Stephen Colbert's Replacement: A Question Even Bigger Than Letterman's

Stephen Colbert's ascent to The Late Show was big news, 'tis true — but in terms of viewers and impact on the late-night landscape overall, Colbert's replacement will be just as big a deal.When The Colbert Report ends its run at the end of 2014,

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A Triumphant Stephen Colbert Crashes 'The Daily Show'

Stephen Colbert has won television, according to Stephen ColbertAfter nearly nine years hosting The Colbert Report, he is moving on to greener pastures — also know as network television.Colbert dropped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to officially "announce" the end of The Colbert Report,

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' attracted more than 6 million viewers

Stephen Colbert's Late Show debut was expectedly hugeColbert's first outing as host of the iconic program attracted an average of 6.55 million viewers — up more than 250% in some demos from last year — and Late Show's largest numbers in the 18-49 demographic since Jan. 2009, with a 4.

Review: Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show' looks a lot like 'The Colbert Report'

There's a new guy on the broadcast late-night block, and he's kinda weirdThank God.See also: 11 Times We've Seen the Real Stephen ColbertAnyone who knew Stephen Colbert before he took over The Late Show was probably hoping for exactly what the former Colbert Report host gave them Tuesday night:

What we saw at Stephen Colbert's last 'Late Show' trial run

Stephen Colbert completed the last of several test shows Thursday night at New York's Ed Sullivan Theater. Since August 27, the comedian has been performing mock telecasts for live audiences in preparation for Tuesday's premiere of Late Show with Stephen Colbert.While the shows won't be broadcast,

Stephen Colbert's first 'Late Show' video is all about the Colbeard

Now that the appropriate mourning time has passed since David Letterman's Late Show retirement, Stephen Colbert can finally go "cognito" againThe comedian, who died in mid-December — just kidding,

Michelle Obama is coming to Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show'

Michelle Obama will grace Stephen Colbert's Late Show with her presence on Sept. 28.“It's always an honor to have the First Lady,” Colbert says in a statement. “Better than that, it's always fun!”The First Lady will focus on "Let Girls Learn,

Colbert to Drop by 'Late Show With David Letterman' Next Week

Is he going to measure the curtains?Stephen Colbert — or will it be "Stephen Colbert"? — will stop by Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, April 22, CBS announced on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert's first 'Late Show' guests will be...

Stephen Colbert is bringing some A-list guests onto his first episode of The Late Show.Oscar-winner George Clooney will be Colbert's first guest, while rapper Kendrick Lamar will be the first musical guest. Jeb Bush, who is currently running for president,

Stephen Colbert shamelessly shills for a hummus brand on his first Late Show

Fake Stephen Colbert — that patriotic supporter of the free markets — would love the "real" Stephen Colbert's devotion to capitalism.During his debut Tuesday as host of the Late Show on CBS, Colbert gave the audience a tour of his new studio including a Captain America shield,

Comedy Central's 'Colbert' Derby Begins, and Any Kind of Show Can Win

Comedy Central is leaving all formats on the table when it comes to filling the 11:30 timeslot that becomes vacant at the end of 2014 with the departure of Stephen Colbert — including, but definitely not limited to, another topical talk show in the style of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Chris Christie is the first NJ governor in decades who didn't break a leg during his term

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie left office yesterday with a truly dismal approval rating. On the bright side, he also left with two intact legs!As Obama administration alum Eric Columbus pointed out on Twitter Tuesday,

Seize the Awkward campaign wants to help you talk to a friend about their mental health

We've all been there before: A friend or loved one feels down, maybe even depressed, but we're not sure how to raise the subject. Will it offend them? Could it make them feel worse? Those fears might convince us that staying silent is the best bet,

This cryptocurrency correction is a good thing

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.If you own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or pretty much any other cryptocurrency, your portfolio isn't looking very good today.

Jane Fonda makes jokes about Megyn Kelly in reply to facelift comment

It seems Jane Fonda can't go anywhere without someone bringing up plastic surgery.You might recall that, back in September, Fonda was asked an infuriating question about her plastic surgery by Megyn Kelly during an excruciating interview on the Today show. Though a few months have passed by,

AI Everywhere: Surprising ways we already interact with artificial intelligence

Paid Content byIBMIf someone were to say to you that you’ve spent all day interacting with artificial intelligence,

Hello, Watson: How AI actually learns how to think

Paid Content byIBMPeople understandably have a lot of questions about how exactly artificial intelligence works. How could a machine understand nuance and context like a human brain can? Is creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) that sophisticated really possible?

Someone actually said 'Gucci Gang' a million times for charity because this is 2018

Heroes come in many different forms.Some people rescue others from burning buildings, or save the lives of puppies. Some wear capes and zoom around the earth.Others, meanwhile, raise money for charity by saying "Gucci Gang" a full one million times.Seriously, though,

Hold a Meme in Your Hand Thanks to 3D Printing

If you've ever wanted to have your very own Doge, now is your chance. These fun figurines are primed and ready to jump off your News Feeds and onto your desks thanks to 3D printing.Shapeways is a facility that uses over 15,000 designers to produce a wide array of 3D-printed jewelry, home decor,

8 Rad College Courses Inspired by the Internet

Class, let's talk about the InternetThe web is the inspiration behind a bevy of college courses in the modern age. Obsessed with YouTube? Head to Pitzer College for a course called "Learning From YouTube." Intrigued by the Internet's saturation of Miley Cyrus? Enroll at Skidmore College,

Animals Take Over the Paris Metro in Enchanting Photo Series

Next time you complain about the sweaty guy breathing down your neck during your morning commute, just be glad an elephant isn't cramping the car. They probably lean on the subway poles like jerks.



iOS开发之UIApplication - 求真求道

1. 什么是UIApplication? a) UIApplication对象是应用程序的象征b) 每一个应用都有自己的UIApplication对象,而且是单例的c) 通过[UIApplication sharedApplication]可以获得这个单例对象d) 一个iOS程序启动后创建的第一个对...



Deadly Gun Battle in Eastern Ukraine Overshadows Victory Day

DONETSK, Ukraine — Celebrations to mark Victory Day in Ukraine were eclipsed on Friday by reports that Ukrainian security forces had violently clashed with pro-Russian separatists in the southeastern port city of Mariupol, reportedly killing more than 20 people and wounding dozens more.



三星於海外發表 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 、 Tab S 8.4 , 2K 級 AMOLED 螢幕為技術亮點

三星稍早於海外發表兩款 Galaxy Tab S 系列新平板,技術規格的主要特色在於無論是 8.4 吋或是 10.5 吋皆是使用三星的 2,560 x 1,600 解析度的 SuperAMOLED 螢幕,具備 90% Adobe RGB 色域以及 100,000:1 的對比。而兩者的厚度僅 6.5mm , 8.

The Flight of Gifted Engineers From NASA

schwit1 writes: Rather than work in NASA, the best young engineers today are increasingly heading to get jobs at private companies like SpaceX and XCOR. This is a long article, worth reading in its entirety, but this quote sums it up well:

克服人脑极限 凭借虚拟现实与潜意识理解大数据


What Do Smartphones Need That They Don’t Already Have?

Welcome to the first week of September, also known as crazy-insane IFA 2014 and iPhone event extravaganza. During the next 10 days we'll see new handsets, smartwatches, and other tech paraphernalia from almost every major hardware manufacturer. So now I'm wondering,



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