What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends?

So, this is a great question: if you cancel your Office 365 subscription, what happens to all of the data that’s stored there? In fact, that’s a great question for any cloud service, where your...The post What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends? appeared first on WinBeta.

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At GDC, Microsoft’s VP of Cloud Gaming opens up on the future of streaming

Microsoft's approach also consist of identical audience pillars which include community, content and cloud.

Konami Anniversary Collection series will bring all classic games to Xbox One this year

Japanese video games company Konami is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and this occasion several classic Konami games will be re-released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Latest Minecraft Bedrock update brings crossbows and lanterns, adds new Xbox Achievement

The next major update of the Minecraft Village and Pillage series of upgrades is already out now for the Bedrock Edition of the game.

Halo live-action TV series gains a second show-runner

UIt now appears the project will also be adding a second showrunner who's credits include TNT's The Last Ship and The Closer.

Xbox One consoles to add spatial sound functionality to basic TV sets

An upcoming Xbox One update will soon make it possible to add spatial sound functionality to any TV speakers.

New Alliance Intelligent Cloud will bring the power of Azure to Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi cars

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance has released its new Alliance Intelligent Cloud, a service that will use the cloud, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies to power connected vehicles from the three automotive companies.

Xbox Game Pass is getting six new games including Deus: Ex Mankind Divided and Vampyr

Microsoft has just announced six new additions to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, including two more games from publisher Square Enix.

TED joins the growing list of universal apps with a new Windows 10 offering for PCs and mobile

Windows fans of in-depth discussions on the broad and fringe fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design now have a TED universal app to turn to for both PC and mobile devices. The 31-year old...

Bing Predicts continues winning NFL season with 11-5 Week 15

After an average showing in NFL Week 14, Bing Predicts picked things back up in Week 15. Microsoft’s machine intelligence scored a stunning 11-5, bringing Bing Predicts to 142-82 for the season. Carolina staying...

The Martian is now available through the Windows Store and the Movies and TV app

Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi action adventure movie The Martian starring Matt Damon has landed in the Windows Store. This sci-fi movie was well received as being different from typical space dramas with large explosions...

扫尽雾霾 令人期待的城市空气净化塔

人生病了可以去就医,那环境受到污染了怎么办?这座名为“Climatology Tower”的空气净化塔就是一个不错的解决办法。环境技术工程师们将会以此为研究中心,来评估及净化城市的空气质量。


呵呵,说起下厨,我仅且仅仅讨厌两件事,凶猛四溅的油花会烫伤皮肤,让“僵尸”都会上吐下泻犯晕乎的大蒜(某游戏不就 […]



HTC’s Google Nexus slate now ‘X’ rated and powered by 64-bit SoC

It’s rumoured that the tablet now has the name Nexus X and a spec list confirms an 8.9in display as well as a 64-bit CPU and an ultra-efficient 192-core GPU.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/27/htcs-google-nexus-slate-now-x-rated-and-powered-by-64-bit-soc/

12 月第 1 周你不可错过的 10 款新品

上一周在 NEXT 出现了多款重量级的新产品,从即时通讯潜在的颠覆者到旅游出行新星、从团队协作微创新到可能成为未来全新交通工具的雏形,从解决人类基础问题的迷你工具到后PC 时代没落贵族颇具新意之举......

Microsoft To US Gov't: the World's Servers Are Not Yours For the Taking

Microsoft is currently fighting a legal battle with the U.S. government, who wants to search the company's servers in Ireland using a U.S. search warrant. An anonymous reader points out a new court filing from Microsoft that argues the U.S.

血肉横飞 WP版《行尸走肉之猎杀僵尸》上架


形勢大好!華為 2014 年智能手機收入增加多達三分之一

作為中國其中一間最大型的手機廠商,華為去年的成績可說是非常理想,因為今日有消息指其 2014 年的智能手機銷量多達 7,500 萬部,而總收入亦足足比前年增加了接近三分之一。以下有更多資料:The post 形勢大好!

Artist illustrates the hilarious frustrations of being a tall person

The tall person struggle is real.Designer and co-founder of ShirtsMyWay.com Peter Crawfurd has illustrated some of the biggest frustrations that plague tall people in a series of delightful comics. Although Crawfurd is of fairly average height himself,

IKEA 致力於美好之上的無限希望

IKEA 致力於為你我創造出更美好的生活,但如今,它所擴展開來的影響力將不僅僅是在你我的身上,而是同時將那份得以開創出更為美好的創造力藉由其廣大的消費群們,以把愛渲染出去的概念,讓這份帶以溫度的美好藉由你我散播開來…  閱讀全文

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