FBI arrests Fox News analyst for claiming to work for CIA

A frequent Fox News guest who once publicly denounced a former CIA agent for committing fraud was himself arrested for fraud on Thursday after the FBI charged that he made up a career as a CIA operative.Wayne Simmons, who lives in Annapolis, Maryland,

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Skype and VICE News combine to bring a new experience to news and reporting

When it comes to the Internet, news and information is in abundance. Between the traditional RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter YouTube or bookmarking of sites, most people can find the news that’s important to them. For those interested in world news with a bit edgier reporting,

骁龙810+4G内存 小米Note顶配版正式发布


Digital News Finally As Popular As Newspapers In The UK

Reports of the death of print have been greatly accelerated, judging by research from UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom. The research has found that in the UK digital news, consumed via apps or the Internet, has only just reached parity with news consumed via ink and dead trees. Read More

CBS News app now available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, features real-time news updates

Discovery News comes to Windows and Windows Phone

The team behind the Discovery Channel have brought a news app to Windows and Windows Phone, fittingly called Discovery News.  There are dozens of news apps in the Store, so what makes this one different?Discovery News is all about curated content,

Apple News是新款iPad上最好的功能

随着iOS9的发布,众说纷纭Apple News终于得以与人们见面,它对出版业而言意味着什么?它在现有的新闻客户端中又以何取胜?它的用户体验又怎样为iPad增添一抹亮色?



Microsoft shows off how Windows Phone can bring news apps like CNN and NBC News to life

There are quite a few news apps available in the Windows Phone Store. For example, you have access to the official CNN app, along with USA Today, NBC News, and much more. In a new video posted to Microsoft's YouTube channel,

体验为王——new MOTO X 详细评测

感谢锋潮评测室的投递MOTO X 的后续之作终于到来,不叫 MOTO X+1,而是延续 MOTO X 的名称,官方以 2nd Gen 区分。

Rap made from Will Smith's grunts in YouTube Rewind is better than YouTube Rewind

There's no easy way to say this: YouTube Rewind 2018 was ...pretty cringey. But YouTuber Jacksfilms made the best of it and created a surprisingly good song out of Will Smith's bizarre grunting. The resulting musical homage to Smith — The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air star, award-winning actor,

An unwelcome reminder that eating raw cookie dough is dangerous even when it's egg-free

The CDC is reminding people not to consume raw cookie dough, even if it is egg-free. Egg-free dough isn't safe if it includes raw flourProducts with cookie dough, such as ice cream, have killed the germs by heating up the dough.  Read more...More about Food, Health, Mashable Video, Food Drink,

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this week, and it'll be a special one

Get ready for what might be the best meteor shower of 2018. The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks late at night on Thursday into the wee hours of the morning Friday, could bring more than 100 meteors per hour to light pollution-free skies in dark areas around the world, according to NASA.

Commuter starts petition to move Holland Tunnel's infuriating holiday decorations

You ever see something mildly infuriating but manage to breeze past it? Imagine breezing past it every day, five days a week. And instead of breezing past it, you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour. This mildly infuriating decor oversight looms overhead,

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 review: Basic to the extreme, but hands-free Alexa is a nice bonus

Amazon Fire HD 8$79.99 (Starting)View ProductThe GoodVery affordable at $79.

15 songs turning 20 in 2019

Take a look at all of the hit songs turning 20 in 2019, and you'll be reminded that music was bangin' in 1999.Pop goddesses like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez gave us some of their greatest hits,

Save $250 on the iRobot Roomba 960 at Best Buy. (That's nearly as good as Black Friday.)

While the Roomba 980 is iRobot's best vacuum yet, the 960 isn't too far behind. And when this thing goes on sale, people can not get enough of it. (Case in point: When we wrote about this deal on the 960 ahead of Black Friday, it was one of the most popular posts we did all week.

A very productive way to destress is 30 minutes in a 'rage room'

The residents of Lodz in central Poland have a new place to relieve stress. For €35 ($40), they get 30 minutes in a "rage room," which is filled with TVs, furniture and stuffed animals. All for you to enjoy and destroy! Read more...More about Stress, Lifestyle, Health Fitness, Poland,

Rosario Dawson joins 'Lego Batman' as Batgirl

Darkness, no parents...and Rosario Dawson!Dawson will is joining Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and Zach Galifianakis in Lego Batman, the Bat-family-centric followup to 2014's wildly successful and entertaining The Lego Movie. Arnett will return as Batman,

Toddler's impeccable Halloween costumes are a total treat

For Gina Lee and her daughter Willow, the month of October means so much more than just fall leaves and jack-o'-lanterns. It also means the start of Dress Up Willow Month, a tradition that Lee started for her 3-year-old daughterSee also:

可为手机充电的太阳能腕带 携带方便电池小



近日,有关韩国ahq Korea《英雄联盟》职业选手Promise在爆料比赛黑幕后自杀的事件被媒体报道后再度引起了外界对于电竞圈混乱现状的关注。

ES6新特性概览 - Wayou

本文基于lukehoban/es6features ,同时参考了大量博客资料,具体见文末引用。ES6(ECMAScript 6)是即将到来的新版本JavaScript语言的标准,代号harmony(和谐之意,显示没有跟上我国的步伐,我们已经进入中国梦版本了)。

Per Brashers:硬件改造将对软件产生重大影响

Per Brashers,现Yttibrium公司创始人,曾总管Facebook的整个存储部门。他发明创造了若干对业界具有深远影响的存储平台,名下共拥有21项(含待发)专利发明。

[视频]让狗狗减少孤独感 Ballready能远程陪伴玩耍


The Pitfalls of Working From Home

Image: Safely EndangeredYou're sick, your mind is clouded, you've been stuck on the couch with a box of tissues and a 16-gallon drum of herbal tea for two days. And yet, your company expects you to work from home. Life isn't fair.See also: Honest Descriptions of Netflix Shows,

phoneGap 3.5 eclipise 模拟器调试 - 酷酷虫

最近想搞phoneGap开发,可是一看 http://www.phonegapcn.com/ phoneGap中文网 FUCK 。phoneGap 还在1.0.0 里混呢。现在phoneGap 3.5了,cordova 3.6都出来了!靠!自己动手丰衣足食!项目的配置这里就先不谈了,会在下一篇里...




目前,科学家讨论称,1972 年向外星人发送的图像内容需要更新,之前的裸体人像不合时宜  腾讯太空讯据国外媒体报道,俄罗斯企业家尤里-米尔纳组织了一个名为突破计划的行动框架,利用世界上最好的射电望远镜,对另 .


Hej!今天是 1 月 9 日,很快 2016 年已經過了幾天。聖誕節的氣氛對香港人來說,相信已經離開了一段時間,接下來就是迎接約一個月之後的農曆新年吧!在瑞典,聖誕氣氛還在不少人的家中,因為當地傳統是 1 月 13 日才將聖誕樹拆下處理。以下有更多內容The post 一路向北:噢!聖誕節托它歸家 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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