Jeb Bush thinks Supergirl is hot and we're all uncomfortable with that

That awkward moment when you're asked about superheroes and you give the biggest bro response ever.During an interview with the Libre Forum in Las Vegas, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about his favorite superheroes.

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社交一直是互联网的一块大蛋糕,并且这个领域从来不缺概念:熟人社交、陌生人社交、碎片社交、职业社交、位置社交、兴 […]

After A Crazy 2014, Zeroes In On Mobile

Two years ago Tony Conrad spun his startup out of Aol after a rumored $35 million acquisition. The service, which offers users a single unified profile page for their digital identity, has grown tremendously in the last year, with over 2.1 billion profile views over the course of the year.

The Backstory Reimagines The Resume For A New Generation Of Users has always been about helping users to create a personalized profile page that shows them off in the best light. Today the company is launching a new feature, called Backstory, that will allow them to share their professional and educational background. Read More


个性化名片服务网站About.me日前宣布完成1100万美元B轮融资,由Foundry Group领投,其它参与投资的还有True Ventures, SoftTech VC, CrunchFund 以及Bullpen Capital,Foundry Group的总裁Brad Feld也将加入董事会。About.

Everything You Need to Know About Ebola in Four Minutes

Ebola has been hitting the headlines hard recently . But while you shouldn't be freaked out about it , now is a wonderful moment to learn more. This video tells you everything you need to know about the deadly virus in just four minutes.Read more...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: It's not about market share, it's about mobility and people

At the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce annual luncheon today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about his company's vision. While taking on questions and dishing out answers, Nadella was questioned about Microsoft's lack of market share when it comes to smartphones. More specifically, CEO Neil Vogel Discusses The Challenges Of Evolving An Established Brand has never been the coolest website on the internet. With a grayish background and an ugly logo, it was the place you landed when you searched for help with something, but you rarely went there on your own. This is the product that Neil Vogel took over one year ago,

Windows 10 In-Depth: Everything there is to know about the Weather app

The Weather is something that is always useful to know about. Unless you like surprises, in the form of depressing rainfall, keeping up-to-date with the weather forecast is a priority.Microsoft’s weather app has come a long way, and in Windows 10, the app has gone through a major overhaul.

You can't speculate about technology without speculating about society

We're living in a time of extreme technological change. Gadgets that didn't exist a decade ago are shaping your existence. So we need science fiction, more than ever, to speculate about the future of technology. But here's the hard part:

CEO Satya Nadella: Microsoft's future is not about past success, it's more about reinvention

Fortnite security flaw allowed hackers to take over players' accounts

Hackers were able to make game purchases using players' credit cards. Read more...More about Security, Mashable Video, Hackers, Epic Games, and Fortnite

Elon Musk makes it more expensive to own a Tesla

Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk abruptly ended sales of the lowest-priced Tesla Model S and X cars. Now, this week he's slashing more with the end of Tesla's customer referral program.The eccentric billionaire tweeted Wednesday night that as of Feb. 1,

Bloody 'Mortal Kombat 11' gameplay trailer shows off brutality and fatalities

After a teaser revealed Mortal Kombat 11 in December, the world got a bigger look at the upcoming fighting game at a community event on Thursday, including this violent gameplay trailer.Mortal Kombat 11 looks like it's going to have everything fans love: one-on-one fighting,

Mailman has heartwarming interaction trying to combat package thieves

For every video of a mailperson chucking a package at someone's front door with reckless abandon, there's one of them saving the day.Captured on a Ring video doorbell, this video shows a USPS worker asking a home owner, who was away from the house at the time, about her packages. Then,

Selena Gomez Ends Social Media Hiatus

Gomez posted a series of photos and wished fans a Happy New Year with a reflective caption.  Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Video, Mental Health, Selena Gomez, and Mashable News

Well, this wild Nextdoor post escalated quickly

No driveway is ever fully safe.Nextdoor user "Vicki" knows this intimately. Recently, Vicki complained on the app that random people were using her circular driveway to turn their cars around. So Vicki decided to equip her driveway with some spike strips.

Cookie decorating videos show off the most relaxing culinary art form

I recently visited my local nail salon for a relaxing day of self-care, but things got a bit stressful when the nail technician went to town on my cuticles. To distract myself from the slight pain, I looked up at the TV screens mounted on the wall, and that's when I found a brand new source of calm.

Adorable dog absolutely loves jumping in fall leaves

Some dogs prefer summer, others enjoy winter activities. But not Stella. No, Stella enjoys the fallEvery autumn, this yellow lab gets extremely excited to play her breed's favorite game: fetch. Her owner piles up all of the leaves in the yard, adding a new level of fun to Stella's game.

Woman suspected of cupcake burglary left a literal path of crumbs

The things typically targeted in a home burglary don't usually stray from expensive items — televisions, computers, fancy jewelryBut others let their (sweet) tooth — rather than their wallets — guide the way.Police in Alpena, Michigan,

Top EU court rules Bitcoin transactions tax-free

The European Union's highest court said Bitcoin, as well as other virtual currencies, can be exchanged tax-free within the EUIn a Thursday ruling, the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg said that there was no reason to treat Bitcoin differently than other transactions involving "currency,

Google 智能手表,LG 继续做代工

很明显,Google 的智能手表将由 LG 代工,于 I/O 大会上发布。



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百度 vs 搜狗,哪款抢登 iOS 8 的中文输入法更适合你?

今天早些时间苹果发布了 iOS 8 正式版, 用户在经历了漫长的等待后,终于可以在不越狱的情况下使用第三方输入法了,虽然在 iOS 8 的原生键盘上官方做了许多改进并加入智能预测功能,但是仍然无法让更多的中国用户满意。

49 Hostages of ISIS Have Been Freed, Turkish PM Says

ANKARA, Turkey — Dozens of Turkish hostages seized by the Islamic State group in Iraq were freed Saturday, resolving a serious crisis which Turkish officials had long cited as a reason to avoid moving aggressively against the violent militant group.

Startup of the Week: Sideways 6 – How the "mum test" can help build a winning startup

There's been a lot of talk recently about company culture, and how best to utilise the brain power of your employees, but how can organisations accomplish that? One Soho-based startup has an idea.Read more: http://www.itproportal.




在电视领域,3D 技术被广泛认为是一个失败。这项技术趋势在 CES 2013 达到了顶峰,但是在接下来的两届 CES 展会上都没能获得消费者的认同。如果你曾经使用过 3D 眼镜,你会知道戴着它看电影是多么不舒服的一种体验。  换句话说,3D 电视之所以没能让消费者接受,3D 眼镜是一个主要的障碍。但是,制造商们已经找到了一个解决这个问题的方法,那就是 Ultra-D 裸眼 3D 技术。  Ultra-D 裸眼 3D 技术能够通过专有的软件和硬件完成任何 3D 内容的渲染,只需要液晶显示器前安装附加面板、背光和电子元件即可实现裸眼 3D 的效果。  

Microsoft is really gunning for the iPad Pro with Windows Ink

Build 2016, which ended this past week, was Microsoft’s opportunity to show the world what, exactly, the company has been working on and how it fits into its broader vision. We saw a lot:...The post Microsoft is really gunning for the iPad Pro with Windows Ink appeared first on WinBeta.


世界这么大,你想去看看?这片深度长文旨在向你传授辞职的正确打开方式,以摆脱被职场奴役的现状。文章来源 :Medium,本文由 TECH2IPO / 创见 阮嘉俊 编译,译文由创见首发。我曾经在一家公司从事 IT 类工作,当时我一直在思考:这些人一天到晚到底在做些什么?很多人在不停地打着电话,还有不少人正在摸索全新的软件系统。但尽管如此,公司还是不会辞退这些效率低下的人,只有到了万不得已的地步公司才会采取行动。这些被勒令辞退的人会失去自己的工作,我并不知道他们的近况。在 7 年前的一场棒球比赛上,我碰见了一位被勒令辞退的同事。我向其询问:「乔治,近况如何?

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