People are 'catwalking' to raise awareness about climate change

The U.N. Climate Summit in Paris has brought together representatives from every country in the world to adopt a new global climate agreement. And to make an impact and to bring more awareness to the important climate talks,

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Go behind the scenes of the U.N. Climate Summit with 'Earth to Paris'

Now is the time to act.More than 40,000 diplomats, experts and advocates, including more than 135 world leaders, are currently in Paris to take part in the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris, known as COP21.The goal? A global climate treaty, involving all nations,

Thousands demonstrate in Paris to show that climate deal is just the beginning

As diplomats from around the world are considering the final draft agreement of a landmark climate deal on Saturday, people took to the streets by the thousands in Paris in a demonstration to show that climate change activism doesn't end with the U.N. Paris Climate Summit.See also:

Obama on Paris climate agreement: 'We met the moment'

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Saturday praised the sweeping global climate change accord reached by representatives of nearly 200 countries as the "best chance we have to save the one planet that we've got.""We came together around the strong agreement the world needed. We met the moment,

Indigenous leaders hold powerful press conference on climate action in Paris

PARIS, France — A coalition of Indigenous leaders and activists from North and South America gathered at a press conference to present three key documents on climate change,

France plans to ban marches surrounding Paris climate talks, but activists push back

Despite last week's terror attacks, French officials said the high-stakes U.N. Paris Climate Summit will proceed as scheduled at the end of this monthThe event won't be intact, however: certain events and grassroots gatherings surrounding the conference may be canceled,

What it's like to be a youth delegate at the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris

I saw daylight this morning for the first time in five days.Inside the crucial U.N. Climate Summit, known as COP21, currently underway in Paris, we are completely insulated from the world we are trying to save. I am here as a U.S. youth delegate,

Nations on cusp of landmark climate agreement in Paris

PARIS — Diplomats have been presented with the final draft of a Paris climate accord on Saturday, following three straight all-night negotiating sessions aimed at resolving lingering differences over particular provisions in the deal.

Activists use geolocation to spell out 'Climate Justice' across the city of Paris

PARIS — On the final day of the U.N. Climate Conference in Paris, activists associated with the group Friends of the Earth disbursed around the city and used their cell phones to spell out "Climate Justice" as well as "Peace," using geolocation taggingMassive message - roughly 3000 participants,

Despite optimism of an eventual Paris climate deal, countries squabble over early draft

LE BOURGET, France — The U.N. Climate Summit kicked into high gear on Wednesday, with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius producing a 29-page draft agreement that succeeded in pleasing few, if any, of the ministers taking part in the talksHowever,

Pope takes aim at climate change doubters ahead of Paris summit

Pope Francis is warning that it would be "catastrophic" if special interests get in the way of a global agreement to curb the fossil fuel emissions blamed for global warming at a meeting next week in Paris over climate change.In a speech to the African U.N. headquarters on Thursday,

This story of a widow, a lake, and a rose will restore your faith in humanity

Hope you have tissues nearby. The Bishop Vesey's Grammar School rowing club found a rose attached to the locked gate at a nearby lake, with the most heartbreaking note accompanying it. SEE ALSO:

Chubbs the massive 15-foot gator is terrifying golf course guests again

Chubbs the gator is back, everyone. The massive 15-foot alligator first made a name for himself when he casually strolled through Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida in 2016. In a viral video, Chubbs ambles through the green fields, unbothered by the audibly freaked out course patrons. 

Amy Schumer supports protesting NFL players by saying no to Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year for two things: Pro football and very expensive commercials. Amy Schumer has decided to use one to influence the other.Her concern stems from ongoing protest actions in which certain players kneel, raises fists,

Twitter quietly fired a suspected Saudi Arabian spy in 2015, report says

We've all seen what can happen when nefarious interests weaponize a social media platform like Twitter. Now imagine how much worse it would be if some foreign agent actually got a job at the company.That's what happened in 2013, apparently.

One 'Daredevil' Season 3 scene has viewers going nuts

Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix has been known since its debut season for expertly-choreographed and visceral fight sequences. Season 1's three-minute hallway scene went viral. In Season 2, the show pushed itself further with a five-minute stairwell shot. In Season 3,

The Mega Millions jackpot is a record-breaking $1.6 billion, and everyone's salty

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is at a record-high right now, and people are coping with their slim chances of winning by making jokes. Nobody claimed the winning numbers on Friday night, so the Mega Millions jackpot is now the largest lottery prize in U.S. history. Clocking in at a whopping $1.

'Luke Cage' and 'Iron Fist' are done. Is this the end for the Netflix Marvel-verse?

Netflix canceled Marvel's Luke Cage on Friday, just one week after canceling Marvel's Iron Fist. With new seasons of Jessica Jones and The Punisher in the pipeline, a fresh Season 3 debut for Daredevil, and no plans to resurrect The Defenders,

Adam Levine lost his mind over Jordan Smith's 'Voice' performance and you will too

Did Jordan Smith just win The Voice? Not to jinx it ...but yes.If there's any justice in this Voice world, Smith will be crowned the champ of this season,

What was missing from the Australian government's 'innovation statement'?

The innovation statement didn't do enough to address the later-stage funding gap in Australia or stem the 'brain drain' overseas, Starfish Ventures co-founder Michael Panaccio says.The innovation statement, which focused on unlocking capital for early-stage companies,

Jon Stewart staged a powerful 'Daily Show' return to support 9/11 first responders

Monday night marked the first ever The Daily Show with Trevor Noah with Jon Stewart.It was what host Noah admitted as a monumental moment, but Stewart did not find himself back at the iconic desk for just any reason — he was there so show his support for the Zadroga Act,


谷歌计划在今年的I/O开发商会议上推出一款名为Google Fit的医疗和健身平台。Google Fit将被用来收集和整合来自健身追踪设备和医疗类应用的数据。苹果最近宣布,该公司计划推出HealthKit,涉足移动医疗市场。

11 Reasons Email Is the Worst

Email is one of those things that's just a part of your life, period. Most of us know someone who has closed their Facebook account or refused to join in the first place in a little foot-stomping stand by their ego,



老乔传记电影回顾iPhone 4原型机丢失事件

奥斯卡金像奖导演阿莱克斯·吉布内将拍摄一部与乔布斯相关的传记电影——Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine。

Google+ Turns Users Into Content Curators With New “Collections” Feature

Google+, the company’s social networking service that allows users to share posts and photos with family, friends and the broader public, has been sometimes criticized for being too much like competitor Facebook in terms of feature set. But today,


中国杭州2015年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,海康威视旗下品牌萤石官方发布了一项招募活动,面向全国招募全球首席体验官。



3D 打印与教育:距离“按个按钮就打印”还很远

目前,3D 打印在诸多领域获得了广泛的应用。它可以打造个性化的玩具,也用于打印人体器官,还被用来制作动画片的人物和场景。最近,Singularityhub 采访了业界人士,探讨了 3D 打印在教育方面的潜力。

使用控制台对Redis执行增删改查命令 - 莫笑少年痴狂

使用控制台对Redis执行增删改查命令 在 "上一篇" 里,我们已经安装了redis。

Linux下MySQL/MariaDB Galera集群搭建过程 - 无心码农

MariaDB介绍MariaDB是开源社区维护的一个MySQL分支,由MySQL的创始人Michael Widenius主导开发,采用GPL授权许可证。MariaDB的目的是完全兼容MySQL,包括API和命令行,使之能轻松成为MySQL的代替品。详细介绍请参考链接:http://mariadb.o...

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