FBI arrests Fox News analyst for claiming to work for CIA

A frequent Fox News guest who once publicly denounced a former CIA agent for committing fraud was himself arrested for fraud on Thursday after the FBI charged that he made up a career as a CIA operative.Wayne Simmons, who lives in Annapolis, Maryland,

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Skype and VICE News combine to bring a new experience to news and reporting

When it comes to the Internet, news and information is in abundance. Between the traditional RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter YouTube or bookmarking of sites, most people can find the news that’s important to them. For those interested in world news with a bit edgier reporting,

骁龙810+4G内存 小米Note顶配版正式发布


Digital News Finally As Popular As Newspapers In The UK

Reports of the death of print have been greatly accelerated, judging by research from UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom. The research has found that in the UK digital news, consumed via apps or the Internet, has only just reached parity with news consumed via ink and dead trees. Read More

CBS News app now available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, features real-time news updates

Discovery News comes to Windows and Windows Phone

The team behind the Discovery Channel have brought a news app to Windows and Windows Phone, fittingly called Discovery News.  There are dozens of news apps in the Store, so what makes this one different?Discovery News is all about curated content,

Apple News是新款iPad上最好的功能

随着iOS9的发布,众说纷纭Apple News终于得以与人们见面,它对出版业而言意味着什么?它在现有的新闻客户端中又以何取胜?它的用户体验又怎样为iPad增添一抹亮色?



Microsoft shows off how Windows Phone can bring news apps like CNN and NBC News to life

There are quite a few news apps available in the Windows Phone Store. For example, you have access to the official CNN app, along with USA Today, NBC News, and much more. In a new video posted to Microsoft's YouTube channel,

体验为王——new MOTO X 详细评测

感谢锋潮评测室的投递MOTO X 的后续之作终于到来,不叫 MOTO X+1,而是延续 MOTO X 的名称,官方以 2nd Gen 区分。

Final 'Crimes of Grindewald' trailer is bursting with game-changing Harry Potter clues

It may be set decades before Harry Potter was even born, but Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald sets the stage for Harry's epic story. The final trailer for The Crimes of Grindelwald is chock-full of Harry Potter Easter eggs (and those crazy beasts).SEE ALSO:

Netflix's 'Maniac' has a surprisingly simple message at its core

Maniac looked like it was going to be A Lot. The first trailer for the Netflix original made it seem like a Black Mirror–style technological dreamscape,

UK newspaper industry regulator wants Google and Facebook to pay journalism tax

Google, Facebook and other sites that host news content on their platforms should pay an annual tax to fund journalism in the UK. This is the stance of the News Media Association, the British newspaper industry's trade body which represents most of the UK media. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern brings baby to UN General Assembly, makes history

Three months ago, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister, gave birth to her daughter Neve while running a country. Now, Ardern and baby Neve are making history at the UN general assembly. SEE ALSO: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is putting children firstOn Sept. 24,

Apple Watch Series 4 review: Sidekick no more

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.Like a baby learning how to walk and talk, the Apple Watch can finally stand on its own two feet and proudly say "Look world,

BBC breaks down investigation into a mass killing in viral Twitter thread

The BBC has used a series of GIFs, videos, and images to break down its investigation into a video of two women and two children being shot by soldiers.The clip, which appeared on social media in July, quickly went viral and sparked outrage and speculation.

The best UK deals for Tuesday: Hive smart bulbs, Amazon Echo devices, Xbox One X bundles, and more

Have you engaged in any DIY lately? We aren't really talking about knocking walls down here. More like giving a tired old room a breath of life. This might come in the form of a fresh coat of paint, or even some new lighting.Anyone familiar with decorating knows the importance of lighting.

A very productive way to destress is 30 minutes in a 'rage room'

The residents of Lodz in central Poland have a new place to relieve stress. For €35 ($40), they get 30 minutes in a "rage room," which is filled with TVs, furniture and stuffed animals. All for you to enjoy and destroy! Read more...More about Stress, Lifestyle, Health Fitness, Poland,

Rosario Dawson joins 'Lego Batman' as Batgirl

Darkness, no parents...and Rosario Dawson!Dawson will is joining Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and Zach Galifianakis in Lego Batman, the Bat-family-centric followup to 2014's wildly successful and entertaining The Lego Movie. Arnett will return as Batman,

Toddler's impeccable Halloween costumes are a total treat

For Gina Lee and her daughter Willow, the month of October means so much more than just fall leaves and jack-o'-lanterns. It also means the start of Dress Up Willow Month, a tradition that Lee started for her 3-year-old daughterSee also:



Exploiting Wildcards On Linux/Unix

An anonymous reader writes: DefenseCode researcher Leon Juranic found security issues related to using wildcards in Unix commands. The topic has been talked about in the past on the Full Disclosure mailing list, where some people saw this more as a feature than as a bug.

三星英特尔戴尔携手 建立智能家居行业新标准

三星、英特尔、戴尔三家公司宣布将成立「开放互联联盟 (OIC) 」,为智能家居设备间相互协作制定行业新标准。


科学家最新研究发现大脑开关,这是一个特殊的大脑区域屏状核,通过刺激该组织有助于恢复昏迷患者的知觉。  目前,科学家发现人类大脑中的开关装置,能够帮助昏迷患者恢复意识。  美国科学家穆罕默德-考贝西(Moha .



This Man Rode a Rocket Bicycle 207 MPH

When you think of fast rides, bicycles usually don't spring to mind, at least not before souped-up race cars and sleek motorcycles. Watching Francois Gissy speed over 207 miles per hour on a bicycle with a rocket strapped to it may change that. Read more...



你知道吗:今天是 COM 域名30周岁生日!

反竹川 写道 "VentureBeat 上的一篇文章回顾了 COM 域名30年来的发展。1985年 COM 域名连同 EDU、GOV、MIL、NET、ORG 以及 ARPA 一同开放申请,同年3月15日一家名叫 Symbolic 的计算机制造商以其公司名注册了世界上第一个 COM 域名:symbolics.


還記得去年參觀2014台灣設計師週的第二展館,看到許多概念設計都讓大編忍不住讚嘆台灣的設計能量,而其中最讓大編印象最為深刻,也最為心動的就是由「Triple Living.叄個設計」團隊所推出的「小城市軟水泥文具組」,它有堅強冷酷的外表,卻有顆溫暖柔軟的內心,千萬不能只用眼睛看!  

救命神器:轻轻一喷 血就止住了


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