This 'Game of Thrones' fan has a Jon Snow theory that will blow your mind

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, David SidorovWhat if Jon Snow's father isn't actually Ned Stark? What if his father is none other than a middle-aged man named Kyle who makes YouTube fan theory videos?

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This 'Game of Thrones' fan has a Jon Snow theory that will blow your mind

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, David SidorovWhat if Jon Snow's father isn't actually Ned Stark? What if his father is none other than a middle-aged man named Kyle who makes YouTube fan theory videos?

Kyle Chandler brought back Coach Taylor for this very important PSA

Clear eyes, full hearts, SILENT PHONES.It's been more than four years since Kyle Chandler pulled down the blue ballcap and riled us up on Friday Night Lights, but this — this is too important. We've worked most of our lives for this.SEE ALSO: Now 'Game of Thrones' might end after Season 8,

Crazy 'Game of Thrones' fan theory: Jon Snow's parents revealed

Many fans have speculated on Jon Snow's real parents in Game of Thrones, but our resident theorist Kyle has delved deep to find the real answer - a couple you may never have suspected. Read more...More about Tv, Game Of Thrones, Watercooler, Videos, and Fan Theories



Elaborate Pixar theory: Every film exists in the same universe as the 'Die Hard' movies

Video: Jake Fertig, Max Knoblauch, and David SidorovMany film buffs have heard of "The Pixar Theory" — a lengthy, intricate hypothesis by Jon Negroni aiming to prove that all Pixar films exist within the same universe.Well, step aside Negroni,

The 9 Ways 'Gotham' Got Super Dark in Episode 2

You had to figure a crime procedural that (very loosely) winds back the clock on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy would be a grisly, vaguely twisted affair, even if it is on network TV.But who could have predicted that we'd be seeing child cannibalism, eyes getting poked out,

Terminator Genisys: The Spoilyr FAQ

There’s no need to beat around the bush; if you saw the newest installment in the Terminator franchise in the past week, you have questions. Big questions. Some of them no one can help you with.

Emmys 2015: And the winners are...

The 67th Emmy Awards are upon usMashable will be updating this winners list throughout Sunday's ceremony. Stay tuned to see who takes home the statuettes from inside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.See also:

Arnold Somehow Saves Terminator Genisys From Being A Total Disaster

Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again playing a machine cloaked in human skin in Terminator Genisys, but now he’s the most human thing in a plastic movie. Arnie’s trademark grimace looks rough around the edges, like a slab of petrified wood after years of erosion.



Best 4K TV deals this weekend: Save on Sony, Samsung, LG, and more

Now that the weekend is here, it's probably a good time to think about upgrading your old TV for a shiny and new 4K smart TV. We've gathered the best deals on 4K TVs from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the Samsung Store. No matter the size of your living room,

PayPal makes it harder to buy shady supplements from Infowars

PayPal confirmed Friday that it was dropping support for all Infowars websites, where conspiracy theorist Alex Jones makes serious cash selling shady health supplements."Our values are the foundation for the decision," a PayPal spokesperson told Mashable in a statement.  

Joaquin Phoenix looks downright chilling in Joker makeup

There are roughy 73874239 Joker movies in development, but director Todd Phillips' upcoming project has the edge – an actual Joker. A new video on Phillips Instagram reveals star Joaquin Phoenix in full joker makeup and, well...we have chills. SEE ALSO:

12 best manscaping tools to help you with your Yeti pubes

Just because the president of the United States has "Yeti pubes," doesn't mean you should have them too. The careful art of manscaping is one that require precision, skill, and the right tools. But of course finding a solid shaving regimen for your nether regions can prove to be a challenge.

Alec Baldwin will reprise his role as Donald Trump on 'SNL'

This country just can't get enough Donald Trump. Lucky for us, we have Alec Baldwin.Baldwin confirmed that he will be returning to Saturday Night Live this season with his Donald Trump impression on Friday's episode of the podcast Origin.

After Trump lashes out, sexual assault survivors share #WhyIDidntReport

Following days of *relatively* restrained behavior, President Trump unleashed an attack on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Friday morning, accusing her of failing to report the alleged assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when they were both teenagers.

The Science Behind 'The Meg'

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This church's bells rang for 24 hours straight and drove people mad

LONDON — The end of the world was scheduled for earlier this month, but it might be coming this week instead, if a church in south London is anything to go by.See also: 12 spectacular places to watch the leaves turn in the UKThe St.

45 free online classes you can take (and finish) by the end of this year

No matter where you're at in your career, learning something new can only help you. Looking for a new job? A unique skill could easily set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants. Worked in the same position for a long time?

The 5 crucial questions the Democratic candidates need to answer

The Democratic candidates go head-to-head for the first time tonight in Las Vegas.Nobody expects the kind of cage match we saw at the first GOP debate but that's not because the candidates necessarily agree.See also:


美国电子商务巨头eBay今天晚间宣布,旗下在线支付平台PayPal将于2015年下半年拆分出来成立单独的上市公司。eBay现任CEO John Donahoe将会在拆分完成后离职,负责市场的Devin Wenig继任。



Java数据类型简单认识 - Never_Land


Y Combinator 2015 夏季班“演示日”第一天:最受欢迎的 9 家创业公司

智能床套、核糖核酸(RNA)诊断装置、促进室内作物生长的 LED 灯泡,这些都是 Y Combinator 2015 年夏季创业培训班“演示日”第一天活动上最耀眼的创意。



五岁男童问皇家邮政寄信去火星要多少钱,对方从 NASA 获得答案

英国有一位很想成为太空人的 5 岁男童 Oliver Giddings,他问了一条皇家邮政不懂如何解答的问题。Giddings 问皇家邮政到底从地球寄信到火星要多少钱,皇家邮政的员工不清楚,于是便认真地向美国 NASA 的 Mars Outreach Team 求助呢。


编者按:技术的革新总是伴随着大量的商业机会,IoT和人工智能或许是下一个风口。这篇文章是一个投资人对智能硬件、人工智能领域的创业机会及商业逻辑的探讨。本文来自投稿,作者吴炳见(,联想之星投资副总裁,关注TMT行业早期投资。大概每隔十年会有一波技术创新,从PC到移动互联网,下一个新的终端,新的技术是什么?我们认为可能是IoT(Internet Of Things)和人工智能,一方面我们相信会有下一个类似Smart Phone的终端出现,另一方面我们相信人工智能可以打破效率瓶颈。

8点1氪:苹果发布 iOS 9.2.1 新版本,小米5售价配置曝光,三星“智付”或于 24 日公测

大公司:苹果发布iOS 9.2.1新版本,修复iPhone变砖问题苹果周四发布了iOS 9.2.1的新版本,针对iPhone“error 53”导致手机“变砖”的问题进行了修复。其实iOS 9.2.1上个月就发布了,但此次升级后的版本号从13D15改为13D20,功能上并没大变化,只是修复了变砖问题。已经升级至iOS 9.2.1的用户无法通过无线网络在手机上直接升级,需要通过连接itunes进行升级。 “Error 53”是指iPhone在其Home键进行第三方修理后,升级至新版本的iOS操作系统后,手机可能无法使用。

小米第一款曲面电视:65寸屏幕 相当于130台iPhone 6S

今天下午,小米在京举办2016小米电视战略发布会,而在推出了1799元的小米电视3S之后,此前多次热身的小米首款曲面电视终于亮相了。小米的曲面电视尺寸达到了65寸,是该产品线中仅次于小米电视3 70寸型号第二大的。 ... ...


不请自来啦~~~答主学气象的,上大学的时候一到什么诗歌朗诵啊什么的,就肯定有一个词反复出现“观云测天识天气”。这其实就是对气象观测工作的一个比较有文艺范同时也很有代表性的词。回想起大学时候学的大气探测啊,仪器校验,天气现象识别啥,还是蛮有意思的!气象观测的手段还是蛮多的,答主在这里就简单介绍一下:1、 基本天气要素的观测:这里当然就少不了最熟悉的观测站啦~~上图就是一个观测站的照片喽,看似比较简单,但是里边的讲究还真不少,有非常多的仪器,测风的、测温的、测湿度的、测雨量的,有一些观测站还有一些更高级的设备,比如测量太阳辐照度的什么的设备。

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