Don't panic. Hillary Clinton scrunchies are on sale now.

Why settle on basic Donald Trump hats when you can show your political support with these ingenious — and stylish — Hillary Scrunchies? That's the question both Morgan Gerard, 28, and Meredith Fineman, 26,

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Chelsea Clinton's Baby News Is the Best Excuse to Dig Up Old Chelsea Clinton Photos

Move over North West and Prince George, there's a new royal baby headed into townFormer first daughter Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy on Thursday, alongside her mother (and soon-to-be grandma) Hillary Clinton at an event in New York CitySee also: Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Says On-Demand Economy Raises Hard Questions About Workplace Protections

“This on-demand, or so-called ‘gig economy’, is creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation.

Hillary Clinton is fun, you guys!

Hillary Clinton is in on the joke — or at least someone on her campaign team is.After The Onion posted a satirical commentary under Clinton's byline on Tuesday, titled "I am fun," Clinton tweeted a link to the piece with just one word: Humorous!See also: Watch Hillary Clinton whip,

Hillary Clinton Also Ran Her Own Email Server As Secretary of State

Transparency, thy name sure as hell ain't Hillary Clinton. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton went to extreme lengths to ensure that her emails would stay private. Not only did she exclusively use a personal email address,

Hillary Clinton's Email About Emoji Is the Best Hillary Clinton Email

The State Department just released over 7,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails. In one exchange with her senior advisor Phillipe Reines, the presidential hopeful has a very important question: “on this new berry can I get smiley faces?”Read more...

Bill Clinton's Smithsonian portrait has a secret Monica Lewinsky reference, artist says

The artist who painted the Bill Clinton portrait that hangs in The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery added an easter egg that contains a veiled reference to the president's infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky.If you look closely at the portrait,

Hillary Clinton had a flawless alibi to prove she did not commit bank robbery

"Should I be flattered?"That's the question Hillary Clinton has about an armed robber who donned a mask in her likeness to hold up a Virginia bank in 2010. The robber wore one of these scary Hillary Clinton masks, which seem to be readily available on the Internet.See also:

Clinton vs. Fiorina: Feminists who can't agree on anything

"I may not be your dream candidate just yet, but I can assure you I am Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare," presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said during Wednesday's debate.Fiorina relishes comparisons between her and Clinton"I will tell you this, I will beat Hillary Clinton," she added.See also:

Chelsea Clinton And Sheryl Sandberg Address Silicon Valley’s Gender Gap ‘Crisis’

Joining Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg onstage Monday in Palo Alto, Chelsea Clinton said she wanted to see the private sector and government work together to show girls they can grow up to be like Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. In the recent years,

Hillary Clinton is taking her victory lap

Hillary Rodham Clinton took a celebratory lap around Washington on Friday, reveling in signs Democrats are coalescing around her White House candidacy after an 11-hour grilling by House Republicans.Joking about her "long day,

The best iPhone XR pre-order deals all in one place

Sound the iPhone claxon for all to hear because you can now pre-order the iPhone XR.SEE ALSO: The best iPhone deals in the UK for OctoberWhat exactly is the iPhone XR and how does it differ from the XS and XS Max we hear you ask?Well, let's not pretend that is has everything that the XS has,

Put Thanos' face on a pumpkin and you'll get a pretty glorious Photoshop battle

Halloween will soon be upon us, which means that it's almost the time of year where we collectively turn the humble pumpkin into an elaborately carved and decorated work of art.SEE ALSO: This artist's incredible,

What you need to know about the two spacecraft launching to Mercury Friday

Most deep space missions send spacecraft hurtling far from the sun, into the frozen unknown hundreds of millions of miles beyond Earth. But on Friday, the European Space Agency (ESA) will blast two orbiters to heavily cratered Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

Actually, Banksy meant to shred the whole painting. Now it's likely worth much more.

In a 'Director's half cut' uploaded on YouTube, Banksy revealed the secret shredding mechanism he had installed inside the frame of a copy of  “Girl With Balloon.”It was supposed to shred the whole canvas, but seems to have gotten stuck.

BBC presenter wins posthumous radio award for cancer podcast

Rachael Bland touched many people's lives through her work as a presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live. Bland died in early September from breast cancer after sharing her experience of living with cancer on her podcast, "You, Me and The Big C". Less than two months after her death,

This scientist keeps winning money from people who bet against climate change

James Annan keeps winning. Annan, a climate scientist and director of the Blue Skies Research Organization, has won numerous bets over the last decade against scientists from a variety of academic backgrounds. In short, people keep betting him that the world will cool or warm slightly,

iPhone XS Battery Surprise

Read more...More about Battery Test, Mashable Reels, Iphone Xs, Iphone Xs Battery, and Tech

Chocolate and couture collide for elegant but likely messy fashion show

Chocolate and fashion joined together on Oct. 16 in celebration of the U.K.'s national chocolate week. Chocolatiers Aneesh Popat, Anita Thakker, Lucie Bennett and Laurent Pratt were among those featured at the event. The outfits were either inspired by or made of chocolate.

Army vet writes about terrifying moments before facing Oregon shooter

Army veteran Chris Mintz had thought about skipping class at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on Oct. 1, the day a gunman entered classrooms at the school and killed nine peopleHe was having coffee with a friend beforehand, who convinced him to go. Hours later,

My Little Pony pop-up cafe is magic!

Attention nostalgic My Little Pony fans — Bronies, too: The center of all things kawaii is serving up another masterpiece.A My Little Pony-themed cafe is now open for a limited time in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood.

HTC第一季度净亏损6206万美元 超过分析师预期






Samsung Galaxy Tab S hands-on: The Android tablet with a stunning 2,560 x 1,600 display

Samsung has made some big claims for the display on the Tab S, and we’ve had the chance to check out whether they’re true or mere marketing bluster.Read more:


車站給人的感覺就是匆忙、髒亂、吵雜之處,但是這幾個地方的車站美到可以讓遊客特別來參觀,必定有過人之處… 1.葡萄牙里斯本 東方火車站(上面第一張圖) 設計者是擁有閱讀全文

Short film: What happens when plastic toys go to war

This wonderfully made animation plays up war as something that's actually fun. There are guns that shoot out flowers and grenades that are actually caramel apple lollipops. But because war is actually a horrific thing, the short film takes a dark turn. If only it were always flowers and lollipops.

Pebble正式发布新一代智能手表Pebble Time

威锋网 2 月 25 日消息,在可穿戴设备逐渐红火起来的近两年时间里最成功的智能手表是哪家的产品?既不是谷歌推出的 Android Wear 也不是三星的 Gear 系列智能手表,而是 Pebble。



New app Arro lets you hail a yellow NYC taxi with no surge pricing

The New York Taxi industry runs the risk of being completely disrupted by Uber, but now a new hope emerges.It's called Arro, and it has partnered with one of the major providers of payment systems in New York City cabs, Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT), reports Crain's.

NYC rat triumphantly drags burrito feast back to its rodent lair

Forget Pizza Rat. Never mind Milkshake Squirrel. It's time for Burrito Rat's moment to shine in rodent glory.New York City resident Justin Barad captured a hungry rat hauling in the feast of his life on Monday, dragging what appears to be a discarded burrito to the depths of the subway rat world.

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