Stephen Colbert's Replacement: A Question Even Bigger Than Letterman's

Stephen Colbert's ascent to The Late Show was big news, 'tis true — but in terms of viewers and impact on the late-night landscape overall, Colbert's replacement will be just as big a deal.When The Colbert Report ends its run at the end of 2014,

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A Triumphant Stephen Colbert Crashes 'The Daily Show'

Stephen Colbert has won television, according to Stephen ColbertAfter nearly nine years hosting The Colbert Report, he is moving on to greener pastures — also know as network television.Colbert dropped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to officially "announce" the end of The Colbert Report,

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' attracted more than 6 million viewers

Stephen Colbert's Late Show debut was expectedly hugeColbert's first outing as host of the iconic program attracted an average of 6.55 million viewers — up more than 250% in some demos from last year — and Late Show's largest numbers in the 18-49 demographic since Jan. 2009, with a 4.

Review: Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show' looks a lot like 'The Colbert Report'

There's a new guy on the broadcast late-night block, and he's kinda weirdThank God.See also: 11 Times We've Seen the Real Stephen ColbertAnyone who knew Stephen Colbert before he took over The Late Show was probably hoping for exactly what the former Colbert Report host gave them Tuesday night:

What we saw at Stephen Colbert's last 'Late Show' trial run

Stephen Colbert completed the last of several test shows Thursday night at New York's Ed Sullivan Theater. Since August 27, the comedian has been performing mock telecasts for live audiences in preparation for Tuesday's premiere of Late Show with Stephen Colbert.While the shows won't be broadcast,

Stephen Colbert's first 'Late Show' video is all about the Colbeard

Now that the appropriate mourning time has passed since David Letterman's Late Show retirement, Stephen Colbert can finally go "cognito" againThe comedian, who died in mid-December — just kidding,

Michelle Obama is coming to Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show'

Michelle Obama will grace Stephen Colbert's Late Show with her presence on Sept. 28.“It's always an honor to have the First Lady,” Colbert says in a statement. “Better than that, it's always fun!”The First Lady will focus on "Let Girls Learn,

Colbert to Drop by 'Late Show With David Letterman' Next Week

Is he going to measure the curtains?Stephen Colbert — or will it be "Stephen Colbert"? — will stop by Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, April 22, CBS announced on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert's first 'Late Show' guests will be...

Stephen Colbert is bringing some A-list guests onto his first episode of The Late Show.Oscar-winner George Clooney will be Colbert's first guest, while rapper Kendrick Lamar will be the first musical guest. Jeb Bush, who is currently running for president,

Stephen Colbert shamelessly shills for a hummus brand on his first Late Show

Fake Stephen Colbert — that patriotic supporter of the free markets — would love the "real" Stephen Colbert's devotion to capitalism.During his debut Tuesday as host of the Late Show on CBS, Colbert gave the audience a tour of his new studio including a Captain America shield,

Comedy Central's 'Colbert' Derby Begins, and Any Kind of Show Can Win

Comedy Central is leaving all formats on the table when it comes to filling the 11:30 timeslot that becomes vacant at the end of 2014 with the departure of Stephen Colbert — including, but definitely not limited to, another topical talk show in the style of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Pornhub searches for Karen McDougal skyrocket after CNN interview about alleged Trump affair

On Thursday, CNN aired an interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims she had a 10-month affair with Donald Trump over ten years ago.And Pornhub, which has analyzed its users' habits during major events like the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl,

Tumblr accounts used for state-sponsored propaganda had perfectly dumb names

You're a smart cookie, and would never typically fall for state-sponsored disinformation online. However, and just bear with me here, what if it came from a Tumblr account with a really great name?And by great, we of course mean so perfectly stupid that it defies belief.SEE ALSO:

Wendy's just dropped a mixtape and it's actually pretty good

Brands will be brands. Or, in other words there will always be corny content, promotions piggybacking on social issues, and cringe-worthy tweets from major corporations trying to capture the attention of millennial minds online. Some fail, but Wendy's has been collecting W's for awhile now.

USA oil memes are the new interventionist commentary we need

Sure, memes are used for easy laughs. But they're also a platform for some lighthearted diplomatic criticism. The younger generation of Americans may have made headlines for eating Tide Pods, but it's also been the generation to use social media to advocate for stricter gun control laws.

Silicon Valley Wants Your Sweet, Young Blood

Read more...More about Silicon Valley, Mashable Reels, Tech, Silicon Valley, and Health

Arctic sea ice hits 2nd-lowest seasonal peak as scientists ring alarm bells

Arctic sea ice expands and contracts throughout the year, reaching a peak extent sometime during March, just as the sun rises above the North Pole. It shrinks back during the summer, on its way to an annual minimum during the month of September. As the climate warms, however, sea ice has declined,

'Far Cry 5' has a mission about Trump's 'pee tape'

Far Cry 5 has a pretty obvious reference to a rumored recording of President Donald Trump taking part in a Russian sex party that involved a lot of peeing, affectionately referred to as the "pee tape."The mission, called "Patriot Acts,

Hold a Meme in Your Hand Thanks to 3D Printing

If you've ever wanted to have your very own Doge, now is your chance. These fun figurines are primed and ready to jump off your News Feeds and onto your desks thanks to 3D printing.Shapeways is a facility that uses over 15,000 designers to produce a wide array of 3D-printed jewelry, home decor,

8 Rad College Courses Inspired by the Internet

Class, let's talk about the InternetThe web is the inspiration behind a bevy of college courses in the modern age. Obsessed with YouTube? Head to Pitzer College for a course called "Learning From YouTube." Intrigued by the Internet's saturation of Miley Cyrus? Enroll at Skidmore College,

Animals Take Over the Paris Metro in Enchanting Photo Series

Next time you complain about the sweaty guy breathing down your neck during your morning commute, just be glad an elephant isn't cramping the car. They probably lean on the subway poles like jerks.


感谢安兔兔的投递HTC前不久刚刚发布了新一代主力旗舰机HTC One M8,以往HTC有两大旗舰系列的传统,其中的Butterfly旗舰级机型(X920e)已经发布了很长时间了,急需有新机来延续这个系列。

2 Red Sox Fans Who Met on Twitter Got Married at Fenway Park

It reads like the script of a romantic comedy — but this is real lifeTwo Boston Red Sox fans who met on Twitter because of a post from the official team account got married at Fenway Park on Friday morning — the same the day team received its 2013 World Series championship ringsSee also:

[视频]三星Galaxy S5零售版开箱

三星计划在4月11日开启Galaxy S5全球同步发售,目前在国内市场三星官方商城显示了三款运营商定制版本Galaxy S5,售价都为5299元人民币。今天外媒率先拿到了这款最新旗舰的零售版本,并带来了最新的开箱视频。


谷歌收购了无人机生产商Titan Aerospace,其总部位于美国墨西哥州,雇员20名,主打产品是高空飞行的太阳能无人机,收购价格未知,此前Facebook出价6000万美元收购未遂。

DHS Mistakenly Releases 840 Pages of Critical Infrastructure Documents

wiredmikey (1824622) writes The Operation Aurora attack was publicized in 2010 and impacted Google and a number of other high-profile companies. However,


台湾媒体报道称,华硕CEO沈振来在一次媒体发布会上表示,华硕即将发布的采用Android Wear系统的智能手表ZenWatch价格将低于200美元。沈振来同时表示,在这款智能手表今年10月开售时,将支持英语的语音识别功能。




《华尔街日报》报道称,特斯拉CEO伊隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)正在考虑建设全球规模的互联网卫星网络。马斯克正在研究与WorldVu Satellites创始人格雷格·维勒(Greg Wyler)合作,发射约700颗卫星。这些卫星的重量将不到250磅(约合113.

【管理心得之四十五】你呀,没心 - 小侯成长记




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