This new dating app returns to old school human matchmaking

LONDON — Is there anything more off-putting than swiping through endless, unsuitable profiles on dating apps?Things could be about to change, however. A new dating app has just launched in the UK,

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This new dating app returns to old school human matchmaking

LONDON — Is there anything more off-putting than swiping through endless, unsuitable profiles on dating apps?Things could be about to change, however. A new dating app has just launched in the UK,

Whim Is A Dating App Focused On Actual Dates

If you’re tired of all the chatting in the current batch of online and mobile dating apps, there’s a new service called Whim. To be sure, there are other dating apps that purport to focus on making real-world connections, (rather hosting than awkward,

Antidate Is A Dating App With An Asymmetric Twist

Meet Antidate: another new kid on the dating app block. It’s aiming to stand out by putting a gender-skewed, asymmetric twist on the in-app experience. Read More

Date bug is causing Xbox SmartGlass to crash on Windows Phone, incorrect dates shown in Messaging ap

With Xbox SmartGlass, you can use a phone or tablet to enhance your games and entertainment experience on Xbox. If you have been trying to open up Xbox SmartGlass on your Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 device, and noticed that the app keeps crashing, here is some information on the matter.

Rise Of The Micro-Tinders

Different strokes for different folks. But what about different apps? Tinder brought ruthless efficiency to online dating. Yet the same way people gravitate to distinct nightlife spots depending on their style,

Online Creeps Inspire a Dating App That Hides Women's Pictures (3830033) writes "Tricia Romano reports at the Seattle Times that Susie Lee and Katrina Hess have developed Siren, a new online dating app designed to protect against men inundating women with messages that are by turns gross, hilarious, objectifying and just plain sad.

Watch as actor ditches apps for dating IRL

LONDON — Leading a disconnected life is harder than ever in 2015. With the help of Facebook Messenger and dating apps like Tinder, communicating has moved from IRL to the WWW, leaving little face-to-face time with friends, partners and prospective datesSee also:

Her, The Queer Dating App For Women, Goes Live Across The United States

Her, the queer dating app for women, has today announced that it will be available nationwide. Her is a dating app that puts a strong focus on content, specifically curated for and dedicated to queer women, whether they’re bi-curious or as gay as a rainbow.

Bacon-themed dating app matches you based on how you like your bacon

When looking for love, there are many factors — not to mention apps — to consider. Oscar Mayer is hoping bacon may make the choice a little easier.The company launched a bacon-themed dating app called Sizzl on Wednesday which matches people based on their bacon preferences. Yes, really.

With $5M In Funding, Tinder-Like Paktor Wants To Get Southeast Asia Using Dating Apps

Paktor, a Singapore-based company, believes it has the answer for Tinder in Southeast Asia, and it has just announced a $4 million-plus funding round to build out its vision for mobile dating. Read More

The 15 best dramas on Disney+ to stir your feels

Looking for a movie that really moves you? Try one of the dramas on Disney+. The streaming service offers a range of family-friendly films that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a compelling period piece, an enchanting musical,

It was tough, but we found the 21 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,

What will Apple unveil at their 4/20 event?

Apple leaked their latest event date a little early, but what other leaks will prove true? Dive in with us to find out what we expect to see on 4/20! Read more...More about Apple, Ipad, Mashable Video, Apple Event, and 420

Facebook's most popular post about the J & J COVID vaccine was posted by a conspiracy theorist

Anti-vaxxers are having a field day with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine news that broke earlier this week.And that news is helping them go viral on Facebook.

Spotify launches voice-controlled 'Car Thing'

Whether your road trip soundtracks consist of music, news, entertainment, or talk, Spotify's Car Thing has you covered. The new smart player, currently available to select users in the U.S.,puts your audio library just a voice command, tap, turn, or swipe away.

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' introduced another surprising new villain

Just when it seemed like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had all of its players set up for the endgame, episode 5 threw a curveball that changed the MCU playbook again. That curveball was Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearing as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, sometimes known as Madame Hydra.  

We want to swim with this slithering, underwater robot snake — Strictly Robots

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon created a robot snake that can now slither underwater.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Robot, Underwater, Carnegie Mellon, and Robot Snake

This is how websites track you on the Internet

Most Internet users are unaware of the ways websites trace our activity across the web. So how do they keep track of us, and what are they doing with all that information? Read more...More about Google, Facebook, Internet, Cookies, and Mashable Video

Adele in talks for acting role in Xavier Dolan movie next year

LONDON — Not content with dominating the charts worldwide, Adele is reportedly in talks with director Xavier Dolan over the possibility of a role in his upcoming film.Dolan worked on and directed her record breaking video for comeback single "Hello."See also:

Before seat belts existed, the Death Dodgers crashed cars for sport

Image: New York Public Library via Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)Daredevil Jimmie Lynch and his "Death Dodgers" traveled the country throughout the 1940s and ‘50s, performing spectacular stunts in flimsy cars.They jumped over cars and trucks, smashed through flaming walls,

Your Chance to Help Make a 70-Foot Car Juggling Robot a Reality Is Here

If you watched charming 1999 animated movie The Iron Giant and thought, "Man, I wish that robot was real, and also could juggle Volkswagen Bugs," then do I have the Kickstarter campaign for you. Read more...

iPhone 6 Plus is rocket fuel for phablet sales in the U.S

Sales of outsized smartphones, or phablets, have almost quadrupled in the United States over the past year — thanks mostly to Apple's new larger iPhonesThat's according to numbers from market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech,

Meerkat's new Cameo feature lets other users join your video stream

Live streaming app Meerkat on Wednesday released what might just be its biggest update yet with features that allow users to invite others into their stream, better Facebook integration and the ability to store your library of clips for the future.

U.K. Spy Agency Does Not Require Individual Warrants To Hack

More details about U.K. intelligence agency GCHQ’s use of hacking — aka:

CES 2016 :一方面作為電暖器、另一方面又偷偷進行分散式運算的智慧電暖器 Q.rad

圖片來源: Qarnot Computing閱讀全文

Remix OS被指违反GPL和Apache许可证

Remix OS项目将移动版的Android操作系统带到了桌面上。但测试者很快注意到这个项目存在违反开源许可证的情况:它的Remix OS USB Tool软件其实是改了名字的 UNetbootin,而UNetbootin采用的是GPL许可证,Remix OS USB Tool发行时没有提供源代码:Remix OS是基于Android-x86项目,甚至引导logo都相同,Android-x86采用的是Apache Public License 2.0,要求衍生项目保留原始声明,但开发者根本就没提 Android-x86。用户在官方论坛请求源代码也没有任何回应。

Snapchat 出了一款能拍视频的眼镜,但它更像是一个玩具

假如这个眼镜真卖火了,这或许会成为社交的新可能,要失败了,对 Snapchat 可能也没多大影响,因为 Spectacle 就是“一个玩具”而已。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

Insurers still slow to pick up Big Data

Movement is being made, but not good enough, according to PTOLEMUS.

东芝预计减损63亿美元 董事长贺重典拟辞职

网易科技讯2月14日消息,据国外媒体报道,日本东芝公司今天宣布,预计其核电业务将记入7125亿日元(约合63亿美元)减损,声称旗下美国分部成本超高并且不看好其原子能业务。东芝社长贺重典(Shigenori Shiga)将辞职。 ... ...

虽然还没有被发布,三星 S8 的跑分泄露出来了

看来,索尼 XZ Premium 的 4GB RAM 也并不落后嘛。#欢迎关注爱范儿官方微信公众号:爱范儿(微信号:ifanr),更多精彩内容第一时间为您奉上。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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