Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert read terrible kid jokes

Sure, these kids are awful comedians, but now they can officially say they write comedy for two of the best — Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert.Reading actual bad jokes written by actual children and curated by the creator of the Bad Kids Jokes Tumblr,

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Sarah Silverman on depression: 'It feels like I'm desperately homesick, but I'm home'

Those who are familiar with Sarah Silverman's comedy career may be startled by the actress's upcoming turn in I Smile Back, in which she plays a woman struggling with depression and bipolaritySee also:

The Best and Worst Moments From Host Sarah Silverman on 'SNL'

Sarah Silverman hosted the second episode of Saturday Night Live's 40th season, and it was a solid — albeit, not great — effortIt featured one or two standout sketches, but the episode failed to make up for weak material from past seasonsSilverman held her own, but seemed a tad unprepared,

Sarah Silverman Totally Brought Pot to the Emmys

Apparently Giuliana Rancic has grown so weary of red carpet interviews during her 60-year tenure on E! that she has been reduced to asking celebrities to empty the contents of their purses on live televisionWhile most actresses curtly claim to have nothing exciting in their million-dollar-clutches,

A very stoned Sarah Silverman teaches you how to make pot pie

On a very baked edition of the web series My Drunk Kitchen, Sarah Silverman joins Hannah Hart to get stoned (not drunk — Silverman doesn't drink alcohol) on Indica and make veggie pot pie, because jokesThe episode is wise beyond its years,

Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman to star in T-Mobile's Super Bowl spot

Earlier this week, T-Mobile revealed that Kim Kardashian will star in one of its Super Bowl ads. Now, the "uncarrier" has unveiled the stars of another Super Bowl spot: Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman.The two comediennes will vamp for the brand in a yet-to-be-unveiled spot,

Sarah Silverman Wants to Crowdfund the Wage Gap Away

The average working woman still only makes 78 cents to a man's dollar, and Sarah Silverman wants to change that.In the video, above, Silverman considers a sex change operation to earn the money a man gets doing the same job as a woman. The comedian promotes the Equal Payback Project,

Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert read terrible kid jokes

Sure, these kids are awful comedians, but now they can officially say they write comedy for two of the best — Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert.Reading actual bad jokes written by actual children and curated by the creator of the Bad Kids Jokes Tumblr,

Sarah Silverman's 'SNL' Promo Is 20 Years in the Making

Sarah Silverman tackles Saturday Night Live hosting duties this weekend, marking her first return to the show in 20 yearsSilverman worked as a writer for SNL during the 1993-1994 season, but lost her job when none of her sketches made it to air after 18 weeks. Thankfully,


在今年年初结束的潜在药物rHIgM22的临床试验中,没有人的手指掉下来。rHIgM22的发现者之一Moses Rodriguez表示,这似乎是一个可疑的成功,但美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)评审者对其表示了担忧。

LA Improv Group Accuses 'Saturday Night Live' of Stealing Its Sketch

A sketch on the most recent episode of SNL has left members of a Los Angeles-based improv group PO'dMembers of comedy troupe The Groundlings have accused Saturday Night Live's writers of stealing the idea for a Tina Turner sketch that aired on Saturday from one of their recent LA showsSee also:

A reminder to #ThankAFarmworker for harvesting your Thanksgiving meal

Where do Thanksgiving foods come from? No, not the grocery store.Well, thanks to a Twitter campaign by United Farm Workers (UFW), you can now learn what it takes to supply America's grocery stores ahead of Thanksgiving.

Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson test their fantasy knowledge in Stock Footage Pictionary

Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson from His Dark Materials try to guess fantasy movies and TV shows just by looking at stock footage videos. Read more...More about Mashable Video, His Dark Materials, Tv Shows, Pictionary, and Hbo Max

The Instant Pot Evo Plus is at its lowest price ever this Black Friday

SAVE UP TO $50.04: Score the six-quart Instant Pot Evo Plus for $69.95 or the eight quart for $89.95 as of Nov. 23 for Black Friday. We're a little Instant Pot obsessed over here, and even more so when we find a great deal. Amazon has started their Black Friday week sales,

Get one of the newest Fitbits for less than $100

Save $50: The Fitbit Charge 4 is on sale on Amazon for $99.95 for Black Friday week as of Nov. 23. Let's admit it...we all get a bit lazy around the holidays. It's always so much easier to sit around watching corny Christmas movies than to get up and run a few miles.

Get a year of PlayStation Plus for $15 off at Amazon for Black Friday

SAVE $15: Play online and gain access to a bevy of free games with a membership to PlayStation Plus — it's $15 off for a one-year subscription during Amazon's Black Friday sale. Whether you were able to score a PlayStation 5 before they all sold out or not,

Amazon is giving us the Apple Watch Series 6 for under $400, as a treat

Save $109.02: The Apple Watch Series 6 is (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) is over $100 off at Amazon, dropping multiple colors down to $389.98 as of Nov. 23.Every Black Friday brings a select few deals that are so good, they seem like an accident.

A therapy light can help boost your mood during this tough winter

Save $34.40: One of Miroco's light therapy lamps is on sale for $25.59, down from $59.99 for Black Friday through Nov. 23 in an Amazon deal of the day.The sun has officially started setting at 4:30 and it's hitting extra hard this year.

These award-winning photos capture nature at its most savage and striking

LONDON — The winners of the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards were announced this week — and it's fair to say they all look pretty spectacular.See also:

This Lego caravan is the only holiday home you'll ever need

LONDON — The ultimate cruising wagon for Lego enthusiasts was unveiled at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham this week: a record-breaking caravan constructed of the iconic plastic bricks.The Lego caravan stands 2.2 metres tall and 3.6 metres long,

Calming nooks when you feel stressed and need a hole to hide in

Sometimes all you really need is a comfortable spot to call your own.As an urbanite, you may not have the extra space in your apartment to create the perfect nook to hide in, and that's okay.These beautiful nooks from around the world should help you escape reality for a few relaxing moments.

教你一步一步部署.net免费空间OpenShift系列之一------帐号注册和验证 - harrell

前几天有博友发布了一篇文章《一键部署mono 免费空间支持ASP.

Snapchat's First 'Non-Creepy' Ad Is For A Horror Movie

Snapchat recently announced that it was getting ads, and it's followed through on that promise, with the first paid-for ephemeral advertisements landing this weekend. However, I'm not so sure that Snapchat's made good on its promise for its ads to be 'non-creepy',


外媒称,针对今日早间紫光股份已提交收购要约一说,美国内存生产商美光科技公司(Micron Technology Inc.,MU)发言人表示,该公司还没有收到收购要约,对此不予进一步置评。外媒今早从消息人士处获悉,紫光集团(Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd.

Java开源的支持xpath的html解析器介绍--JsoupXpath - 无忌小伙

JsoupXpath(是一款纯Java开发的使用xpath解析提取html内容的解析器,xpath语法分析与执行完全独立,html的DOM树生成借助Jsoup,故命名为JsoupXpath. 为了在java里也...

Feds greenlight GM's rear camera mirror that gives you a wider, clearer view

How you view the road behind you while you drive is about to changeThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved General Motors' rear camera mirror on Monday, which can display an 80-degree view behind the vehicle. The mirror also also cuts out all visual obstructions,

Lessons In Moving Your Startup Overseas To Silicon Valley

As a CEO and immigrant worker (take that, Trump!), I always get asked about moving my company to Silicon Valley. I usually answer that I believe you can build a world-changing organization anywhere, but the job is always easier at your industry’s center of gravity. For fashion,

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營業現金流和現金股利創歷史最高水準 中國深圳--(美國商業資訊)--中興通訊股份有限公司(「中興通訊」或「集團」)(H股代碼:0763.HK / A股代碼:000063.SZ)今天公佈截至2015年12月31日的全年整體營收為1001.9億元人民幣,同時營業現金流和現金股利達到歷史最高水準。4G產品、智慧城市和新興ICT科技的銷售共同推動營收較2014年成長23%。   該集團報告的歸屬於上市公司普通股股東的淨利潤為32.1億元人民幣,基本每股盈餘為0.78元人民幣。按照A股財務報告準則,該集團的營業現金流為74.05億元人民幣,達到該集團有史以來的創紀錄水準。同時,現金股利金額總計為10.


有一种现象叫宜家效应,也就是说当一个人自己组装产品,他们通常会过高估计所创造产品的价值。宜家效应凸显了自我能动性的重要性。宾夕法尼亚州立大学的研究人员Yuan Sun和S. Shyam Sundar发现,这一现象适用于机器人。他们招募了80名大学生参与机器人组装研究,观察他们在组装机器人前后对机器人的看法。

前端性能——监控起步 - chua1989

前端性能 1.关键点 分页面、区域、浏览器、性能指标 页面的性能指标详解: 白屏时间(first Paint Time)——用户从打开页面开始到页面开始有东西呈现为止 首屏时间——用户浏览器首屏内所有内容都呈现出来所花费的时间 用户可操作时间(dom Interactive)——用户可以进行正常的点

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