this task, however, as a collaboration between Facebook and OpenStreetMaps has shown,

DOJ announces investigation into big tech

The Department of Justice announced that its Antitrust Division is reviewing how the world’s largest technology companies have gotten that way and whether their business practices reduced competition or hurt consumers.

AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources

Here is a small but potentially handy update if you’re an AWS EC2 user. The company today launched a new feature called “EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations,” which does exactly what the name promises. It’s not flashy, it’s not especially exciting,

Google’s Nest adds to its partnerships focused on the power grid with new Leap agreement

Google’s smart home device business, Nest, is increasing its ties to the utility industry by adding another partner to bring its smart thermostats into homes to reduce energy consumption and provide that unused power back to utilities in times of peak power demand.

UPS forms a new subsidiary for drone delivery and seeks FAA approval to fly

UPS has big plans for drone delivery, and it’s taking two key steps to put them into action. First, it’s building its own dedicated subsidiary focused entirely on drone delivery called UPS Flight Forward, and it’s seeking FAA approval to operate its drones over populated areas,

TD Ameritrade is bringing customers’ financial portfolios into the car

TD Ameritrade has integrated with in-vehicle software platforms Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon’s Echo Auto to give customers the ability to check their stock portfolio or get the latest financial news while sitting behind the wheel.

Healthcare startups struggle to navigate a business world that’s set up for them to fail

There needs to be a clear set of rules for everyone to play by to accelerate growth, with the philosophy that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Creating A New Type Of Internet

Creating the infrastructure for satellite internet is a capital intensive business, requiring potentially thousands of satellites to be built and launched. It also needs ground-based infrastructure that can “talk to” the satellites and ultimately connect to the end user. Read More

5 Reasons To Incorporate Your Startup As Early As Possible

Since the benefits aren’t immediate, it’s easy to delay incorporation. Yet, unlike first-time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs often learn the hard way just how quickly things can get ugly, and eagerly incorporate as early as possible. Read More

CrunchWeek: iPhone 6S Madness, Telling Time, And Instagram’s Growthsplosion

Hello internet aliens, and welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup show where we talk the biggest things in tech. As you can tell from the show, we spent the entire week in a warehouse talking about disruption, but have no fear,



饿了么获大众点评网8000万美元战略投资 未来3年上市

餐饮外卖网站饿了么今日宣布获得大众点评 8000 万美元入股,并与大众点评达成深度合作。饿了么创始团队仍然保持对公司的控制权,保持独立发展并计划 3 年后上市。



苹果可能会发布可穿戴设备 但不一定是手表

威锋网讯,据 Beyond Devices 的记者 Jan Dawson 表示:“我在 1 月的时候发表了一篇题为‘苹果为什么也许不会很快发布 iWatch’的文章,文章的要点主要是:苹果不会特别早地进入这个市场,而是当这项技术能够提供有改革能力的产品的某个时候才会选择进入这个市场,就像他们以往的音乐播放器,智能手机,和平板一样。



Delivery Man vs. Machine: A Fight for the Future of Laundry

I hate doing laundry. I hate stuffing the musky-smelling threads into a machine. I hate pouring in the soap. I hate folding it, when it's done. I hate the whole dance. So when I heard about two major innovations in the laundry-doing arena, I got excited—perhaps a little too excited.Read more...

Mark Zuckerberg And John Doerr Donate $1M To Expand The Hour Of Code Campaign

theodp writes Techcrunch reports that Mark Zuckerberg has donated $500K to expand the Hour of Code campaign, which aims to reach 100 million students this year with its learn-to-code tutorials, including its top-featured tutorial starring Zuckerberg (video).


一个好创意的诞生,往往是因为一部分人群的需要,比如摄影师和设计师。威锋网 1 月 20 日消息,近日,Yankodesign 网站上出了一个模块化的分层键盘概念,让设计工作者可以优化自己的工作环境。  

Man missing at sea for 66 days defends survival story: 'God knows I am a truthful man'

Louis Jordan, the man who went missing at sea for more than two months, is defending his survival story against skeptics who question how he emerged from the apparent ordeal relatively unscathed."God knows I am a truthful man. My family knows I am telling the truth,

Heal Wants To Be The ‘Uber’ For Doctors Making House Calls

These days you can take yourself to the doctor or teleport the doctor to you from a mobile device Now Heal, a startup out of Los Angeles, wants to take us back to an era of old-fashioned house calls by ‘ubering’ a doctor to your door.

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