NYPD Disbands Unit That Spied on Muslims

The New York Police Department has dismantled a unit that was tasked with spying on Muslim communities around New York City and even outside of it, according to The New York Times.

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New York to honor fallen NYPD officers with moment of silence

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will hold a moment of silence at 2:47 p.m. EST to "honor the memories" of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu this afternoon at City HallThe mayor's office called on all New Yorkers to join him in the moment of silence,

In his own words: 12 times the New York City mayor spoke out about the NYPD

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under a barrage of criticism in the wake of the killing of two NYPD officers on Dec. 20, with police union officials blasting him for what they believe is an "anti-police" stance.See also:

Dueling hashtags of dissent as protesters march in New York following NYPD shooting

Tensions between some police supporters and anti-police brutality protesters have reached new heights following the shooting deaths of two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, on Saturday.The situation has led to increased debate on social media around the issue of U.S.

Police departments across the U.S. display 'mourning bands' to support NYPD

Following Saturday's murders of two police officers in New York, dozens of police departments across the U.S. have sent messages of support to the NYPD.

NYPD Is Sending Its Officers to Social Media Class

The New York City Police Department is requiring its officers to take lessons in social media use, following several recent Twitter controversies, according to a new report.

NYPD offers $12,000 reward for suspects in officer protest 'assault'

New York's police department is on the hunt for seven suspects — four men and three women — who allegedly assaulted two officers during a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday night.See also: Timelapse video reveals massive size of New York City protestsThe department is offering a $12,

Amateur Drone Pilots Arrested for Flying Too Close to NYPD Chopper

Two amateur drone pilots have been arrested for flying drones too close to a New York police chopper on Monday.Wilkins Mendoza, 23, and Remy Castro, 34,

NYPD Officer Hacks NYPD in Ballsy Side-Hustle Scam

An NYPD officer has been arrested for hacking NYPD and FBI databases so he could pose as a lawyer and profit off tricking traffic victims. Read more...

New Yorkers honor slain police officers with tributes across the city

In the wake of a shocking attack Saturday that left two NYPD officers dead, New Yorkers held vigils and remembered the slain men in ceremonies around the cityNYPD officers Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32, were shot, "execution style" while on patrol. The attacker,

2 NYPD officers shot in Brooklyn, police confirm

UPDATE: 5:30 p.m. ET: Police officials have confirmed that the two police officers shot in Brooklyn are dead, according to a report from The New York Times.Scene of the shooting blocked off in all directionspic.twitter.com/fR2y2f9Ggg— Lindsey Adler (@Lahlahlindsey) December 20,

Seth Meyers slams Trump's golf trip: 'In a real emergency, no one goes to the omelette bar'

Late Night host Seth Meyers absolutely eviscerated Trump's press conference regarding his declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall.Tackling Trump's speech delivered at the White House on Friday, Meyers noticed it was "less of a declaration and more of a sing-song ramble.

Huawei founder speaks amid pressure: 'The U.S. can't crush us'

The founder of Chinese electronics giant Huawei said it doesn't need the U.S. to survive. Ren Zhengfei spoke to the BBC in his first interview since the arrest of his daughter, Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, in Canada.SEE ALSO:

Please enjoy the unnecessarily lit 'Act My Age' by One Direction meme

One Direction may have disbanded three years ago, but their songs are still undeniable meme-worthy bops. You've probably stumbled across this bizarre meme in the past few days: A trio goes hard and dances in perfect sync to what sounds like the beginning of a sea shanty. 

Buckle up, Queen is performing at the Oscars

Guys. Queen is performing at the Oscars this year. With Adult Goth/possible vampire Adam Lambert at its helm, Queen is set to dazzle us all during the awards show, which controversially tried to cut four categories from its broadcast in hopes of saving time.SEE ALSO: Never mind,

Creators on Instagram and other platforms made nearly $7 billion, study says

Creators in the U.S. are earning more than ever on internet platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr — nearly $7 billion, according to a new study.The sprawling 97-page report by the Re:Create Coalition analyzes how many people in the U.S. are creating online content,

This 'Alien' cake is the only good gender reveal

Congrats, it's a parasitic alien! Gender reveal parties are exhaustingly overdone — from starting wildfires to nearly killing Grandpa, the heteronormative announcements can backfire beautifully. Twitter user @mskittenfish posted a video of a rare gender reveal done well. SEE ALSO:

Why is everyone on Twitter talking about towels?

Good morning, everyone. Apparently we're mad about towels. Scrolling through Twitter on Monday, you might have seen a feed full of people arguing over the amount of towels you're supposed to own.

WordPress Creator Automattic Seeks $1 Billion Valuation: Report

Who says bloggers don't make any money?Automattic, which runs the popular blogging service WordPress, is in the market for a new round of funding that would value the company at more than $1 billion, according to FortuneSee also: 13-Year-Old Blogger:

Majority of States Tax Their Citizens at a Moderate Rate

Taxes may be one of only two certain things in this world, but some of us may end up paying more than others depending on which state we live in.A majority of states charge a moderate rate on income, sales and property taxes, according to data collected by Tax-Rates.org.

Paul Walker's Brothers Will Help Finish 'Fast and Furious 7'

Two brothers of the late Paul Walker have joined the cast of Fast and Furious 7 to help filmmakers complete unfinished action scenes for the movieUniversal Pictures had halted production of the film out of respect for Walker, who died in a car crash at age 40 on Nov. 30.


这份报告得出了一些有趣的现象,Steam平台拥有最多用户的游戏是DOTA2(2500万), 在游戏公测之前,使用完全的邀请制还有如此表现实在是非常抢眼。

Kickstarter Decides You Don't Care About Money

When Oculus Rift sold out to Facebook for $2 billion, some of us raised eyebrows . A huge Kickstarter crowd had given Oculus money in its early days, and now they were being left behind. Kickstarter has a reply for jilted supporters: "there are things that are more important than money.



Google Glass资深电气工程师Adrian Wong投奔Oculus VR,构建新的虚拟空间

Adrian Wong是一位Google X实验室的资深电气工程师,一直负责Google Glass项目,近日,Wong在Facebook上宣布,决定离开Google,去Oculus VR开始全新的职业生涯,“构建虚拟空间”。

消息称国内三大运营商将同步发售iPhone 6

由于 iPhone 6 的发布时间已经确定,因此苹果发布邀请函至今,关于 iPhone 6 上市的消息一发不可收拾地涌现出来。现在基本上已经可以确定的,就是首批 iPhone 6 将会在 9 月 19 日上市,其中包括中国地区。

33 Musical Earworms You Can't Escape

You know the routine: Select a song, finish listening to that song, immediately replay that song. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the day.We've all experienced earworms — you know, those infectious jams that you just can't get out of your head.

GoPro captures dog's heartbreaking reaction to his owner leaving the house

Get ready to never leave your pet home alone againCurious about the antics his dog gets into after he leaves the house, YouTube user Mike the Intern strapped a GoPro onto his pet to capture his dog's reactionUnfortunately,



Reg A + Gives Women And Minority Founders Access To Startup Capital

Reg A+ does not directly solve the ongoing dilemma of access to venture capital dollars for women and minorities. But it does disrupt the investor status quo and provides a much needed alternative to capital for those who need it most. Read More


三星将于8月13日召开新品发布会,其中Galaxy Note 5和Galaxy S6 Edge Plus早已确定会亮相。根据三星官网上线的发布倒计时页面,我们很有可能迎来第三款新品——Galaxy Tab S2。

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