Dad turns his grossly adorable baby into a grossly adorable Elf on the Shelf

This season, it seems like everyone wants to be an Elf on the Shelf. From Canadian dads to grown adult professionals, everyone wants to play the elf — including tiny babies.See also:

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Dad turns his grossly adorable baby into a grossly adorable Elf on the Shelf

This season, it seems like everyone wants to be an Elf on the Shelf. From Canadian dads to grown adult professionals, everyone wants to play the elf — including tiny babies.See also:

This is What Will Happen to Antarctica in 100 Years

In more temperate parts of the world, ice is just ice, but in Antarctica, ice is everything. It defines Antarctica: Earth’s southern polar ice cap, a 5.4-million square mile ice sheet, covers 98% of the continent. But within the next hundred years, Antarctica stands to lose much of that ice,

Meet the Crazy Camera That Can Make Movies for the Oculus Rift

Gamers love Oculus Rift ; the virtual reality system offers a mind-blowingly immersive way to experience digital worlds . Jaunt, a new tech company, brings the platform into live-action, cinematic territory. I saw their stuff. It was incredible. And it's a Pretty Big Deal for movies and media.

Never Sleep Again: Your Ten Best Stories of Absolute Terror

We asked and you delivered. With over 3,000 comments on this year’s Scary Story contest, this year’s submitters brought their best—sharing hair-raising, spine-tingling tales that were so scary that certain Jezebel writers were forced to sleep with their lights on.

Reclaiming our Mohawk heritage, one app-supplied word at a time

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Some nights when I put my four-year-old daughter to bed,

The worst times for traffic during Thanksgiving week, according to Google Maps data

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and inevitably, getting stuck in traffic.Google has released the worst and best times to drive in 25 U.S. metropolitan areas during Thanksgiving week, based on data which was compiled in 2017.SEE ALSO:

Here's what Tom Hiddleston's cryptic teaser on Twitter actually means

A man walks towards the camera in a neon lit hallway. He stops and looks off into the distance. He looks down, clearly sad about something. The word betrayal flashes across the screen.No, that's not a pitch from parody account Perfume Ads For Sale on Twitter.

'Mean Tweets' with country music stars gets very brutal, very fast

Turns out there isn't a single genre of the entertainment industry that's immune to the brutality of the mean tweet.In the Jimmy Kimmel Live hotseat this time are a host of country music stars, from Kacey Musgraves to Ashley McBryde — and, as becomes very clear right at the beginning of the video,

Learn how to crush your fear of public speaking, plus other business skills with these online classe

If you can confidently go on stage and speak in front of a large group of people without feeling like you're going to throw up your guts, then congratulations, you're better than 90% of the population.

A lighting kit for your TV can totally change your viewing experience (and this one is on sale)

Your 4K TV is incredible. Gorgeous resolution, amazing sound. Until now, if someone claimed they could enhance your TV viewing experience, you'd naturally call them a filthy, disgusting liar. Well, not anymore, thanks to the DreamScreen 4K Total Surround Lighting Kit,

This year's John Lewis Christmas ad will reduce you to a sobbing wreck

Well, it's that time of year again! Time for the John Lewis Christmas advert and, true to form, it's a real tearjerker. Especially for fans of the legendary Elton John. As the familiar dulcet sounds of "you can tell everybody, this is your song" play,

iJustine may have just found the biggest story of CES 2016

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of CES? Is it some fancy new phone? Or a self-driving car?But what about a mystery tech product from Wheat Thins, a company best known for making tasty cracker snacks? Most would think that sounds crazy. However,

Unbelievable NASA photo shows Earth rising above the moon

Earth rises above the surface of the moon in a spectacular new image taken by a NASA spacecraftThe new high-resolution photo, taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), shows the blue marble of our planet suspended above the cratered, mountainous lunar horizon"The image is simply stunning,

This maple Manhattan with apples will be the talk of the party

A dash of maple syrup and sautéed apples make this spin on a Manhattan the season's sultriest drink.Find the full recipe here: Read more...More about Holidays, Diy, Drinks, Cocktails, and Food And Drink

Yukari Kane 谈论艾维:他是一个很自傲的人

近日,前华尔街日报记者 Yukari Kane 的新书《阴影下的帝国:后乔布斯时代的苹果》 引起了不小的争议。苹果公司的 CEO Tim Cook 说它是“一派胡言”,Jony Ive 也主动邀请记者做了一篇访谈,说自己对公司很有信心。

Google Street View removes houses of controversial UK celebrities

Paul McCartney, Tony Blair and Fred Goodwin are just some of the celebrities and notable personalities to have their houses blurred or removed from Google's Street View. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

backbonejs中的模型篇(二) - Joans

一:模型标识符 每个模型都有一个用作唯一标识符的ID属性,以便在不同模型间进行区分。通过id属性我们可以直接访问模型对象当中用于标识符存放的属性,默认属性名为id,但也可以通过设置idAttribute来改名。



Aziz Ansari Takes Vocab Lessons Very Seriously

Aziz Ansari and Grover make quite a dynamic duo.Ansari doesn't mess around when it comes to vocabulary lessons, which is something of a problem when Sesame Street's word of the day is "ridiculous."See also: Kid President and Grover Give the Pep Talk You Need to HearLuckily, his fuzzy pal Grove,


虎嗅注:本文根据设计癖的两篇文章《「Ipno」音箱消除噪音无后顾之忧》及《「白噪音」Joe 让你瞬间如入无人之境》综合而成。

Today's Net Neutrality Proposal Would Help Fix Phone Throttling Bullshit

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler just dropped some serious net neutrality knowledge on the US. In short: he will be proposing that the internet be reclassified under an updated Title II,

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谢 @袁霖 邀~看来不只是我一个人注意过这个问题啊哈哈哈哈~首先,可以认为池子中间的气泡是独立的,且暂时假定气泡尺寸相等。此时可以将气泡破裂看成一个一级反应,其数量指数减少先快后慢,类似于原子的衰变。


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