A breathtaking city made completely out of cardboard

In some people's childhood, the cardboard box was the best toy ever. If you happen to be that kid, this artwork is taking cardboard cubby houses to new heights.

Maryland residents post frightening videos of flash flooding after heavy rain

Residents and local press in Maryland posted frightening footage of destructive flash flooding on Sunday, following heavy rain across the state.Particularly affected was Ellicott City, located about 14 miles west of Baltimore,

Real-life 'Spider-Man' who climbed building to save child to meet with French president

It's surely a stunt out of a Hollywood film.A man's dramatic climb up the side of a building to rescue a child in Paris earned him widespread praise, plus a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron.SEE ALSO:

One Harvey Weinstein accuser says she won't celebrate his arrest in a must-read thread

In the days following Harvey Weinstein's arrest, some within the entertainment industry have posted a statement released by Time's Up — the organization created in the wake of the scandal. Others, like actress Annabella Sciorra, have taken things a step further.

NASA shares the story of how a SpaceX launch completely melted this poor camera

On May 22, a SpaceX rocket launch left one poor, seemingly high-end camera horribly disfigured and forever ruined. Now, NASA has shared the specifics of what happened.Bill Ingalls, the space and aeronautics agency's photographer, is the one who was tasked that day with capturing the launch.

Someone live tweeted the world record for tallest stack of waffles — and it was a dramatic aff

During Memorial Day Weekend, many people gathered in backyards to kick off cookout season across the country — but in Denver, some visited an unassuming backyard to witness an attempt to shatter the world record for tallest stack of waffles, which was previously at 51 cm. 

Captain America's 'Infinity War' phone number was supposed to be real

678-136-7092Avengers: Infinity War shared Captain America's phone number with the world.It didn't actually work, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere. But as we've now learned, it was originally supposed to work.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are sparring on Twitter again and it's adorable

Turns out, even years after Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has some secrets up her sleeve — and her husband, and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds doesn't even know the half of it. Lively, who has been aggressively promoting her upcoming film A Simple Favor,

Sarah Palin's weird Trump endorsement jacket is actually pretty expensive

When Sarah Palin took the stage at a Donald Trump rally in Iowa Tuesday to endorse his candidacy for president, she was wearing her favorite fancy jacket.Shiny and spiky, the fitted bolero, which appeared to be red, white, blue — and perhaps gold, and also silver,

Sara Palin's Trump endorsement gets the remix it deserves

Sarah Palin delivered a Presidential endorsement to be, uh, remembered.The former vice presidential nominee threw her support behind — you guessed it — Donald Trump in Iowa on Tuesday, and although that may not come as very shocking to most, Palin's WTF-worthy speech was an eye-opener,

Sarah Palin's oldest son arrested in domestic violence case

The oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was arrested in a domestic violence case in which his girlfriend was afraid he would shoot himself with an AR-15 assault rifle, according to court documents filed Tuesday,

Cat and Bird's Duet Will Restore Your Faith in CGI-Enhanced Animals

Freeview, a UK-based free-to-air digital terrestrial service, is making a name for itself outside of its home region with this little ad.The premise: A cat and budgie make peace and, thanks to CGI, lip synch Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's classic "You're All I Need to Get By." It sounds dumb,

[多图]奥迪设计团队:Leica T无反相机图赏

今天早些时候,莱卡(Leica)发布了全新的Leica T无反相机。而它的外形设计,也与该公司此前出产的其它产品“很不一样”!该公司请来了奥迪的设计团队,而该相机的一体式金属机身外观,看起来别有一番感觉。

Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed

New submitter Lew Lorton notes a NY Times story about a thief in New York City who was tracked and located using a GPS device inside a decoy pill bottle he had stolen (along with other pill bottles) from a pharmacy. When police confronted the thief, he raised a gun to shoot at an officer,


5月20日消息,独立研究分析师希恩钱德勒(Sean Chandler)周一在国外投资网站Seekingalpha.

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PS4 Slim版首曝 厚度全面降低

早在去年便有消息称索尼正在计划推出超薄版PS4游戏机(PS Slim),而现在该机型也首次出现在了我们面前。从外媒曝光的谍照来看,超薄版PS4主机在索尼内部的开发代号为Monolith,机身宽、高以及厚度较现有机型全面“缩水”。

Filming Atomic Blasts Requires This Massive, Complicated Camera

There's a truly monstrous camera at the "Churchill's Scientists" exhibition at London's Science Museum right now. The C4 Rotating Mirror High Speed Camera was developed at the end of World War II to study explosive reactions.Read more...

Check Out This Rare Smoke Ring Created By a Missile Launch 

A US Air Force photographer captured a perfect smoke ring during a missile launch today, an awesome phenomenon I've never seen during a rocket launch before.Read more...





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