Airbnb, Proposition F And The Shared Hypocrisy Of Bay Area Housing

In California, a state built on the idealism and tacit cruelty of real estate capitalism, no one is innocent. That’s no different with Airbnb and Proposition F, merely the latest of San Francisco’s Brobdingnagian sagas over land-use politics that will go down in tomorrow’s election.

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It’s D-Day For Airbnb in San Francisco

Today, San Francisco’s board of supervisors is voting on how to legalize and regulate short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb. It’s a critical moment for Airbnb because some of its most attractive and lucrative markets are in the world’s top-tier cities,

San Francisco Legalizes, Regulates Airbnb With 7-4 Vote, Lots of Amendments

After six years of operating in San Francisco, Airbnb will finally become legal on its own home turf.

Airbnb, Proposition F And The Shared Hypocrisy Of Bay Area Housing

In California, a state built on the idealism and tacit cruelty of real estate capitalism, no one is innocent. That’s no different with Airbnb and Proposition F, merely the latest of San Francisco’s Brobdingnagian sagas over land-use politics that will go down in tomorrow’s election.

Airbnb And The Problem Of Data

Housing activists, San Francisco policy makers and Airbnb in the midst of another showdown over short-term rental regulation that will stretch into next month and potentially into the November election. The debate centers on enforcement,

SF's Nasty Prop F Battle Proves Airbnb Is More Powerful Than We Ever Imagined

Yesterday, San Francisco voters defeated Proposition F, a set of regulations for short-term rentals which many thought might help ease its housing problems. The defeat is being credited almost singlehandedly to Airbnb. Will the entire city of San Francisco become overrun with Airbnb rentals now?

Airbnb Showdown On San Francisco’s November Ballot Averted For The Time Being

It looks like Airbnb is going to get a reprieve on facing a huge regulatory showdown on November’s ballot in San Francisco.

San Francisco Supervisor, Mayor Proposes Tighter Regulations On Short-Term Rentals, Airbnb

San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell and Mayor Ed Lee are backing a new set of tighter regulations on short-term rentals and their biggest hosting platforms like Airbnb. After years of avoiding the subject,

Uber, Airbnb And The Conflict Between Policy’s Ratchet Effect And Tech’s Accelerating Speed

One day before New York’s city council was about to vote on capping Uber’s growth, the company and Mayor Bill De Blasio reached a last-minute agreement for a four-month study on the company’s impact on city congestion. Likewise, here in San Francisco,

Public and Private

For about a decade from Facebook’s founding in February 2004 to Twitter’s IPO last November, the tech industry’s most visible successes were in social networking, or purely web or mobile-based software products.But today,

Airbnb and Uber Face Some Harsh Realities

Airbnb and Uber are maturing startups both facing some hard realities as they grow. While they have found a loyal and happy user base, they are facing tough resistance from not just the taxi and hotel industries they are disrupting,

Fika Ventures raises $76M to fund the growing LA tech ecosystem

Investment in LA tech startups is on the rise.

Serverless and containers: Two great technologies that work better together

Cloud native models using containerized software in a continuous delivery approach could benefit from serverless computing where the cloud vendor generates the exact amount of resources required to run a workload on the fly.

A cryptocurrency stealing app found on Google Play was downloaded over a thousand times

Researchers have found two apps masquerading as cryptocurrency apps on Android’s app store, Google Play. One of them was largely a dud. The second was designed to steal cryptocurrency, the researchers said. Security firm ESET said one of the two fake Android apps impersonated Trezor,

Future launches $150/mo exercise app where real coaches nag you

The only way to beat laziness is with guilt, and so that’s what Future sells. It assigns you an actual human trainer who builds personalized workout plans and message you throughout the day to make sure you’re doing them.

GitHub launches Sponsors, lets you pay your favorite open source contributors

GitHub today launched Sponsors, a new tool that lets you give financial support to open source developers. Developers will be able to opt into having a “Sponsor me” button on their GitHub repositories and open source projects will also be able to highlight their funding models,

Join our mailing list and trim €200 off passes for Disrupt Berlin 2019

Savvy early-stage startuppers of every stripe have their sights set on attending TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December. Why? This showcase event draws the most innovative startups, technologists, founders and investors across Europe and beyond. Registration doesn’t open until June,

Beautystack raises £4M seed to help beauty professionals become financially independent

Beautystack, the London startup that’s creating a beauty professional booking app with heavy focus on social, has quietly picked up £4 million in seed funding led by Index Ventures.

Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Leaves Company Because Of Diversity Issues

Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley, one of the few black engineers in a leadership position at Twitter, just publicly announced that he has left the company. In his post, he says his reasons for leaving have everything to do with the way Twitter is addressing diversity and inclusion.

RelayRides Rebrands As Turo, Raises $47 Million Led By Kleiner

RelayRides, the six-year-old, San Francisco-based peer-to-peer car rental service, has just rebranded itself as Turo. The company is also announcing $47 million in Series C funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The combined announcement is meant to grab attention.

Audio-Beacon Startup LISNR Raises $10 Million Series B Round Led By Intel Capital

Smart tone startup LISNR just raised a $10 million series B round led by Intel Capital to further advance the product as “a true protocol to connect devices across a number of different verticals,” LISNR co-founder and CEO Rodney Williams told TechCrunch.

python webpy 框架环境架设 - EchoSong

前几年使用过 webpy做个些小东西,今天有个东西从拾webpy。但是基本上都忘记了,还是那句古话“好记性不如烂笔头”。这里把相应的步骤梳理下。 前提: 操作系统 windows 一、webpy 方面 1、 安装python 1)大家喜欢使用的一般是2.

PHP+MySQL代码部署在Linux(Ubuntu)上注意事项 - 快乐八哥


500 Startups-Backed Roam And Wander Presents DiDi, An Interactive Teddy Bear

Roam And Wander, a toy and children's entertainment studio that is currently participating in 500 Startups' accelerator program, is now raising funds for its latest stuffed animal on Kickstarter. Called DiDi, the classic brown teddy bear is twice as large as Roam and Wander's last toy,

Domino’s Launches Its Pizza Ordering App For iPad With 3D Custom Pizza Builder

Domino's Pizza has revamped its menu and turned around its financials over the last few years, during which time it also started to offer mobile ordering. Next Monday, the pizza chain will launch its iPad app,

个性二维码开源专题<替换元素点> - 五加乘

基础方法:ChangeFillShape//修改填充形状ChangeFillShape(...) // 摘要: // 修改填充形状 // // 参数: // g: // 图形画板 /...

Windows“内斗”持续进行 Windows 8落后Vista

9月4日消息,据国外媒体报道,根据当地时间9月2日公布的数据显示,Windows 8的市场份额在上个月出现显著的增长,而这也是自今年5月以来Windows 8份额首次出现积极上涨的态势。

台式机Windows 7和IE浏览器为美国政府网站带来高流量




: [蘋科技] 功能幾乎不閹割!蘋果手機新成員「迷你版 6s」 iPhone SE 登場~

在這次的發表會中,最為人所期待的產品大概就是新 Apple Watch、新 iPhone SE、以及小台的 iPad Pro 三樣產品,雖說我還有收到會出新 15 吋 MacBook 的八卦,不過 ...最後還是沒出,有點可惜。閱讀全文


编者按:本文来源华兴 Alpha「思想者联盟」活动(公众号:hxalpha),演讲人为蓝湖资本合伙人胡磊,分享 “如何以研究为驱动狩猎独角兽”。作者胡磊,蓝湖资本创始合伙人,曾在波士顿咨询(BCG)工作了四年。2007年,胡磊加入纪源资本(GGV),期间主导投资了世纪互联、去哪儿、美丽说、豆果网、聚胜万合等公司。创立蓝湖资本后,主导投资了美菜网、手机贷和周末去哪儿等公司。当下的创投圈参与者众,噪声多,所谓的投资热点频繁变幻,但整体上来说,经历了热情过度的 2015 年,今年整个行业趋于理性,处在一个去泡沫化的阶段,而好的投资标的也显得愈发珍贵。

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