'Home Alone' is now a colorful children's picture book

Home Alone is making its picture book debut.The totally illogical and secretly terrifying Christmas movie is now the basis for Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Story by illustrator Kim SmithSee also: 'Home Alone' recut as a horror movie will ruin your holidaysHome Alone premiered on Nov. 16,

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'Home Alone' is now a colorful children's picture book

Home Alone is making its picture book debut.The totally illogical and secretly terrifying Christmas movie is now the basis for Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Story by illustrator Kim SmithSee also: 'Home Alone' recut as a horror movie will ruin your holidaysHome Alone premiered on Nov. 16,

Oyster’s Sunset Shows Subscriptions Alone Won’t Address Challenges Of Ad Blocking

Oyster, the “Netflix for books,” made headlines last week when the company announced it was shutting down. News then broke that Oyster’s cofounders and CEO would be joining the Google Play Books team in what looked like a thinly veiled “acqui-hire.

At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 1 and 2 of 6)

Wikipedia says Tim O'Reilly "is the founder of O'Reilly Media (formerly O'Reilly & Associates) and a supporter of the free software and open source movements." And so he is. O'Reilly Media is also the company from which Make magazine and the assorted Maker Faires sprang,

Join us for the first-ever National Readathon Day on Jan. 24

Now that the post-holiday blues have set in, and the weather is getting cold and slushy, there's nothing quite as comforting as settling in for a long weekend of reading.We hope you will make #timetoread on National Readathon Day 1/24. Need book ideas? http://t.co/tlFMfWcMX9 pic.twitter.

8 custom gifts for your favorite Harry Potter fan

If you're a Harry Potter fan, chances are that you sometimes grow weary of the same old merchandise featuring house logos, Hogwarts crests, and pictures from the movies. Luckily,

Publishing’s Kickstarter Moment

First, some ranting: getting and Indie book reviewed is almost impossible. It took a publisher’s backing to make the The Martian a hit and Hugh Howey had to create his own publisher, Broad Reach to get official attention on the NYT bestseller rankings. In fact, the New York Times Book Review,

How You Could Fool a Forensic Test with Flour and Yeast

There’s a basic test used to identify bodily secretions at crime scenes. It’s not the only test, but it is useful in primary investigations—unless you spill a lot of commercial flour around.Read more...

TouchBistro Closes An Additional $1.5M In Funding, Bringing Seed Round Total To $6M

Toronto-based iPad POS startup TouchBistro has raised an additional $1.5 million in funding, adding to its existing seed funding and bringing the total to $6 million raised to date. TouchBistro’s new funding comes from Walden Venture Capital and Kensington Capital Partners,

Silicon Valley 2.0 And The Need For A Silicon Valley Development Authority

Could a Silicon Valley Development Authority solidify Silicon Valley’s place among international financial and commercial centers and add $25 billion to its economy each year? Read More

This Was An Electric Razor (And Face Massager!) in 1926

As electricity invaded American homes in the 1920s , everything imaginable was becoming electrified. From electric clocks and coffee percolators to electric dishwashers and stand mixers, every gadget was going electric .

The new, most popular 'Westworld' theory for Season 2 is a doozy

Westworld is back and, by the looks of it, the Season 2 premiere is up to some old tricks again. Last season's big twist centered around the show taking place over multiple timelines experienced by Dolores,

New parents trying to leave the hospital accidentally end up in the royal baby media frenzy

Two new parents trying to leave the hospital with their newborn baby ended up with worldwide media attention. Will and Kate's third bundle of royal joy arrived on Monday, and the global press waited at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London for a first glimpse of the newborn.SEE ALSO:

Launching a startup? These are the 5 skills you need to have.

No matter how groundbreaking your startup idea is, you won't be able to get it off the ground if you don't possess the necessary technical and interpersonal skills. In an era where startups are a constant, having a strong work ethic and encyclopedic knowledge on the subject alone just won't cut it.

Your dream Dyson vacuum is finally on sale

Robot vacuums are cool and all, but they're not exactly easy on the wallet. Nothing beats the power and reliability of Dyson, or at least that's what every wedding registry will tell you. And since cleaning the house is a perennial task,

The data scientist behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal fires back at Facebook

The scapegoat in Facebook's ongoing data privacy scandal is firing back at the social media giant.Aleksandr Kogan, the relatively unknown scientist who was paid by Cambridge Analytica for data he harvested from more than 87 million Facebook users, is speaking out in a series of interviews,

Spring cleaning is old news. It's time to start your spring glow up.

This post is part of Mashable's Spring Cleaning Week. Just a little something to distract you from the eternal dread of constantly wiping all those fingerprints off your screen. Aaaahhh! Spring is finally here (I think?

Drake follows through on designing this high school custom uniforms, which feature the perfect lyric

During the filming of "God's Plan," Drake gave away a lot of money to the good people of Miami — $1 million to be exact. But while creating the tear-jerker of a video,

Myanmar opposition leader projects landslide win in historic vote

Though it will be hours before the official results are in, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party said Monday it was confident it was headed for a landslide victory in Myanmar's historic elections. The voting results that have already began trickling in appear to back up that claim.

London Mayor Boris Johnson tries out virtual reality, barks like a dog

LONDON — Whenever London Mayor Boris Johnson goes on an important visit to another country, there's normally a memorable moment or two to be had.See also: Another day,

Goats cannot resist the bounciness of trampolines

Even goats know that trampolines are the best places to hang outThese six little goats have discovered two trampolines right in their backyard, and they waste no time in putting them to good use. Because goats are hoppy, playful creaturesAlso, if those humans ever wanted their trampolines back,

Java 8 Officially Released

darthcamaro writes "Oracle today officially released Java 8, nearly two years after Java 7, and after much delay. The new release includes a number of critical new features, including Lambda expressions and the new Nashorn JavaScript engine. Java 8, however,

Apple 申请了一项懂学习使用习惯的省电技术专利

分类: 智能手机智能型手机上的省电 app 通常都会把系统的效能降低,或是限制了部份功能的运作,而 Apple 刚刚提交的一项专利申请则理应没有上述的烦恼。

Watch The Disrupt NY Day 3 Live Stream Here!

This is the beginning of the end. Day 3 of TechCrunch Disrupt NY has officially begun, and we've saved some of the best for last. We'll be hearing from Skype founder and Atomico partner Niklas Zennstrom, Whisper's Michael Heyward and investor Roloef Botha, and Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal. Oh,


提要:2012年12月21日,罗振宇与独立新媒创始人申音合作打造知识型视频脱口秀“罗辑思维”,此后每周更新一期 […]

[图表]iPhone 5s/iPad Air依然是各自领域的机皇

在回顾了过去 3 个月苹果的销量情况后,Consumer Intelligence Research Partners(CIRP)表示,苹果的旗舰设备在过去的这个季度中的表现依然要比其它型号好。






成都2014年10月15日电 /美通社/ -- 10月14日双虎家私名品携手其冠名的CCTV黄金栏目《乡约》栏目摄制组走进四川彭州,中法风情小镇 -- 白鹿镇,成功的进行了双虎家私专场节目录制。

和手機 App 連結 Where’s Wallet 募集開發資金

由美國公司 Mijlo 研發的 Where’s Wallet 銀包是大頭蝦的救星,內置感應器只要連接智能手機,就可以在用戶離開銀包一定距離後作出提示,這樣就不會丟失或忘記帶銀包了。


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