See Street View In Virtual Reality With Google Cardboard

A lot of us chuckled when we saw Google Cardboard for the first time, but it’s actually quite genius. Google shared today that its virtual reality experience Google Cardboard is now available in 39 languages and over 100 countries for both Android and iOS.

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Google Announces Certification Program For Cardboard Clones

Google Cardboard has been a surprise hit among early adopters, giving an intentionally cheap, approachable device that opens the door to more people having their first virtual reality experience.

Patriots Practice In VR, 10K Google Cardboard Viewers Being Given Away At Gillette Stadium

The Google Cardboard team has teamed up with Bank Of America and Visa to bring a new VR experience to Android and iOS. The subject is the New England Patriots and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a practice they participate in. To go along with the new experience, 10,

See Street View In Virtual Reality With Google Cardboard

A lot of us chuckled when we saw Google Cardboard for the first time, but it’s actually quite genius. Google shared today that its virtual reality experience Google Cardboard is now available in 39 languages and over 100 countries for both Android and iOS.

If You Are Lazy Or Incompetent, Unofficial Cardboard Offers A Perfect Google Cardboard Clone

There’s nothing that rankles me like a chance to try out some cool new tech squandered – and that’s what happened at Google I/O this year. I managed to snag some face-on time with Google Cardboard,

On the Significance of Google's New Cardboard (Video)

On June 29, 2014, Timothy started a Slashdot post with these words: 'Last week at Google I/O, the company introduced Cardboard, its cheap-and-cheerful (it's made of cardboard, after all) approach to nearly instant VR viewing.

Google Cardboard Now Works With iOS

Google’s Clay Bavor just told everyone at Google I/O that there are over a million Google Cardboard headsets in the world today. There’s about to be a whole lot more: he also just announced that Google Cardboard’s Virtual Reality apps are heading to iPhone.Read more...

Google Has a Surprising Plan to Make Cheap VR Better

Good virtual reality is coming , but it isn’t here yet. That’s worrying. What if someone buys a cheap smartphone adapter, has a bad experience, and writes off VR as a fad? But Google, the company providing the cheapest solution of all—Cardboard —may have an answer.

How to Turn Your iPhone Into a VR Headset With Google Cardboard

From Oculus Rift to the rumored Samsung Gear VR, immersive virtual reality is on the rise. Still, from what we've seen so far, the legions of iPhone users seem to have been left out of the mix. Not so! Your iPhone is good for VR too! Thanks to, er, Google! Read more...

Google’s Cardboard VR Now Works (Very Well) With iPhone

Google’s Cardboard VR app first appeared last year at I/O 2014, but the initial version was somewhat limited in terms of device support. A new version released this year works with devices with screen sizes ranging up to 6 inches,

At Google I/O, Cardboard Won't Necessarily Be Cardboard Anymore

Last year, the most exciting thing at Google I/O was a chunk of cardboard —cardboard which could transform any smartphone into an uber-cheap virtual reality headset. But Google isn’t stopping there. This year,

Amazon’s ‘Fleabag’ wins four Emmys, including best comedy series

Amazon must be pretty happy after tonight’s primetime Emmy Awards, where its shows “Fleabag” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” dominated the comedy categories. “Fleabag” did particularly well, winning the big award for Comedy Series,

How Peloton made sweat addictive enough to IPO

It makes lazy people like me work out. That’s the genius of the Peloton bicycle. All you have to do is velcro on the shoes and you’re trapped. You’ve eliminated choice and you will exercise. Through a succession of savvy product design choice I’ll break down here,

100 Thieves’ Nadeshot and Scooter Braun are coming to Disrupt

If you’re at all familiar with esports, chances are you’ve heard of 100 Thieves. The esports org, founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, has grown over the past couple years into an absolute powerhouse of esports and a household name for those who follow gaming.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ is still the most soothing reality show around

“Terrace House” (a co-production between Netflix and Fuji Television) is back, and it hasn’t changed much since we reviewed it last year. As with previous seasons, “Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020” features six cast members (three men and three women,

As Adam Neumann reportedly faces pressure to step down, it’s looking like a fight for life between W

According to a new WSJ report, certain members of WeWork’s seven-person board, which includes cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann, are planning to pressure Neumann to step down and instead become We’s non-executive chairman. The move, says the outlet,

TechCrunch Disrupt offers plenty of options for attendees with an eye on the enterprise

We might have just completed a full-day program devoted completely to enterprise at TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise last week, but it doesn’t mean we plan to sell that subject short at TechCrunch Disrupt next month in San Francisco. In fact,

iPhone 11 Pro teardown reveals smaller logic board, larger battery

iFixit has disassembled Apple’s new iPhone models, which tells us more about the differences with last year’s phones. iFixit shot a live-stream video of the iPhone 11 Pro teardown and wrote a guide for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Sippy Lets You Make Espresso Anywhere

The Sippy may be the answer to all life’s greatest caffeine-based problems. Launching on Kickstarter this week, the Sippy will make espresso any time, any place. The slim little cannister uses CO2 cartridges, water,

PIF Is Tinder For Networking Entrepreneurs

Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, PIF (Pay It Forward) is an app that is taking a literal approach to social networking.Essentially a Tinder for networking,

Brigade, The Political Engagement Platform Backed By Sean Parker, Launches A Voter Guide For Nov. El

Brigade, a platform for political engagement that’s backed by Sean Parker and from the former Causes team, is unveiling a voter guide for the Nov. 3 elections. They’re running two pilots — one in San Francisco and the other in Manchester, New Hampshire,

21 Ingenious Accessories to Deck Out Your Backyard

There is no better place to pass the long days of summer than lounging the best room of the house — the backyard.So you've got the grill, deck and maybe even a pool to entertain friends,

《腐烂之邦》销售超过200万套:明年初在Xbox One推年度重制版

Undead Labs工作室所制作的开放世界丧尸游戏《腐朽之邦(State Of Decay)》,自从去年6月 […]


感谢小M牌方便面的投递因为相关部门的审批问题,罗永浩原定在 11 月的讲演推迟。

街霸 V 將會推出 PlayStation 和 PC 版本!

街霸系列是格鬥遊戲的萬年經典,這麼多年過去,終於到了第五代,而這個期待已久的新一代,最近流出的預告片透露,這新一代街霸將會在 PlayStation 4 和 PC 上面獨家推出。繼續閱讀了解更多。

等不及上市?两大互动网站,抢先体验 Apple Watch!

等不及 Apple Watch 上市?现在你可以通过两个第三方网站选择手表款式,搭配表带颜色与材质,或是抢先观看 App 操作方式。

Apple 罕有公開!第一代 Apple Watch 設計就是這麼原始

雖然大家可能未親眼看過 Apple Watch,但其實看看那兩個尺寸 (38 / 42mm) 就知道是一隻頗為精緻的手錶。不但比大部分其他智能手錶小,甚至比傳統手錶更細。不過原來 Apple Watch 第一個設計完全是另一個極端。閱讀全文

Watch a Google Street View Video of Your Map Route

Google’s street view option comes in handy pretty often. You can see what a destination looks like to make sure you don’t miss it; you can check out a neighborhood before moving in. And with this tool, you can actually see an entire video of your map route, based on street view snapshots.

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Report: Two-Thirds Of Early Tesla Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60,000 Miles

Survey data collected by Plug-In America from current early-model Tesla Model S owners has predicted that up to two-thirds of early model electric-drive units may fail by 60,000 miles. If their predictions are even remotely accurate, that’s bad news.Read more...

To B To C两手抓,为车企提供HUD前装方案的“哈德”推出了C端产品HUD X1

HUD 是一种虚像显示的增强现实技术,最早用于军用飞机,可以显示俯仰角、方位 、高度、武器信息、雷达信息等,是战斗机上最重要的综合显示设备 (IDS)。后来逐渐使用到汽车上,不过初级版本是仅用来显示速度和方向。目前的 HUD 分为前装和后装,前装代表为宝马 HUD,后装则以国外的 Navdy 为代表。我们之前报道过的 HUD 产品有Halo、Car+、车萝卜、HUD Play、CarPro以及炽云科技等。我近期接触的哈德也是一款HUD产品,2015年5月份,哈德曾在京东众筹了第一代HUD产品,当时获得了2000名种子用户。

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