Don't panic. Hillary Clinton scrunchies are on sale now.

Why settle on basic Donald Trump hats when you can show your political support with these ingenious — and stylish — Hillary Scrunchies? That's the question both Morgan Gerard, 28, and Meredith Fineman, 26,

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Chelsea Clinton's Baby News Is the Best Excuse to Dig Up Old Chelsea Clinton Photos

Move over North West and Prince George, there's a new royal baby headed into townFormer first daughter Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy on Thursday, alongside her mother (and soon-to-be grandma) Hillary Clinton at an event in New York CitySee also: Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Says On-Demand Economy Raises Hard Questions About Workplace Protections

“This on-demand, or so-called ‘gig economy’, is creating exciting opportunities and unleashing innovation.

Hillary Clinton is fun, you guys!

Hillary Clinton is in on the joke — or at least someone on her campaign team is.After The Onion posted a satirical commentary under Clinton's byline on Tuesday, titled "I am fun," Clinton tweeted a link to the piece with just one word: Humorous!See also: Watch Hillary Clinton whip,

Hillary Clinton Also Ran Her Own Email Server As Secretary of State

Transparency, thy name sure as hell ain't Hillary Clinton. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton went to extreme lengths to ensure that her emails would stay private. Not only did she exclusively use a personal email address,

Hillary Clinton's Email About Emoji Is the Best Hillary Clinton Email

The State Department just released over 7,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails. In one exchange with her senior advisor Phillipe Reines, the presidential hopeful has a very important question: “on this new berry can I get smiley faces?”Read more...

Bill Clinton's Smithsonian portrait has a secret Monica Lewinsky reference, artist says

The artist who painted the Bill Clinton portrait that hangs in The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery added an easter egg that contains a veiled reference to the president's infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky.If you look closely at the portrait,

Hillary Clinton had a flawless alibi to prove she did not commit bank robbery

"Should I be flattered?"That's the question Hillary Clinton has about an armed robber who donned a mask in her likeness to hold up a Virginia bank in 2010. The robber wore one of these scary Hillary Clinton masks, which seem to be readily available on the Internet.See also:

Clinton vs. Fiorina: Feminists who can't agree on anything

"I may not be your dream candidate just yet, but I can assure you I am Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare," presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said during Wednesday's debate.Fiorina relishes comparisons between her and Clinton"I will tell you this, I will beat Hillary Clinton," she added.See also:

Chelsea Clinton And Sheryl Sandberg Address Silicon Valley’s Gender Gap ‘Crisis’

Joining Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg onstage Monday in Palo Alto, Chelsea Clinton said she wanted to see the private sector and government work together to show girls they can grow up to be like Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. In the recent years,

Hillary Clinton is taking her victory lap

Hillary Rodham Clinton took a celebratory lap around Washington on Friday, reveling in signs Democrats are coalescing around her White House candidacy after an 11-hour grilling by House Republicans.Joking about her "long day,

This cyborg houseplant can automatically drive itself toward light

We usually think of plants as vegetables or home decoration, but Harpreet Sareen, an MIT Media Lab researcher,  developed a plant-robot hybrid that moves on its own in response to the changes happening in its environmentElowan is a houseplant, but it is much more than that.

Tech gifts for people who love the great outdoors

Got a friend who seems to love nature and animals more than they like people? Yep, we all have one — and even if they're constantly forgetting to text back because they never have service, we love them anyway.

Gift ideas for your in-laws so you don't have to get them a gift card (again)

Ah, the in-laws. Whether you love them or just tolerate them, one of the easiest ways to get on their good side is by wowing them with the perfect gift. Have a mother-in-law who's always misplacing her keys? That's where Tile comes in.

Apple just hired a Tesla designer. Let the speculation begin.

The hiring of a former Tesla designer has reignited speculation over Apple's self-driving car ambitions. Andrew Kim was hired by Microsoft after his minimalist redesign for the company went viral in 2013. He then spent two years as a senior design manager at Tesla. Now it looks like he's at Apple. 

Johnson & Johnson reportedly knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder products

A report from Reuters claims that Johnson & Johnson apparently knew that there were asbestos — or microscopic fibers that can cause cancer — in its baby powder productsEarlier this year, J&J ordered by a judge to pay over $4 billion in damages to 22 women and their families.  Read more...

Co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia dead at 34

Colin Kroll, who co-founded the once widely popular game HQ Trivia, was found dead in his apartment in New York. TMZ reported the cause of death as an apparent drug overdose. Kroll was 34. Read more...More about Twitter, Apps, Vine, Mashable Video, and Mobile Games

Hacker uses internet meme to send hidden commands to malware

A recently discovered piece of malware has a unique way of communicating with its creator—through an internet meme posted on Twitter.The mysterious hacker has been using the "What if I told you" meme to secretly tell a Windows-based strain of malware when to grab screenshots from infected PCs,

Chocolate and couture collide for elegant but likely messy fashion show

Chocolate and fashion joined together on Oct. 16 in celebration of the U.K.'s national chocolate week. Chocolatiers Aneesh Popat, Anita Thakker, Lucie Bennett and Laurent Pratt were among those featured at the event. The outfits were either inspired by or made of chocolate.

Army vet writes about terrifying moments before facing Oregon shooter

Army veteran Chris Mintz had thought about skipping class at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on Oct. 1, the day a gunman entered classrooms at the school and killed nine peopleHe was having coffee with a friend beforehand, who convinced him to go. Hours later,

My Little Pony pop-up cafe is magic!

Attention nostalgic My Little Pony fans — Bronies, too: The center of all things kawaii is serving up another masterpiece.A My Little Pony-themed cafe is now open for a limited time in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood.

[视频]传电15英尺 韩国研发可用于公共场所的无线充电解决方案

如果说还有比无线充电更酷炫的,那么就是同时为40台智能手机进行无线充电。近日韩国科学和技术高级研究院(KAIST)成功研发实验型无线充电器,能够在15英尺内同时对40台智能手机进行充电。KAIST的核与量子工程教授Chun T.

Yovo Is Like Snapchat, But It Scrambles Screenshots

Snapchat is designed to send photos that are viewable for only a set amount of time until they're supposed to disappear for goodBe it sexting or an ugly face, there are all sorts of pictures people might not want archived on someone else's phone. But once you send a photo on Snapchat,

[视频]维珍航空联手微软 “邀请”圣诞老人空降客机

最近,英国维珍大西洋航空公司刚刚购入并开始使用波音787-11客机。除了Wi-Fi服务之外,维珍还在乘客登机之前向他们每人发放了一台供他们在旅程中娱乐的8英寸1.33GHz Linx Windows 8.1平板。不过,维珍给乘客的惊喜不止这些。


本周,小米Note登上了各大科技媒体的头条,阿里和乐视继续话题不断。此外,我港政策调整震动着内地投资者,李氏家族的战略调整震动着我港...下面我们来回顾一下本周的十篇热文:1. 本周最抢眼的数字大概就是3299。

JS($.ajax)调用WCF 遇到的各种坑 - 疯吻IT

本文以一个生成、获取“客户列表”的demo来介绍如何用js调用wcf,以及遇到的各种问题。 1 创建WCF服务 1.1 定义接口 创建一个接口,指定用json的格式: [ServiceContract] interface IQueue { [OperationContract] [WebInvok...

Apple Watch 登陆印度:和iPhone一样更贵

威锋网 10 月 25 日消息 上周印度终于迎来了 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 上市,紧接着 Apple Watch 也即将登陆,考虑到 iPhone 6s 系列在当地的价格,可能手表也会卖得比其它市场贵了。  

苹果也作弊?在App Store中虚增自家应用排名

当用户在安装iOS 9.1系统的iPhone上查看App Store时,会发现苹果自家应用的排名出现随机虚增的情况。此举表明苹果可能在iPhone App Store中推广自家应用,而没有按照公平公正的原则对应用进行排序。


澳门2015年12月18日电 /美通社/ -- 金沙中国有限公司(香港联交所:1928)在澳门路氹金光大道各物业项目中最新登场的酒店 -- 澳门瑞吉金沙城中心酒店于周五隆重开幕。随着楼高38层、设有400间豪华客房及套房的澳门瑞吉酒店正式开业,标志着集康莱德酒店、喜来登酒店及假日酒店于一体的金沙城中心®综合度假村圆满建成,合共提供超过6,200间酒店客房及套房,以及各式各样的零售、餐饮及娱乐体验。 拉斯维加斯金沙集团、金沙中国及喜达屋管理层星期五出席澳门瑞吉金沙城中心酒店的开幕典礼,并在新闻发布会上参与小组讨论。

iPhone面世9周年 你还记得每一款的样子吗

美国太平洋时间 2007 年 1 月 9 日上午,时任苹果 CEO 的史蒂夫·乔布斯在 Macworld 大会上主持了一场被载入科技史的发布会。他在发布会上介绍第一代 iPhone 的过程,也被业内人士称为史上最精彩的科技产品演讲之一。iPhone 的出现,颠覆了整个手机产业,我们如今回过头来看,乔布斯那一句“重新定义了移动电话”所言非虚。  就在初代 iPhone 面世之后不久,《时代》杂志将其评为当年的“最佳发明”。也许当初已经有人想到 iPhone 会获得成功,但也许没有人能猜到 iPhone 会发展到这么大的规模,同时对整个手机产业产生如此巨大的影响。

供给侧改革下中国制造升级 智能马桶名企便洁宝的CCTV之旅

杭州2016年3月18日电 /美通社/ -- “供给侧改革、中国制造、两会”,这是近期国内最为流行的有关宏观形势的关键词,而在这样的大势之下,国内首家专业生产智能马桶的企业浙江星星便洁宝调整思路,实现了从中国制造到中国“智”造的突破。 时值2016年3·15,央视焦点访谈“问计两会”的压轴特别报道中,就“打造中国制造升级版”话题,重点报道了浙江星星便洁宝,并深入该企业,探寻便洁宝公司一路学习和不断创新发展的历程。 独具慧眼  18年前的赴日“买”马桶盖 近年来,国人赴日本批量采购马桶盖事件刺激了中国人的神经,这也成为两会期间讨论最多的话题之一。

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