Australian man sues eBay for unlisting his weed hat that stoked a political fire

An Australian man is taking eBay to court after it removed his auction listing for a hat featuring a cannabis leaf on the frontZaky Mallah is seeking A$30,000 (US$21,756) in damages for removal of the listing, which was published on Dec. 21. See also:

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Australian man sues eBay for unlisting his weed hat that stoked a political fire

An Australian man is taking eBay to court after it removed his auction listing for a hat featuring a cannabis leaf on the frontZaky Mallah is seeking A$30,000 (US$21,756) in damages for removal of the listing, which was published on Dec. 21. See also:

Bose speakers, Samsung wireless chargers, Roomba vacuum cleaners, Philips juicers, and more on sale

We know what you like. You like deals, on all the biggest brands, and that's exactly what we've got for you. We have lined up discounted devices from the likes of LG, Samsung, Bose, Philips, and more. You can save on a wide range of devices for the home and kitchen, including coffee machines,

Norton Secure VPN is half-price at under £20 for a whole year

TL;DR: Sign up to a comprehensive Norton Secure VPN service for under £20, saving 50 percent on list price.When it comes to keeping your private information safe, you need the best in protective technology. Passwords, bank details,

The confidence trick we all fall for online

Before deepfakes and alternative facts, the online world was already telling us fibs. In our series Lies the Internet Told Me, we call 'em all out.In the classic teen comedy Clueless, new-girl Tai arrives in Beverly Hills, and popular Cher Horowitz puts herself in charge of helping Tai fit in.

YouTuber Ryan Jacobs Flores has a powerful message for the LGBTQ community

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.Ryan Jacobs Flores has been publicly supporting the transgender community since he was a teenager,

Save over £400 on the latest Apple iPad Pro from Amazon

TL;DR: The latest Apple iPad Pro is on sale for just £1,050 on Amazon, saving you £469 on list price.When it comes to great deals, it's not always about last year's model or an outdated design. Sometimes, the best deals are on the latest models.

Camps help ease anxiety for LGBTQ campers and for their parents back home

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2019 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Several years ago,

The Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is down by £70 on Amazon

TL;DR: The elegant Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is on sale for under £79.99 on Amazon, saving you £70 on list price.The coffee machine market is pretty crowded, with a lot of devices to consider. Some of these come under £100, and others can cost thousands. Naturally,

This Sufi version of Christmas carols will tug at your heartstrings

In a year of religious polarisation, this joyous instrumental version of Christmas carols by Sufi musicians from India is the perfect multi-cultural musical tribute to the festivalSee also: Goats singing Christmas carols will put you in a festive moodIn this commercial for Tata Sky,

What to eat for supper in Singapore when you're done Christmas partying

Every Christmas plays out the same way in most Singaporean households: we open our presents with our families in the morning, stuff our faces with glorious food during lunch and dinner, then proceed to head out to meet our friends to party the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

This Australian politician doesn't hate Christmas, he hates Festivus

It's a Festivus, for the rest of us, but not for one Australian politician.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was criticized by opponents for banning Christmas carols in schools, a claim he disputes—and has some fun with on Facebook doing so by invoking our favourite Seinfeld holiday, Festivus.

高通宣布取消其已发布的Snapdragon 802芯片

高通曾在在今年一月份举行的CES展会上发布了一款为智能电视所打造的芯片,Snapdragon 802.然而在昨天高通举办了一场低调的新闻发布会,宣布该款芯片将会被取消.    



GoPro Shares Spike As It Handily Beats Street Estimates

GoPro’s earnings for the third quarter were pretty as a picture for the company’s investors, with earnings coming in above analysts’ expectations For the quarter, GoPro racked up sales of $280 million, up 45.7% from the $192.1 million reported in the third quarter of 2013.

I took my first Uber, and I’m not sorry

My first Uber ride ever got off to a bit of a rough start WednesdayI'd just signed up this morning and was feeling nervous about trusting this critical ride to what was, for me at least, an untested service.

今日新聞淺談:智慧型手機戒斷症狀,創意 APP 幫你戒 “滑手機” 毒

自從智慧型手機開始人手一隻之後,除了低頭造成的肩頸痠痛、藍光造成的眼睛病變之外,有不少人還多了五分鐘不拿手機起來看渾身不自在的症狀,以前我們都戲稱每天不看報紙的人有 “資訊恐慌症”,現在則把這些不看手機渾身不自在的人稱作 “手機中毒者”,如果你是在一般閒暇時候不斷地檢查 mail、通訊軟體訊息倒是沒什麼關係,但如果你是在上班或上課時常常這樣做,那真的會別人造成困擾,而且也影響的自己的生活。



Travel through time, space and fashion with 'Doctor Who' clothes

Bow ties are cool. So are TARDIS-themed overcoats and Weeping Angel cardigans.BBC partnered with Hot Topic to create a limited edition Doctor Who collection, just in time for the holidays — and upcoming Christmas special which airs Dec.


上海2016年3月2日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年2月27日,由大金主办的以“携手共创”为主题的2016年大金空调全国经销商年会在上海世博会议中心盛大召开。来自于全国各地近2600名大金经销商及家属代表与来自研发、生产、销售、售后的大金员工代表共襄盛举。 参会人员合影 回首2015年,不断变化的市场环境让空调行业遇到了前所未有的挑战。




因为白天要上班,晚上又得排队,所以一天之后,新到的 HTC Vive 我还只试过两个游戏,看着昨天早上配合 Vive 发布更新的一系列 VR 游戏,我有点想哭。不过,昨天体验的 The Lab,惊艳到让我的心平衡了一些。我大 Valve 果然是游戏界最懂 VR 的或者是 VR 界最懂游戏的,看似随意的把几个 demo 汇集到一个名为实验室的游戏中,就让我这种没见过世面的小白惊掉了下巴,玩完都舍不得摘下头盔。其他几个小伙伴也是如此,retric 摘下之后说了一句,“this world sucks”。下面就说说我在 the lab 里都体验到了哪些好玩的。

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