Matt Damon replaces Ben Affleck, acts out his entire film career with James Corden

No one has time to sit through all the movies Matt Damon has made over the last 20 years — even though modern classics like We Bought a Zoo should be required viewing.So James Corden helped the Oscar winner act out his whole career in less than 10 minutes,

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Matt Damon is being re-'Bourne' in 2016, sans Jeremy Renner

LOS ANGELES — The least reliable sources for Hollywood development news are the actors themselves. Remember when Robert Downey Jr. "confirmed" he was doing Iron Man 4 and everyone flipped and wrote it as fact? Yet every once in awhile,

【连载】嵌入式Linux开发教程:Linux Shell

这是对周立功编著的《嵌入式Linux开发教程》的第6期连载。本期刊载内容有关Linux Shell的讲解。下一期连载,将刊载有关Linux常见命令。

Linux, Mac下Shell 数组 Array 的修理工 - 乌祁班岚图

我的测试基本都是在Mac,及Unix环境下测试的,如无特别注明,默认就是Mac不论你看到这篇随笔是被shell array的奇淫巧技,还是发现shell array就在一对{}里面就可以做那么多勾当,然而记不清楚了,当然有可能发现不管是用$*还是$@数组长度都是1,这可怎么办,还是小白,我就从我碰壁.

Linux学习笔记2_mysql安装 - 莱布尼茨


Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found

Bismillah writes Google security researcher Michael 'lcamtuf' Zalewski says he's discovered a new remote code execution vulnerability in the Bash parser (CVE-2014-6278) that is essentially equivalent to the original Shellshock bug, and trival to exploit.





常见linux命令释义(第四天)——bash部分 - roverliang


Guess the one reason employers won't let you bring your own PC to work

According to a survey of IT decision makers commissioned by efficiency software specialist 1E and carried out by Vanson Bourne 86 perncent of companies that ban employees from using their own PCs.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

一:Shell基础 - 若水浮生


Google will stop websites from blocking Incognito mode

Google is about to close a loophole that many companies used to track how people were browsing their website in Chrome.According to 9to5Google,

Hot mic picks up someone saying 'we're actually f**cked' during live BBC broadcast

The thought of getting caught on a hot mic and broadcast nationwide without your knowledge is a pretty terrifying one. Especially if what you get caught saying is a pretty blatant — and accurate — statement about national politics, and you also happen to drop the f-bomb. SEE ALSO:

UK cybersecurity center isn't too afraid of Huawei, report says

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has assessed the dangers of using Huawei's 5G equipment, and it found that it's not such a big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday. The cybersecurity centre's findings have not yet been made public,

Learn modern web design for as little as £12.99 with this heavily discounted course

It's a dog-eat-dog professional world out there, and you should be doing everything you can to give yourself the edge. Whether that's pursuing extra-curricular activities or learning new skills, it's important to always be learning and growing.Fortunately, in this day and age,

Victoria Beckham had a Spice Girls drag performance at her London Fashion Week after party

Victoria Beckham has made it quite clear that she's not planning on reuniting with the four other Spice Girls, but that doesn't mean she's totally done with the catchy songs or girl power. After Beckham's London Fashion Week show,

Casper mattresses, Instant Pot, MacBook Air, Beats, Keurig, Fire Stick TV 4K, and more on sale for F

Did you know that we're all using our "second screens" wrong? It seems that most of us aren't using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop. This is something to consider when shopping online for Presidents Day.

11 DIY videos that absolutely no one asked for

DIY videos have saved our lives on more than one occasion, and sure, some of the hacks that surface are really cool and useful. But, some content creators have taken the trend a little too far. 

Corporate America still isn't making progress on gender equality

If corporate America continues promoting women to executive positions at the current rate, it will take more than 100 years for gender parity to reach the C-suiteThat bleak statistic is one of several insights into workplace gender equity from a new study conducted by LeanIn.

Sam Smith is sad, patriotic in teaser for his Bond theme video

Why so glum, Sam?The soulful singer boasts an expression of contemplative sorrow — unless he's just got a particularly bad tummy ache — in this brief but tantalizing teaser for his upcoming music video, featuring Smith's just-released James Bond theme "Writing's on the Wall." See also:

You can now play the 'Star Wars' theme through C-3PO's head

LONDON — The cool Star Wars merch keeps on coming. Last week it was all Millennium Falcon speakers and custom Landspeeder beds (the latter sadly a DIY effort).This week, it's Stormtrooper and C-3PO speakers - officially endorsed by Lucasfilm and Disney.

Samba Offers A New Video Messaging App That Records Your Friends’ Reactions

Thanks to Facebook’s $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition yesterday, the tech industry is going to be on the lookout for the next great mobile messaging app. With fortuitous timing, a new mobile video messaging app called Samba is debuting today – and, no,


智能手机用户普遍存在这样一种状况:打开好几个应用程序后总想全部把它关掉。现在,著名iOS开发者Harlan Haskins建议你不要这么做,因为这样不仅对手机没有任何好处,还更耗电。

Google I/O 2014开放注册将于6月25日召开

谷粉们一年一度的盛宴 Google I/O 大会开放注册了!安锋网 4 月 16 日消息,昨晚晚些时候谷歌放出了 Google I/O 2014 开发者注册大会的页面。

Penguins Demonstrate 11 Types of People You See at Happy Hour

Nothing tops happy hour drinks at the end of a long, hard work week — unless the bar patrons around you don't know how to act like normal humans. This isn't Cabo — please stop screaming body shots.If you think those barflies get a little wobbly in the legs after a few pints,






魅族今天在北京发布了全新的MX4手机,Flyme 4.0以及智能硬件平台。先来看看MX4,这款新手机采用8核处理器,5.36寸屏幕,分辨率为1152×1920。搭载2070万像素摄像头,采用航空铝材质,内存和WiFi速度都有大幅提升。

的确不低 黑莓Passport国外售价泄漏

本月底黑莓 Passport 就要发布了,不仅是它奇葩的外观,它的价格也同样倍受瞩目。  近日有国外零售商在回复客户时,透露了黑莓 Passport 的可能售价,达到 2699 卡塔尔利尔,约合人民币 4555 元。

#GamerGate Is The Future Of Troll Politics

I’ve refrained from talking about GamerGate because the entire thing has been so baffling. The hysteria and name-calling seemed counter-productive and, as a veteran of many flame wars (see BlackBerry, Notion Ink,

[图]魅族MX4 Pro后壳曝光:比MX4大

虽说11月4日魅族有动作,但那跟MX4 Pro没有太大的关系,不过它的确离我们越来越近了。

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