The odds of going to a 'Hunger Games' theme park are in your favor

Attention, Hunger Games fans: You may soon have a chance to tour the dystopian districts of Panem. Just don't go grabbing your ticket for that speed train to the Capitol just yetSee also:

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The odds of going to a 'Hunger Games' theme park are in your favor

Attention, Hunger Games fans: You may soon have a chance to tour the dystopian districts of Panem. Just don't go grabbing your ticket for that speed train to the Capitol just yetSee also:

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini launches mobile trading app

Users of U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini can now trade on the go with a new mobile app, launched for iOS and Android on Tuesday. The app lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash and Zcash. SEE ALSO: Crypto's black Wednesday:

Score a 65-inch Samsung 4K TV on sale for $599.99 at Best Buy

It's officially crunch time for holiday gifting. If you have some pricier items on your list — i.e. a giant flat screen TV — you're probably wondering why you didn't jump on those Black Friday discounts while you had the chance. Well pay attention,

Save on this grammar app that uses AI to identify typos

The worst thing about typos is only realizing you've made them after you've already embarrassed yourself to the worldJust ask Rudy Giuliani.On a much smaller scale, though, making typos is still pretty damning. You may accidentally message your friend "shat's up" instead of "what's up." Sure,

Love documentaries? Get 2 years of CuriosityStream for less than $26.

This holiday season, you can journey to Himalayan forests, ancient Mesopotamia, or even Mars without ever leaving your living room. Is it the work of some cHrIsTmAs MaGiC? Nope — just that of CuriosityStream, an on-demand streaming service for nonfiction programming.

Looking to ditch cable? Snag an HDTV antenna on sale for $68.

"Close your eyes, clear your heart / Cut the cord," crooned Brandon Flowers on The Killers' 2008 track "Human." Was he telling listeners to stop paying for cable when he uttered that last line? Are we human or are we dancer? The jury's still out on both matters,

Stephen Colbert unpacks Trump's dramatic meeting with Pelosi, Schumer

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Tuesday, and uh, the meeting did not go smoothly.So, naturally, Stephen Colbert unpacked the whole thing,

'Huckabee in a Tree' is here to cover your tracks these holidays

Kids, if you need someone to cover your tracks these holidays, Jimmy Kimmel has an idea."Huckabee in a Tree" is the latest holiday adornment cooked up the show, inspired by the long-standing watcher Elf on the Shelf.

10 photos of opposing elements that show the beauty of clashing

Sometimes the least harmonious elements make up the most beautiful compositions.You'll see a prime example of this phenomenon in this month's MashableReads book selection Fates and Furies. The novel is a love story told through two juxtaposing perspectives that combine to offer a dynamic,

'Serial' is coming to Pandora for Season 2

There's news about the next season of Sarah Koenig's Serial podcast today — but not the kind fans were necessarily waiting for.The creators behind the This American Lifepodcast and Pandora announced Monday that the series' first season will be available on Pandora for all listeners beginning Nov.

Viola Davis' biggest fan, her daughter, dressed as her for Halloween

Viola Davis has found a No. 1 fan in her sweet 4-year-old daughter.When it came time for little Genisis Tennon to select a Halloween costume, she chose to dress up like her Emmy-winning mother — and luckily for all of us, the actress shared a photo on Facebook.See also:

Apple Buying Beats? It Isn't About the Headphones

Confession: a couple of years ago, I acquired a pair of Beats cordless Bluetooth headphones. I call that fact a confession because Beats headphones are much derided among the technorati, and certainly among gadget reviewers, as being all flash and no substance.

Facebook 新增「周年纪念」功能 情侣晒幸福必备

Facebook 新增周年纪念功能,在用户恋爱/结婚纪念日当天显示包括五张情侣合照的爱情卡片,用户可以选择与好友分享。

October Is Going To Be An Insane Month For Video Games

Civilization: Beyond Earth will come out on October 24, publisher 2K Games announced today. And if your immediate reaction to that news is to wonder why everything is coming out in October, you're not alone.Read more...

MMORGP大型游戏设计与开发(客户端架构 part8 of vegine) - 恋月


你不知道的数据工程师:80% 时间都在做「大数据苦工」


[图]Nexus 6的独门秘技:“Ambient Display”屏幕技术

当你将Nexus 6和今年新款Moto X放在一起的时候你会看到很多相似之处。也许重回高端旗舰领域让部分消费者感到失望,同iPhone和S5相同的起售价格也意味着更多的“独门秘技”。



微软高管:Windows 10版本更新频率加快 接近最终版

Windows Insider 项目负责人 Gabriel Aul 近日在 Twitter 上表示,Windows 10 版本更新频率将会进一步加快,并且离最终版不远了。他还承诺用户能从当前任意版本升级到最终发售版本,且下个版本发布快的超乎你想 ... ...


清明节在家充电,看到《失控》的作者凯文凯利写的一篇文章,《不要在颠覆逗留:成功之后,回退》。文章中提到,想要最大的创新,先扩大边缘范围。凯文凯利认为,互联网是一个巨大的边缘地带,没有固定的中心。这 ... .


考虑一个最简单的问题,一个醉汉在数轴上随机行走,每一步能往正或负方向走一步,这时候我们很容易可知:Δx(t) = x(t) - x(t-1)一种最简单的假设是 Δx(t) 与时间无关,且往正负两个方向前进的概率均为1/2,这一过程是非常简单的随机过程。

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