What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends?

So, this is a great question: if you cancel your Office 365 subscription, what happens to all of the data that’s stored there? In fact, that’s a great question for any cloud service, where your...The post What happens to your data after your Office 365 subscription ends? appeared first on WinBeta.

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Microsoft to disable outdated TLS 1.0, 1.1 for Edge and IE early next year

This early notice comes just a couple of months before the 20th anniversary of TLS 1.0 on January 19, 2019.

Adobe announces full Photoshop for iPad, coming in 2019

Today's news will at least give Mac/iPad users tempted by the streamline Adobe experience on a Surface device, a bit of pause

Microsoft launches new “blush” Surface Laptop 2 for the Chinese market

As Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 are set to launch in select market this week, Surface head Panos Panay revealed today that a pink variant of the Surface Laptop 2 will be available exclusively in the Chinese market.

Microsoft partners with Indian government’s think tank, NITI Aayog, to bring AI to the masses

NITI Aayog and Microsoft India have announced an agreement to leverage the benefits of AI for the growth of the nation.

How-to: All about hidden files on Windows 10, and how to unhide them

Windows 10 supports hidden files across the system. This feature can, per the name, be used to hide files which you don’t want to be visible when browsing through folders. Hidden files is a simple feature which mostly offers one-click controls to show and hide hidden content.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store preparing for Windows Core OS apps, Feedback Hub gets changes

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft Store is reportedly getting ready to accept apps targeting Windows Core OS Microsoft is quietly working on a different operating system,

Microsoft news recap: 5th largest PC manufacturer, Office Insider apps re-opens sign-ups, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware Microsoft, for the first time,

TED joins the growing list of universal apps with a new Windows 10 offering for PCs and mobile

Windows fans of in-depth discussions on the broad and fringe fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design now have a TED universal app to turn to for both PC and mobile devices. The 31-year old...

Bing Predicts continues winning NFL season with 11-5 Week 15

After an average showing in NFL Week 14, Bing Predicts picked things back up in Week 15. Microsoft’s machine intelligence scored a stunning 11-5, bringing Bing Predicts to 142-82 for the season. Carolina staying...

The Martian is now available through the Windows Store and the Movies and TV app

Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi action adventure movie The Martian starring Matt Damon has landed in the Windows Store. This sci-fi movie was well received as being different from typical space dramas with large explosions...

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Federal Car Fleet To Become Test Bed For High-Tech Safety Gear

coondoggie (973519) writes "Future autos leased by the federal government will be equipped with some advanced high-tech safety technology in an effort to test the equipment in real-life situations.



IBM 聊比特币:区块链技术 = 解决物联网缺陷的核心

IOT——物联网,这是当下的热词,也是行将而来的大势。顾名思义,物联网 = 物物相连的互联网:一,核心和基础仍是互联网;二,在互联网的基础上延展到物与物之间,进行信息交换。





[组图]碳纤维打造 MUV-e折叠电动滑板车任性售价2000美元



据国外媒体报道,这是一个直接从一部科幻小说中拿出来的计划,或许是一个使人永生的方法。旧金山一位发明人公布了他要 […]

How the Hell Are These Popular Spying Apps Not Illegal?

Here are some sordid scenarios. Your ex-girlfriend can see every time you swipe right while using Tinder. Your former husband is secretly listening to and recording your late-night Skype sessions with your new boyfriend.

UK surveillance laws not transparent, should be overhauled says report

LONDON — The legal framework surrounding intelligence-gathering practices by UK agencies is "unnecessarily complicated" and must be overhauled, according to a new landmark report published Thursday morningSee also: UK government asks: How's our hacking?

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