The future of Seattle's duck boats is uncertain in wake of deadly crash

The company that owns the duck boat involved in a deadly crash in Seattle is suspending operations until all of its other vehicles are inspected.

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Duck boat in Seattle crash didn't have recommended fix from 2013, NTSB says

A duck boat involved in a deadly Seattle traffic crash did not have an axle repair that was recommended for the amphibious vehicle in 2013, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Sunday.See also: Duck Boat tourist vehicle collides with bus in Seattle,

The future of Seattle's duck boats is uncertain in wake of deadly crash

The company that owns the duck boat involved in a deadly crash in Seattle is suspending operations until all of its other vehicles are inspected.

Gamify your discontent with Mashable's Super Bowl bingo cards

The Super Bowl routinely draws more than 100 million viewers, but the average NFL game only gets around 20 million.A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that some 80% of Super Bowl viewers are merely casual football fans or maybe not fans at all.

This Guy Went Around the World In 80 Days The First Time He Left Home 

The death of a close friend rocked Chris Sypolt's world. So, he did what any logical 44 year old would do and set out on an an 80-day, round the world trip. It was the first time he'd ever left the country. This is what he learned. Read more...

Flying Car Prototype From 1990 Going Up For Auction

Want to own your very own flying car? Will you settle for a prototype that never left the ground? Well then you're in luck! Because the Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona has a 1990 prototype with your name on it.Read more...

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Don't Forget the Amazon Warehouse Workers

Last Friday, the ACLU took out a full page ad in the Seattle Times offering to legally represent Amazon employees who were discriminated against by the company. Let’s hope that this is just the beginning.Read more...

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Two weeks ago, we rode big, heavy adventure bikes off-road through some of the remotest portions of British Columbia. It was a challenge, sure, and it was pretty, of course, but it was also one of those rare adventures that meant something special. Here's why.Read more...

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Holiday travel sucks, and most people think that it sucks most around Thanksgiving. That's not necessarily true . However, that probably doesn't make you feel any better if you're reading this while stuck in an airport on the wrong side of the country with hours to wait before your flight leaves.

Save $50 on Apple AirPods with Apple purchases — the Black Friday deal we've been waiting for

U.S. Cellular just got a nice head start on their Black Friday game, and we're thinking it's the perfect time to finally splurge on a new Apple device. Through Nov. 26, you can get $50 off the Apple AirPods with the purchase of any new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

This self-driving billboard and vending machine is so dystopian

If San Francisco's robot security guards faced backlash for simply standing around, an autonomous tech company's latest self-driving idea doesn't stand a chance.This week PerceptIn, a Chinese robotics company with Silicon Valley offices, introduced the DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle,

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The 'not a cellphone in sight' meme makes fun of condescending nostalgia

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you're sure to hear some elderly relative wax-poetic about how kids these days won't put down their phones. If you're tired of old farts complaining about much better things were back when people were just living in the moment, take solace in this meme.

Water may still flow on the surface of Mars today

At least some water likely still flows on the surface of Mars, a new study suggests.New data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter lends more evidence to the theory that extremely salty brines flow on Mars seasonally,

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus torture test: Bending, dropping and extreme heat

We can put #Bendgate — the viral panic attack over last year's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending in people's pockets — to bed.Since its debut on Friday, the iPhone 6S Plus has already faced the music with a new set of bend tests, enduring as much as 100 pounds of pressure. Now,

Future president Kanye West to perform at Democratic National Committee fundraiser

We’ve all felt Kanye West’s presence looming over the political arena since he announced his 2020 run for president at the VMAs last month — and now, according to NBC, Yeezy is scheduled to appear at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in San Francisco on Oct. 10See also:






手机游戏推广方式: cpt硬广:品牌推广(主流推广方式,如口袋巴士推广)cpc(点击)广告平台:0.5-0.

《财富》 评改变世界的企业: 苹果排名 16

威锋网讯 6 月 12 日消息,《财富》杂志今天评选出了 27 个改变世界的企业,并将苹果公司列在其中。

苹果开放iWork for iCloud应用平台:新建ID可获1GB存储空间

周四的时候,苹果移除了其Apple ID创建工具的“测试版”(betat)标签。该工具允许用户在非苹果设备上——包括运行Windows和Android的计算机或移动设备——访问iWork for iCloud上的内容。

发布会准备工作进行中 苹果logo已经被挂上

威锋网讯,距离苹果的春季发布会只有 5 天的时间了,我们很快就可以获得更多关于 Apple Watch 的详细信息,而将会举办本次发布会的芳草地艺术中心附近的一些装饰工作也开始展开。  

新 MacBook 为何无风扇 多亏了这颗处理器

威锋网讯,无风扇的笔记本并不是苹果的独家专利,今天凌晨发布的 MacBook 是苹果第一次在 Mac 产品上用上无风扇设计。  

2 電插位 + 4足火 2.4A USB 2 合 1 – ORICO 小型拖板

一家人住每日返屋企都要爭用 2A 頭,但自己住就可能 4 個頭都插唔盡,最近 ORICO 推出兩款針對不同用戶群的 USB 拖板,一款提供 6 個 2.4A Smart Charing 接口,另一款就把 USB 整合到傳統拖板上,無論多人少人都用得其所。

For God's Sake, Most Women Don’t Need an Annual Pap Smear 

Cervical cancer can be deadly and is treatable if caught early — which makes regular screenings really important. But according to clinical guidelines released yesterday by the American College of Physicians, many women are getting screened far too often. Read more...


焦立坤  上周,雷军又飞上了风口。先是360董事长周鸿祎对小米狂轰滥炸,紧接着小米跟乐视进入“撕吧”第二季,雷布斯和贾布斯猛烈对喷。

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