This War On Math Is Bullshit

The smoke had barely begun to clear from the horrific attacks in Paris, in a neighborhood where I used to live, before the usual suspects started trying to twist the facts to fit their authoritarian agenda.

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This War On Math Is Bullshit

The smoke had barely begun to clear from the horrific attacks in Paris, in a neighborhood where I used to live, before the usual suspects started trying to twist the facts to fit their authoritarian agenda.

Reddit CEO: TikTok is ‘fundamentally parasitic’

TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms but the CEO of Reddit had some harsh words for the popular app, calling it “fundamentally parasitic” at an event Wednesday.

Roblox raises $150M Series G, led by Andreessen Horowitz, now valued at $4B

Online gaming platform Roblox, now home to 115 million largely Gen Z players per month, announced today it has raised $150 million in Series G funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Late Stage Venture fund.

Founders Factory backs Creator Fund, student-led VC to back EU student startups

It seems like everyone wants student entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur First makes startups out of raw student material, for instance. Most countries want high-skilled students to stick around and make new companies.

A look at Made Renovation, which just raised $9 million in seed funding to zero in on bathroom remod

Made Renovation, a new, San Francisco-based company, thinks it has found a profitable way to help homeowners get done something that busy general contractors in the Bay Area won’t otherwise make time for, which is bathroom remodels. Why they typically pass on these: they have too many entire homes,

Hustle Fund’s Elizabeth Yin discusses 2020’s fundraising landscape

On the heels of her conversation-driving Twitter thread on 2020’s venture fundraising climate, Hustle Fund’s Elizabeth Yin converted her thoughts into an op-ed for TechCrunch. In keeping with her expansive thread,

The fundraising landscape is shifting in 2020

Most of the things you hear people say about fundraising is generally good advice, even when these ideas conflict. How is that possible?

Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney says adios altogether to the company amid layoffs

Last week, the Business of Fashion broke the news that cofounder and CEO Tyler Haney was stepping down her role as CEO of the activewear label, citing slowing growth for the company and reporting that mismanagement was one reason for executive turnover at the top of the organization.

Candidates Need To Address The Tech Industry In The 2016 Election

The technology industry is of vital importance to our national economy. And it faces real problems that the next president will have to address. So where are the candidates? Read More

9 Memorable CrunchWeek Episodes

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Microsoft Surprises With New Windows 10 Mobile Build

Microsoft recently released an updated Windows 10 Mobile build, numbered 10586.29. Microsoft’s Gabe Aul calls the new edition of the company’s smartphone operating system a “Cumulative Update” for the preceding build, 10586.The build was a slight surprise to your humble servant,

三大运营商涉足网络理财 专家称很难抗衡


云财经网股票内参栏目改版升级 全面提升精准消息体验

北京2014年9月30日电 /美通社/ -- 今年9月,云财经股市情报网的金牌服务 -- “股票内参”频道(进行了全新升级。

This Is How You Test Space Craft For the Deep Freeze of Sapce

You're looking at the James Webb Space Telescope as it's lowered into NASA's Goddard Thermal Vacuum Chamber. Inside the dark cavern, it is subjected to the same hostile environments as it will experience in space.Read more...

Dynamic CRM 2013学习笔记(三十五)自定义审批流6 - 审批通过后,再审批 - 二次审批 - 疯吻IT




Today's Best Deals: Summer Grilling, Fresh Leftovers, New 3DS XL

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...

The ONE 如何让学琴不再痛苦?

对于很多人来说,“学习弹钢琴”一直以来都是一个很痛苦的体验。不过 The ONE 智能钢琴则有可能让你爱上学习弹琴。

不烧钱的 O2O 怎么玩



现在的趋势就是各种“史上最小”。之前很多厂商都在争“史上最小耳机”,Slughaus 则推出了史上最小手电筒。  这款手电筒名为 BULLET。你一眼就能看出它为什么会叫这个名字,因为形状确实太像一颗手枪子弹了,大小也差不多。没错,这就是一颗和子弹差不多大的 LED 手电筒。  BULLET 的设计灵感来自 9mm 手枪弹,整个手电筒仅重 6g。这么小这么轻,你可能都意识不到自己正拿着它。  BULLET 全身采用的是航空级别的铝合金,非常结实而且防水。它的 15 流明手电光虽然很小,但作为应急还是不错的。BULLET 配备的 LED 灯泡能够使用 25000 - 100000 小时。  

现在透过 Facebook Messenger 分享 Spotify 音乐更方便了

Facebook Messenger 现在除了可以直接呼唤 Uber 和与店家查询之外,还新增了直接分享 Spotify 音乐的功能。相对过往要在 Spotify 的应用程序先后按不同的按钮才能分享,现在使用者只需要在 Messenger 的应用程序插件部分选择 Spotify 即可。而对方所收到的就是一个能直接打开相应 Spotify 页面的连结,非常方便。新功能已经陆续推送至 iOS 和 Android 了,现在就打开 Messenger 和朋友分享音乐吧。...

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