Hands On With The Xperia Z2 Smartphone And Z2 Tablet, Sony’s Waterproof Wonders

Both Samsung and HTC have new flagship Android phones out in the U.S.,but Sony isn’t just sitting back and doing nothing. The company has its new 5.2-inch Z2 smartphone launching soon in select markets, including in Canada in May.

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Volumetric photogrammetry — big words, bigger impact on VR

Virtual reality: Most people have at least a rudimentary understanding of what the term means. For consumers, VR generally means strapping on a head-mounted display, stepping into a new world and enjoying the experience.

Google is rolling out a fix for those Home-related WiFi issues

In the latest of a recent spate of bugs plaguing Google’s most recent hardware offerings, a number of Home and Chromecast users have been reporting issues around their devices’ WiFi connectivity this week. Google has since acknowledged the issue on its support page,

The Last Mile is launching its coding program at a women’s prison in Indiana

The Last Mile, a coding program that first launched inside California’s San Quentin State Prison, has expanded to its first out-of-state prison. Yesterday, The Last Mile announced its plans to launch at the Indiana Women’s Prison with support from Governor Eric J. Holcomb.

Apple greenlights new Reese Witherspoon-backed comedy series starring Kristen Wiig

Apple has landed its first half-hour comedy series, according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter out this afternoon. The series, which will be exec produced by and star SNL vet Kristen Wiig, hails from Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine.

Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories

Instagram now lets some users slap background-less GIFs sourced from Giphy onto their Instagram Stories. Rolling out for wider testing with a Giphy-branded design, the new GIF sticker engine could further differentiate Instagram Stories from Snapchat, which has yet to embrace the animation trend.

Study shows software used to predict repeat offenders is no better at it than untrained humans

COMPAS, a piece of software commonly used in the justice system to predict which offenders will find themselves behind bars again, is no better than soliciting random people on Mechanical Turk to determine the same thing, a new study has found. Oh, and they’re both racially biased. Read More

Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin exits COO role, now filled by former Pandora COO Sara Clemens

Twitch today announced its co-founder Kevin Lin will be stepping down from the COO role at the company, amid a series of new executive hires. Lin will continue to work at Twitch in a newly developed, and still unnamed, role leading “Culture,

Intel Meets In Q1 With Revenue Of $12.8B, EPS Of $0.38 On Back Of Recovering PC Market

Following the bell today, Intel reported its first quarter results, including revenue of $12.764 billion, and earnings per share of $0.38. The results roughly match analyst expectations that the company would earn $0.37 per share on top line of $12.81 billion. It’s worth noting that that $0.

Yahoo Beats Street For Q1 On Sales Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.38, Flat Display Sales Of $438M

Yahoo has just reported its Q1 earnings, with ex-TAC revenues of $1.087 billion and earnings per share of $0.38, and net income of $149 million. That beat analysts’ expectation: they were expecting revenues of $1.08 billion on earnings of $0.37 per share. This quarter last year,

Seeking Growth, The Payments Industry Embraces New Technologies

Now a victim of its own omnipresent success, the global electronic payments industry is increasingly turning to new technologies as it looks to expand its footprint and find new ways to make money by getting consumers to spend theirs.

Gear 2 Is the Wearable Samsung Should Have Shipped the First Time

It’s not news that Samsung likes to throw a lot of products at the wall and see what sticks. But when it came to the original Samsung Galaxy Gear wearable device, the strategy was even more aggressive: rush the product to market, even if one or two of its design decisions made absolutely no sense.

Startup Financial Services Companies Come Of Age

With one eye on businesses abandoned in the wake of the financial crisis and the other on a new generation of investors, startup companies are now raising significant sums to challenge the hegemony of big banks and investment firms. Read More



Deals: $5 Phone Cases, the Best Juicer, Half Price Starbucks

No matter what smartphone you own, you can probably find a $5 or $6 Rearth case for it today on their eBay storefront. [$5-$6 Rearth Cases]Read more...

The Hong Kong Protest Echoes Heard 'Round the World

While mass demonstrations are bringing the streets of Hong Kong to a virtual standstill, the movement, dubbed the Umbrella Revolution has taken on a life of its own outside the citySolidarity rallies have sprung up internationally,


婚纱礼服馆首次对公众开放 上海2015年1月20日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年1月20日至23日,第27届中国·上海国际婚纱摄影器材展览会将在上海世博展览馆拉开帷幕。

计算机程序的构造和解释 1.21 寻找素数因子 - Pxjw

寻找素数因子要求用书中的smallest-divisor过程找出199, 1999, 19999的最小因子。

HoloLens could play a big role in the future of healthcare

Future nurses will have access to technology which is currently being developed by several different companies, and one of those pieces of technology may be HoloLens, where Microsoft looks to change the way nurses work.

【前端优化之渲染优化】大屏android手机动画丢帧的背后 - 叶小钗



我们知道,微软一直都在强调为用户带来更高效的生产力。为了这个目的,微软从软件和硬件两方面进行布局。在硬件方面, […]

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