This 'Game of Thrones' fan has a Jon Snow theory that will blow your mind

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, David SidorovWhat if Jon Snow's father isn't actually Ned Stark? What if his father is none other than a middle-aged man named Kyle who makes YouTube fan theory videos?

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This 'Game of Thrones' fan has a Jon Snow theory that will blow your mind

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, David SidorovWhat if Jon Snow's father isn't actually Ned Stark? What if his father is none other than a middle-aged man named Kyle who makes YouTube fan theory videos?

Kyle Chandler brought back Coach Taylor for this very important PSA

Clear eyes, full hearts, SILENT PHONES.It's been more than four years since Kyle Chandler pulled down the blue ballcap and riled us up on Friday Night Lights, but this — this is too important. We've worked most of our lives for this.SEE ALSO: Now 'Game of Thrones' might end after Season 8,

Crazy 'Game of Thrones' fan theory: Jon Snow's parents revealed

Many fans have speculated on Jon Snow's real parents in Game of Thrones, but our resident theorist Kyle has delved deep to find the real answer - a couple you may never have suspected. Read more...More about Tv, Game Of Thrones, Watercooler, Videos, and Fan Theories



Elaborate Pixar theory: Every film exists in the same universe as the 'Die Hard' movies

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, and David SidorovMany film buffs have heard of "The Pixar Theory" — a lengthy, intricate hypothesis by Jon Negroni aiming to prove that all Pixar films exist within the same universe.Well, step aside Negroni,

The 9 Ways 'Gotham' Got Super Dark in Episode 2

You had to figure a crime procedural that (very loosely) winds back the clock on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy would be a grisly, vaguely twisted affair, even if it is on network TV.But who could have predicted that we'd be seeing child cannibalism, eyes getting poked out,

Terminator Genisys: The Spoilyr FAQ

There’s no need to beat around the bush; if you saw the newest installment in the Terminator franchise in the past week, you have questions. Big questions. Some of them no one can help you with.

Emmys 2015: And the winners are...

The 67th Emmy Awards are upon usMashable will be updating this winners list throughout Sunday's ceremony. Stay tuned to see who takes home the statuettes from inside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.See also:

Arnold Somehow Saves Terminator Genisys From Being A Total Disaster

Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again playing a machine cloaked in human skin in Terminator Genisys, but now he’s the most human thing in a plastic movie. Arnie’s trademark grimace looks rough around the edges, like a slab of petrified wood after years of erosion.



YouTube’s pedophilia problem: more than 400 channels deleted as advertisers flee over child pr

YouTube is in crisis mode yet again.On Wednesday night, the online video giant announced it had banned more than 400 channels and disabled comments on tens of millions of videos following a growing YouTube controversy concerning child exploitation. However, many major brands, like Disney, AT&T,

Even Apple’s self-driving car safety report is super secretive

Apple's autonomous car program is as secretive as ever. Compare the seven-page safety report Apple submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week to the 43-page color explosion from Waymo, the self-driving car startup from Google parent company Alphabet. 

Samsung's annoying Bixby button is finally customizable

Samsung's new Galaxy S10 series is the company's third lineup of flagship phones to come with Bixby built-in. But the phones will be the first to let you actually change what that Bixby button does, addressing what has long been one of Samsung's most frustrating features.

Eminem is also mad about Netflix cancelling Marvel's 'The Punisher'

Although not entirely unexpected, Netflix's cancellation of Marvel's The Punisher and Jessica Jones has struck some nerves.Particularly not pleased about The Punisher being cut was Eminem, who wrote a caps-only tweet admonishing the streaming giant for its decision.SEE ALSO:

Trump's climate expert is wrong: The world's plants don't need more CO2

Plants on Earth have flourished for hundreds of millions of years, yet President Donald Trump's pick to lead his new climate team insists that they need more carbon dioxide to thrive.

It snowed in LA and everyone is freaking out

Hold on to your oat milk. It SNOWED in Los Angeles. Southern California — known for its year-long sunshine, mild temperatures, desert mountains, and gorgeous beaches — saw snow on Thursday afternoon, and everyone in the Los Angeles area justifiably freaked the fuck out. SEE ALSO:

The Best Dragons in Pop Culture History

Read more...More about Dragons, Lord Of The Rings, Skyrim, Hobbit, and Mashable Reels

This church's bells rang for 24 hours straight and drove people mad

LONDON — The end of the world was scheduled for earlier this month, but it might be coming this week instead, if a church in south London is anything to go by.See also: 12 spectacular places to watch the leaves turn in the UKThe St.

45 free online classes you can take (and finish) by the end of this year

No matter where you're at in your career, learning something new can only help you. Looking for a new job? A unique skill could easily set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants. Worked in the same position for a long time?

The 5 crucial questions the Democratic candidates need to answer

The Democratic candidates go head-to-head for the first time tonight in Las Vegas.Nobody expects the kind of cage match we saw at the first GOP debate but that's not because the candidates necessarily agree.See also:


- 腾讯增速最快,成为亚洲最具价值品牌- 谷歌超越苹果,荣登百强榜首北京2014年5月21日电 /美通社/ -- “2014年 BRANDZTM最具价值全球品牌100强”榜单揭晓,来自中国的腾讯增速最快,品牌价值几乎翻倍,以540亿美元的品牌价值上升到全球品牌排名的第14位,并超越中国移动,成为亚洲最具价值品牌。

防盗功能!Windows Phone安全特性更上一层楼

近日,微软宣布将会在未来的Windows Phone更新中为其加入防盗功能,并且在4月份签署使用了CTIA机构 […]

Oracle借助RESTFUL API扩展移动端版图

Oracle公司推出新版本的云移动应用后端总线,以及与之配套的开发框架。Oracle移动应用开发框架可以让开发者通过Eclipse或者Oracle JDeveloper IDEs以Java、JavaScript或者HTML5来创建移动应用。

手机跑分哪家强,A8 到底怎么样?

经过国外一波发售,外媒基本上都给出了 iPhone 6 和 6 Plus 的评测,结果嘛,大多还是一致好评。


导言:去年12月,当时还担任着微软CEO的鲍尔默就已经有了大把空闲时间。赋闲在家的他找到了人生新的兴奋点——篮 […]

Self-policing calms demonstrations for Freddie Gray in Baltimore

BALTIMORE — The intersection of North and Pennsylvania avenues became a de facto rallying point this week after violence erupted in the area following widespread demonstrations over the death of Freddie GrayOn Friday night, it was once again the place people gathered,

【I/O 2015】Google 成为了落后的领先者

印象最深的 Google I/O 是 2012 年,那时候的 Google Glass 简直像是来自未来的产物,从天而降的时候让我想起了《大话西游》中的台词: “我的意中人是一位盖世英雄, 有一天他会身披金甲圣衣、驾着七彩祥云来娶我。


感谢安卓中国的投递7月1日消息,@小米Note 今天上午宣布,“安卓机皇”小米 Note 顶配版正式现货供应,开放购买。本次现货的速度比以往的小米手机都要快,从 5 月中旬首发以来,到如今仅过 1 个多月。

魅族的全新 Pro 产品线将于 9 月 23 日正式亮相

就在不少人还沈浸于今晨苹果发布会余味当中的时候,魅族很「适时」地跑出来刷了下存在感,向外界确认,自己将在 9 月 23 日带来全新的 Pro 高端产品线。

5 can't-miss apps: FaceParty, 'Goat Rider,' Nuzzel and more

With Snapchat adding new ways to use lenses and chat with friends and Instagram cracking down on third-party developers, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.See also: Google slashes minimum app prices to way below $0.99 in 17 countriesEach weekend,

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