Gates and Ballmer named in lawsuit for failing to manage the company properly during IE antitrust pr

相关内容: Microsoft board that Barovic company

Microsoft Teams now lets Mac users share system audio with Meetings participants

The desktop version of Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will enable Mac users to share system audio with other meeting participants. So far, this capability has been limited to the Windows client, but that's starting to change. ... Read more

Microsoft Edge's surf game is now available on other web browsers

Along with the rollout of Microsoft Edge 90 and its list of new features the team also rolled out its timewaster surf game to other browsers. Back in November of 2019, the Microsoft Edge team enabled an 8-bit surfing game ... Read more

Tune in to OnPodcast this Sunday at 9 AM PT! We're talking to a Windows Insider MVP, recapping the S

Greetings, readers! OnMSFT here with an announcement. OnPodcast, the podcast is on schedule this week for 9 AM PT Sunday on YouTube Premiere for yet another episode. For this week's episode, we're chatting with a special guest, Windows Insider ... Read more

Microsoft Edge Canary comes to Android with the promise of daily updates

Microsoft has quietly released a new Canary version of its Edge browser on the Google Play Store, which Android users can install alongside the regular version of the app. Microsoft Edge Canary for Android was first spotted on Reddit (via ... Read more

PowerToys experimental version 0.36 is now available with Video Conference Mute tool

Microsoft has released a new update of its PowerToys suite of tools to users running the pre-release versions. The experimental version 0.36 contains all the additions and fixes that were included in version 0.35, along with the much-anticipated Video Conference ... Read more

Microsoft Lists app is now available for Apple's iPad tablets

The relatively new iOS Microsoft Lists app updated to Version 1.36.14 this week. While this update did include the usual minor improvements and bug fixes, it also added support for iPad. Microsoft Lists has only supported the iPhone since it ... Read more

Microsoft Remote Desktop app updates twice for Macs with new functionality and fixes

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Apple’s Mac computers updated twice this week with a variety of changes. Among the more noteworthy changes made with these app updates is the addition of support for Apple Silicon (Apple’s new ARM-based Mac ... Read more

US Internal Revenue Service to pay Microsoft 'millions' for an extra year of security patches

Universal apps for Windows now supporting consolidated and simplified price tiers

During Build 2014, Microsoft revealed "universal apps" which allows developers to create apps that will work on all forms of Windows device without the need for changes to be made to code. Microsoft revealed today that universal apps for Windows now supports consolidated and simplified price tiers.

Office in Windows Phone 8.1 will not have new features, just bug fixes

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to bring forth a plethora of new features and improvements for Windows Phone users. In fact, a developer preview of the operating system update is set to roll out next week. However, don't expect any new features in Office - just yet.

How Does Your Memory Work?

Badly, perhaps. But even if you struggle to recall information on a daily basis, all our brains are wired in much the same way—and it requires quite a few steps to remember anything at all.Read more...    

Minna Alanko插画作品欣赏

芬兰插画艺术家Minna Alanko现在工作并且居住于美丽的城市赫尔辛基。Minna能够无时无刻的从自然界,生活和时尚文化中获得灵感并通过自己独特的艺术表现能力将它们描绘出来,清新自然的绘画风格让人看了很舒服。

[图]1.7GHz真八核 HTC Desire 616现场试玩

日前的苏宁-HTC战略合作通报会现场,苏宁方面展示了一款HTC新机——HTC Desire 616,该机同样搭载八核处理器和大显示屏,而且性价比高。    



Ikea's New Glowing Stool Lights a Safe LED Fire Under Your Butt

The summer isn't even here yet, but if you're leaving home and heading off to college in September, it's never too early to start planning and stockpiling what you'll need. And since you'll probably be crammed into a tiny dorm room,

North Korea Releases American Charged With Leaving Bible in a Nightclub

American citizen Jeffrey Fowle was released from North Korea on Tuesday, after being held in the country since May, according to the State Department.See also: Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Video Is a Window Into North KoreaFowle,

因念成剑 《仙剑奇侠传6》女主首曝光

国产经典 RPG 单机游戏《仙剑奇侠传》最新作品《仙剑奇侠传 6》将于 2015 年上市。威锋网 12 月 23 日消息,继首位独眼男主角越今朝之后,仙剑官方对外公布了《仙剑奇侠传 6》女主角之一:“越祈”。  


据美国猎奇新闻网站“”5月18日报道,美国一位名叫戴夫•雷诺兹(Dave Reynolds)的男子一次在夜间如厕时摔伤后发明了夜光马桶。目前,戴夫和他的一位朋友一起成立了一家公司销售这种新产品。


小孩子最大的娛樂,已經由玩具變成電視。這個大螢幕對於小孩來說, 的確十分吸引,而看電視的小孩(或者大人)通常都聚精會神,連自己表情扭曲了也不自知。以下有更多資料:The post 任影唔嬲!


上海2015年6月8日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,全球知名测试、检验、认证和技术咨询服务供应商 -- 必维国际检验集团(Bureau Veritas,以下简称“必维”)在沈阳成功举办了CE认证多指令(机械指令、低电压指令)认证培训活动,就出口欧盟地区的相关认证知识进行了详细的解读。

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