Sheryl Crow soaks up the backlash for her presidential debate performance

Every debate is a winding roadSheryl Crow opened up CNN's Democratic presidential debate with the national anthem, confusing audience members. Some think there are cooler people than Crow in 2015 who would be interested in the gig. Others celebrated the choice and her leather pants,

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Sheryl Crow soaks up the backlash for her presidential debate performance

Every debate is a winding roadSheryl Crow opened up CNN's Democratic presidential debate with the national anthem, confusing audience members. Some think there are cooler people than Crow in 2015 who would be interested in the gig. Others celebrated the choice and her leather pants,

Former Facebook PM Who Had Attempted Everest Summit Raises $40K For Nepalese Villages

Parts of the tech community in San Francisco and New York are still reeling from the loss of Google’s Dan Fredinburg, a gregarious and idealistic engineer who was trying to summit the Mount Everest for the second time when a major earthquake struck, killing him. However, on a more hopeful note,

Heroic Bear Saves a Confused Crow From Drowning at the Zoo

The animal kingdom is full of surprises.This gentle bear at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary shocked onlookers when it rescued a crow from drowning.See also: A Really, Really Excited Dog Faints After Reuniting With OwnerThe YouTube clip, uploaded by user Aleksander Medves,

Crow hitches a ride on eagle because nature is awesome

Flying is so overrated.A brave crow has been photographed catching a free ride on the back of a bald eagle 25-feet in the air. The unusual moment lasted only a few seconds and was captured by amateur bird photographer Phoo ChanSee also:

World's most annoying crow won't leave dog alone

Rivaling your most irritating coworker, a persistent crow just won't leave poor Nero alone.The poor dog is patient at first, but even the most stoic of pups can only take so much. So Nero barks. And he chases. And the crow ...doesn't leave.Does he need to deliver a message? Is Nero in danger?

Crow gets caught trying to sneak up on guy eating lunch

This crow isn't doing ANYTHING. He swears.Conor McCarthy was innocently eating his lunch outside when he realized he was being watched — a sneaky crow was attempting to sidle up behind him. But every time McCarthy turned around, the bird flew away so as not to get caught staringNice try, crow.

I Couldn't Have Made It Through CES Without Sheryl Crow

Yesterday I walked across the casino floor of the Venetian, between the rows of clanging slot machines, with my enormous Nexus 6 held to my face so I could quietly listen to this YouTube video, the isolated bass line from Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do.

Azure Premium Storage released by Microsoft, now generally available

Azure users have something to crow about, Microsoft has announced the General Availability of Premium Storage for the service, beginning now.For those with particularly demanding storage needs,


编者按:最近分散特效一直很火,很多电影海报都用上了,今天分享一个分散特效教程的进阶版,效果更加酷炫,细节也雕琢得很好,赶紧来学习一下吧! 分散特效教程...

Chill turtle takes GoPro on a leisurely swim through Great Barrier Reef

Maybe you meant to book a tropical vacation this summer and just kept putting it off. But does it even matter? It's not like you were going to catch a piggyback ride on a turtle's shell,

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson opens up about his father's death in moving Instagram video

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has taken to Instagram to speak directly to his fans, following the death of his father, Rocky Johnson, last Wednesday.In a moving eight-minute IGTV video, Johnson thanked people for their support before opening up about his relationship with his father, his sudden death,

Give old wired Nintendo controllers new life with this Switch adapter

TL;DR: Go back to your childhood with the Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch for $14.99, a 25% savings. There's no denying the Nintendo Switch is innovative as heck, allowing you to *switch* between playing as a handheld device and a console.

Add some sparkle with this discounted SodaStream bundle

TL;DR: The SodaStream Genesis sparkling water bundle is on sale for £39.99 on Amazon, saving you 44% on list price.Sparkling water is not for everyone. In fact, we can't think of many things more polarising than those little bubbles.There is no in-between when it comes to sparkling water.

Joaquin Phoenix pays tribute to Heath Ledger during acceptance speech

Joaquin Phoenix continued his strong award season run on Sunday, taking home another trophy at the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards for his acting in Joker.During his acceptance speech for winning Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role at the SAGs,

These wireless earbuds deserve a chance

TL;DR: Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 earbuds are on sale for £69.99 on Amazon, saving you 30% on list price.Apple AirPods dominate the conversation around wireless earbuds, but are they actually the best? The answer is unclear,

Why sex is better with the lights on

Not everyone thinks sex with the lights on is hot. Some people are downright afraid of it. Here's why it's actually much better than doing it in the dark. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sex And Relationships, Lifestyle, and Sex Relationships

Sex is better with the lights on

Read more...{"player":{"description":null,"image":"

Retired footballer Adam Goodes opens up about racism in Australian sport

Indigenous Australian rules football star and 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, has spoken out in an interview for the first time since retiring from the game in September.Speaking to Sydney University student newspaper, Honi Soit,

Comic Con attendees accidentally nail fall's biggest fashion trends

When forecasting the colors, themes, and silhouettes of the season fashion folks have a motto: "three's a trend."Not sure what we'd discover, Mashable put this mantra to the test as we scouted New York Comic Con for the hottest sartorial tendencies. Our findings were eye-openingSee also:

Hunter lost in the Australian desert for six days survives by eating ants

An Australian man is lucky to be alive after getting lost in the remote West Australian desert for six days, and apparently eating ants to survive.Reginald Foggerdy, 62, was found on Tuesday by Specialist Tactical Response Group trackers 170 kilometres (105.63 miles) east of the town of Laverton,

Kyle T. Webster插画作品

Kyle T. Webster是美国著名插画师,画风简练,作品遍布美国主要的出版物,毕业于耶鲁大学。官方网站:http://www.kyletwebster.com以下右侧是Kyle为《纽约客》杂志绘制的一幅封面插画,名为《Twitter》,但最后并未被该刊选用。

MySQL DB 主从复制之SSL - 姜明则

需求架构准备工作主从服务器时间同步# 主从服务器同时配置crontab任务,与NTP服务器同步时间即可*/5 * * * * ntpdate &>/dev/null部署配置主库配置vi /etc/my.cnf server-id = 1 # 在复制架构中,需保持全局唯一 ...

Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs

Dega704 (1454673) writes While the network neutrality debate has focused primarily on whether ISPs should be able to charge companies like Netflix for faster access to consumers, cable companies are now arguing that it's really Netflix who holds the market power to charge them.


逾1500年以来,少林寺中僧人坚持身体和精神修炼,传承着传奇武术。现在,他们还试图掌握商业艺术。一旦组建了社交 […]

传 Apple Pay 登陆中国将受到各方利益阻碍

Apple Pay 是一项先进的移动支付解决方案,也是苹果进军银行业务的首次尝试。正因为如此,Apple Pay 在进军中国的道路上似乎困难重重。

高手速成 Zepp传感器提高你的运动水平

有些朋友喜欢打高尔夫或者网球,但是苦于没人指点,不知道自己打得如何。Zepp 能很好的解决这个问题。  Zepp 是 Zepp Labs 的一款 3D 动作传感器,它看起来像一个小型方块,其重量仅为 6.


当“不运动、不读书、没有性生活的中国白领”这份报告正在微信朋友圈里疯传,不妨来看看下面这个海外程序员的幸福生活。Bogdan Popescu是一个90后,罗马尼亚人,2012年毕业于英国伯明翰大学软件工程学院。

攒足了势能的第五代酷睿,要让 6 亿台电脑更新换代

4 年前,我买了台戴尔笔记本,主要用来码字加玩游戏,我不记得这款笔记本的型号,以及处理器的配置,不过时至今日,别说玩游戏,就连打开文件夹都费劲,软件系统的不断升级以及日渐老旧的硬件,使得它面临淘汰的局面。


威智网2月10日消息,对于大多数歌迷来说,2015 年格莱美颁奖是一场值得关注的音乐盛会,但对于众多微软粉丝来说,这其实是一个见证 Cortana 和她的 Bing 预测引擎“大展拳脚”的机会。



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