Facebook’s India User Base Crosses 100M, Set To Become Its Biggest Market

India is inching closer to overtake U.S. as Facebook’s biggest market, at least in terms of the number of active users. With over 100 million users as of March 31, India is now the only country where Facebook can aspire to have 1 billion users in some years from now,

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Twitter testing ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to distinguish who started a thread

Twitter is testing a new tag that will make it easier to parse who started a thread. The new feature, which is starting to pop up for some users, makes it easier to find posts from the original tweeter within a thread, but may also help curb (some types of) abuse on the platform, making […]

Microsoft confirms Bing is down in China

Microsoft’s Bing is down in China, according to users who took to social media beginning Wednesday afternoon to complain and express concerns. The Seattle-based behemoth has confirmed that its search engine is currently inaccessible in China and is “engaged to determine next steps,

Buzzfeed will cut its staff by 15% in major round of layoffs

It’s a dark day to work in media. On the heels of news that TechCrunch parent company Verizon Media Group (formerly Oath) would lay off roughly 800 workers, BuzzFeed has announced its own substantial staffing cuts. And though they were anticipated,

AWS launches WorkLink to make accessing mobile intranet sites and web apps easier

If your company uses a VPN and/or a mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web apps, then you know how annoying those are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink,  that promises to make this process significantly easier.

A former Bessemer Venture Partners principal just closed his own $30 million fund, and here’s how

Sunil Nagaraj, who’d studied computer science as an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill, landed a pretty nice gig after deciding to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. He wound up working as a principal for Bessemer Venture Partners, a top-tier venture firm with locations around the world.

Meet the startups in Alchemist’s 20th cohort

Nineteen startups presented to investors at Alchemist's 20th demo day.

Autonomous subs spend a year cruising under Antarctic ice

The freezing waters underneath Antarctic ice shelves and the underside of the ice itself are of great interest to scientists...but who wants to go down there? Leave it to the robots. They won't complain! And indeed, a pair of autonomous subs have been nosing around the ice for a full year now,

NSA Spied On Human Rights Groups, Says Snowden

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed that U.S. government intelligence agencies spied on NGOs and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as part of its dragnet mass surveillance programs. Read More

Ballmer, Not Nadella, Gave The Go-Ahead To Ship Office For iPad, Which Has Racked Up 12M Downloads

Office for iPad has seen 12 million downloads to date, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the decision to pull the trigger and release the suite, according to the company.

Zoove Debuts StarStar myInfo, A Mobile Contact Sharing Service That Doesn’t Require An App

Zoove, a company offering a registry of unique mobile numbers for brands and consumers (StarStar Brand and StarStar Me, respectively) is now introducing its third product, a contact-sharing service called StarStar myInfo. Available to U.S. consumers on any of the four major carriers,

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消息称Xbox One在华售价初定4999元

4月30日中午消息,微软和百视通今天上午举办新闻发布会,宣布今年9月正式在华销售Xbox主机。消息人士透露,今年9月开售的Xbox one标准版套装价格已经初步定为4999元,将包含主机、游戏手柄和体感摄像头Kinect。

A Printer You Won't Hate, 3TB External for $90, and More Deals

It doesn't have wireless networking, a scanning bed, or even color, but by golly if you want a printer that just works, and doesn't require new ink every month, it's tough to beat this Brother laser printer. [Brother HLL-2320D Mono Laser Printer, $60]Read more...

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Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC揭秘:八核心CPU + Maxwell GPU

在CES 2015上,Nvidia将为下一代Tegra处理器召开一场新闻发布会,它就是千呼万唤始出来的Tegra X1。

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Windows 10测试版将不断改进搜索功能

微软正在不断改进Windows 10,其中1个重点是其中的搜索功能和Cortana语音助手相关搜索功能。在当前版本当中进行搜索,系统会弹出一个搜索结果视窗,覆盖了桌面,还能造成开始菜单的不正常工作。

'Seinfeld' theme song mixes a little too perfectly with Kendrick Lamar

It turns out, the synth-heavy bass lines of the Seinfeld theme song are just as well suited to lyrics by Grammy award-winning rappers as they are to sitcoms about nothingTake for example, this mashup which places vocals from Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta" over the theme song's melody.

Toshiba’s New DynaPad Is a Surface Clone For People Who Scribble

Toshiba has just announced a new Windows 10 convertible called the DynaPad, that shares more than a passing resemblance to the Microsoft Surface — but it’s lighter, thinner and likely a good bet for anyone who needs to use a stylus.Read more...



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