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What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends?

So, this is a great question: if you cancel your Office 365 subscription, what happens to all of the data that’s stored there? In fact, that’s a great question for any cloud service, where your...The post What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends? appeared first on WinBeta.

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Windows 10 Twitter PWA picks up ability to upload videos, see profile cards with hover

The Twitter PWA on Windows 10 recently picked up both the ability to upload videos and also see a profile card with a hover

Microsoft takes Store shopping cart feature offline, says it will return in the next few weeks

Microsoft's Brad Rossetti just announced today that the feature is now going offline, and will return in the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17741, here’s what’s new

The preview build 17741 is bringing more minor fixes and improvements today, and Microsoft highlighted that it's now easier than ever to get started with the Your Phone app with a new desktop pin that will take you directly to it.

Skype Preview app adds new option to archive conversations

Microsoft is adding a new Archive feature to its new cross-platform Skype app, for the times when you want to hide conversations instead of deleting them.

The Wider Web: Google’s Location History, Twitter tightens 3rd party access, and more

As usual, there’s lots happening in the tech world, and not all of it involves Microsoft. Of course, there was some big cross platform news that did involve Microsoft and Amazon, as the long awaited connection between Alexa and Cortana is finally live in preview.

Microsoft fixes log in and activation issues in Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has fixed an issue preventing Office 365 users to log in or activating their Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android also gets book annotations, breaking news alerts

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android is also getting book annotations, breaking news alerts, and other features from the iOS version.

TED joins the growing list of universal apps with a new Windows 10 offering for PCs and mobile

Windows fans of in-depth discussions on the broad and fringe fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design now have a TED universal app to turn to for both PC and mobile devices. The 31-year old...

Bing Predicts continues winning NFL season with 11-5 Week 15

After an average showing in NFL Week 14, Bing Predicts picked things back up in Week 15. Microsoft’s machine intelligence scored a stunning 11-5, bringing Bing Predicts to 142-82 for the season. Carolina staying...

The Martian is now available through the Windows Store and the Movies and TV app

Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi action adventure movie The Martian starring Matt Damon has landed in the Windows Store. This sci-fi movie was well received as being different from typical space dramas with large explosions...

Gawker 10 Chicks Heathen Men Should Never Marry | Jalopnik The Best Halal Cart In NYC | Jezebel More

Gawker 10 Chicks Heathen Men Should Never Marry | Jalopnik The Best Halal Cart In NYC | Jezebel More Women Are 'Marrying Down' | Kotaku The Space Jam Video Game We Deserve | Defamer Watch Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Make Fun of Each Other for Charity | Kinja Popular PostsRead more...    

[图]开发者必备:关于Android L的一切

谷歌在近日举行的I/O开发者大会上发布了全新移动操作系统Android L的开发者预览版本,相对于上一版本来说,Android L在UI风格、界面切换、和原生应用等各方面都发生了比较大的变化,目前该版本已经提供给开发者进行下载安装。



JavaWeb学习总结(十二)——Session - 孤傲苍狼

一、Session简单介绍 在WEB开发中,服务器可以为每个用户浏览器创建一个会话对象(session对象),注意:一个浏览器独占一个session对象(默认情况下)。

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Said to Imitate Part of iPhone Design

Photos claiming to depict the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo. The photos show a decidedly grooved metal design — an iPhone trademark on generations 5 and later — not shared by past Galaxy modelsSee also:

Driverless Cars and Eating Dogs: Predictions for Year 2000 from 1980

What do you imagine will be the biggest challenges that the world will face in 20 years? Energy or food scarcity? Overpopulation? What about our biggest triumphs? Cures for cancer and extended lifespans? Smarter humans? Well,


Samsung is tempting iPhone users with a 30-day trial of its new phones

With the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has Apple in its crosshairs.Samsung is now offering iPhone owners a 30-day trial of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge for the tidy sum of $1See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The big screen goes chic,



CES 2016:Nvidia發表VR裝置適用之最佳軟硬體規格清單

Nvidia為了讓大家在執行VR應用程式時,確認自己的電腦,是否為最適當的硬體環境規格,發表了一款測定程式,其名為「GTX Geforce VR Ready」。閱讀全文

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