Lumia 950 review

The Lumia 950 was released on November 20, 2015, and as part of our testing and a full coverage of the new Windows 10 Mobile device, we have incorporated input from several WinBeta writers...The post Lumia 950 review appeared first on WinBeta.

相关内容: Lumia Windows that with Phone apps phone have Micr

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About That Microsoft Quarterly Report

Microsoft’s first quarter of its fiscal 2015 was big. The fiscal quarter, corresponding to the calendar third of 2014, brought stronger than expected revenue and profit. The company’s cloud business continued to grow, Windows Phone put points on the board,

Microsoft releases new patch for Windows 10 version 1809

This optional update follows this month’s Patch Tuesday released on January 8, and it includes a fix for an issue causing Microsoft Edge to stop working with certain display drivers.

Patent news: The next Surface keyboards could have haptic feedback

Microsoft may be planning to incorporate a haptic feedback feature set to possibly compensate for an upcoming reduction in key travel as it looks to optimize surface area.

Windows Server vNext Insider build 18317 and Windows Admin Center Preview 1812 are now available

Microsoft has just announced the release of the preview build 18317 for the Windows Server vNext Semi-Annual channel release, as well as Windows Admin Center Preview 1812.

Latest Deals with Gold / Spotlight Sale has CoD 4, Grand Theft Auto V at big discounts

Microsoft is hosting cutting the prices of more games this week for users who are subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

From Bett: New tools for the visually impaired , Immersive Reader for VR, and Microsoft Teams gets n

Microsoft announced several new education features for Microsoft Teams as well as new programs to empower inclusive learning at the Bett conference this morning.

Microsoft’s new Classroom Pen is designed for K-8 students and optimized for Surface Go

The new Microsoft Classroom Pen has a design similarity with the company’s Surface Pen, but it’s just over 4 inches long with two buttons on the side.

At Bett, Microsoft introduces 7 new Windows 10 devices for Education, starting at $189

Starting at $189, the seven new PCs also include some 2-in-1 devices from Acer and Lenovo.

Battlefield titles dominate this week’s Deals with Gold

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline are the big deals this week for Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. Battlefield 4 is the most recent title in the...The post Battlefield titles dominate this week’s Deals with Gold appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft begins a more aggressive push to get users upgraded to Windows 10

Even before Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 back in July, the Redmond based company made its intentions clear: it wanted its latest OS running everywhere. In April, the company revealed that its ambition is...

UK Xbox One users can now get TV From Sky app, supports Sky Go Extra and Sky Multiscreen

If you’re a UK Xbox One user and watch a lot of TV in the UK, and have wanted an easy way to stream TV programming, then Sky might have just the solution for...The post UK Xbox One users can now get TV From Sky app, supports Sky Go Extra and Sky Multiscreen appeared first on WinBeta.


在过去几年里,软件和APP的界面设计风格发生了迅速变化,由3D、拟物发展到扁平、简约。尽管这一趋势普遍存在,我们还是思考下是如何发展至此的,以及它对整个界面设计领域有何影响。另外,我会分享扁平界面设计的一 ...

小额信贷公司 Earnest 融资 1500 万美元

曾经的贷款和信用评级已经过时了,以 Earnest 为首的新型小额信贷公司能够以更多的数据来源来判定借贷者的偿还能力。目前,Earnest 已经在美国近10个州开展服务。



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Mobile First!jQuery UI组件集Wijmo五年最大更新

开发五年,面世四年,Wijmo凭借其优美的UI、出色的性能和易用性博得了开发者们的青睐,随着移动互联网的大热,Wijmo专为移动浏览器设计,推出了Touch First, Mobile First的新一代Wijmo 5,并对所有控件重写优化。

iOS 8再现隐藏大招 桌面可设置首屏空白页

威锋网讯,iPhone 和其它的安卓手机相比辨识度较高其中一个很大的原因要多亏于 iOS 系统和安卓系统的差异性,其实苹果的 UI 设计已经足够极简化了,但很多用户还是想自己的桌面变得更简单,例如在桌面上出现一个空白屏。  

故宫博物院真的很拼 连雍正爷都出来卖萌了

在向一家集旅游、文化、教育于一身的互联网公司转型的路上,故宫博物院也是蛮拼的。  上周,故宫博物院推出了首款教育类 App  《皇帝的一天》,全景展现了紫禁城的构造和历史。  

粉丝: 好混乱! 微软WP手机要叫什么才好呢?

最近,微软已经全面放弃“Nokia”品牌,转而全面换成“Microsoft Lumia”品牌,并且希望再次证明公司仍非常认真的对待移动业务,努力推动全新品牌的发展。

神不知鬼不觉!研究发现重写Mac 固件方法

日前在汉堡举行的 Chaos Computer Congress 大会上,安全研究员 Trammel Hudson 演示了通过一台 Thunderbolt  设备和攻击程式码在某个选项 ROM 中重写 Intel Mac 固件的攻击方式。

5 questions about quantitative easing: Will all this money even help?

The European Central Bank announced a €1.1 trillion injection into the ailing eurozone economy on Thursday, which was more money than expectedThe ECB, which is the central bank for the eurozone,

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