How Much Time Have You Killed In Front Of Your TV? This Tool Tells You

Do you ever wonder how much of your life you've spent watching TV shows? It's probably a lot. But how much?Two week's worth? A month?This tool crunches the numbers for you. Read More

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How Much Time Have You Killed In Front Of Your TV? This Tool Tells You

Do you ever wonder how much of your life you've spent watching TV shows? It's probably a lot. But how much?Two week's worth? A month?This tool crunches the numbers for you. Read More

A New App Called “Moment” Shows You How Addicted You Are To Your iPhone

Some of us jokingly say that we’re addicted to our iPhones. A newly released app called “Moment” will show us just how true that statement may be. Designed to promote a healthier balance between our real lives and those lived through the small screens of our digital devices,

A New FOSS Conference Comes to Florida (Video)

Bryan Smith has worked with the organizers of several Linux and Open Source events and has spoken at more than a few, but he has always wanted to see more FOSS events in Florida, the state where he lives. There was a Florida Linux Show back in 2008 and 2009,

The Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015

I know I’m late to the party by some accounts. Early adopters cut the cord years ago and haven’t looked back. For me, turning off cable TV was an idea I flirted with, yet I just kept renewing my package deal for some reason.

How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

Bennett Haselton writes: "If you watch a movie or TV show (legally) on your mobile device while away from your home network, it's usually by streaming it on a data plan. This consumes an enormous amount of a scarce resource (data bundled with your cell phone provider's data plan),

The 7 Stages of Falling Out of Love With Your Fandom

What happens when you stop loving a piece of entertainment that once could do no wrong? It’s one of the nastiest kinds of break-ups there is. Your love was pure and true. And then it was gone, and you were a wreck of yourself. How did it come to this?

Google’s Push Past Search

As a recent analysis indicated, Google’s traditional search is not working on mobile as well as it did on the desktop web. Sifting through organic search results on a mobile device is a sub-optimal experience,

PlayStation Vue Review: Online TV Is Great, But It's Still Pretty Dumb

Television is experiencing a digital renaissance. Cutting the cord no longer means severing you from live TV. We're witnessing the birth of true internet television, and Sony's PlayStation Vue is the service with the most to offer as of today.Read more...

New video shows off what’s coming with Halo 5 Forge

If you’re a Halo veteran, then you know firsthand the importance of Forge mode. Forge is arguably the best thing that ever happened to Halo, offering players a way to make their own maps...The post New video shows off what’s coming with Halo 5 Forge appeared first on WinBeta.

WinBeta's top 10 apps that let you watch your favorite TV shows on Windows Phone

Blockchain media startup Civil is issuing full refunds to all buyers of its cryptocurrency

Civil's initial coin offering failed to attract enough buyers.

Google tweaks Android licensing terms in Europe to allow Google app unbundling — for a fee

Google has announced changes to the licensing model for its Android mobile operating system in Europe,  including introducing a fee for licensing some of its own brand apps, saying it’s doing so to comply with a major European antitrust ruling this summer.

10 lessons from Marketo’s growth to a multi-billion-dollar exit

It’s hard for entrepreneurs to know the trade-offs required when making the tough decisions -- especially early on. Here are some suggestions.

Netflix shares are up after the streaming service adds nearly 7M new subscribers in Q3

After a disappointing second quarter, Netflix is back in Wall Street’s good graces. The company just released its third quarter earnings report, and as of 5:30pm East Coast time, the stock is up 12 percent in after hours trading. The most important number here is subscriber growth,

Passport, a customer service company focused on shipping, has raised $3 million in seed funding from

Founders building a brand today are largely relying on new infrastructure to do it, though they’re still heavily reliant on legacy carriers like FedEx and DHL when it comes to international shipping. In fact, prohibitively high prices, along with not a ton of support or tools,

Facebook News Feed now downranks sites with stolen content

Facebook is demoting trashy news publishers and other websites that illicitly scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no modification.

Google Maps amplifies its app for electric vehicle owners

Google Maps is beefing up its app to help electric vehicle owners find the most suitable and closest place to charge up. Google Maps said Tuesday it’s adding an EV charging feature to the app that will give users information about charging stations.

Apple Nabs Itself A Renewable Power Plant Project in Oregon

Apple’s been on a bit of a buying spree lately. Embark! Cue! Burstly! If you had to guess the next thing Apple would take under its wing, what would it be? If you guessed “a hydroelectric power project in Central Oregon”, you’d be right! You’d also be a weirdly specific guesser.

A Wearables Startup Playbook

The rise of mobile broadband, commodity sensors, smartphone-based companion apps, virtualized manufacturing and supply chain, crowdfunding, and nimble design have converged to make wearables mainstream. With the category now validated as a strategic hotspot for all major corporations and platforms,

Phones Go Back To The Future

I'm no fan of LG's rear smartphone control keys -- but turns out the company had its finger on the pulse of looming hardware disruption when it ushered in those backside smartphone controls last summer, with the G2. The back of the smartphone is becoming a space to watch. Read More


OnePlus是一家于2013年12月成立的初创企业,创始人为前OPPO副总裁刘作虎(Peter Lau)。带着一个“从不满足”(Never Settle)的口头禅,刘开始了为市场带来一部新手机的想法。



阿里通信宣布完成自建计费系统 业务6月将推出





自从Google Glass诞生以来就一直争议不断,乐观者认为这代表计算领域的未来,批评者认为Glass既丑陋笨重又侵犯隐私。


美国《华尔街日报》网络版今天刊登题为《索尼Walkman卷土重来》(Sony's Walkman Makes Comeback)的评论文章称,虽然风光一时的Walkman早已淡出人们的视野,但索尼现在却希望凭借无损音乐这一卖点重新吸引更多高端用户。  

ARM 暗示開始著手下一代 ARMv8 指令集架構 Maya 與 Artemis



苹果周二证实,该公司已收购了个性化新闻电台应用Swell。与此同时,Swell应用已从苹果应用商店App Store的免费应用中下架。

Apple’s New Spaceship HQ Doesn’t Look Like A Spaceship Yet, But It’s Huge

Apple’s new spaceship-style campus is one of the last things on the company’s mind right now, with the iPhone launch looming just over the horizon. However, that hasn’t stopped some curious folks from peeking around over at the construction site.

日本千叶蝙蝠侠走红 不为吸睛只为博你一笑

好莱坞英雄人物造型经常被世界各地的人们模仿,但Chibatman 却有点特别,你找不到太多关于他的身份信息,在东京千叶却可以经常看到他骑行出没。  

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