Nest confirms its smart thermostat quietly leaked user location data

Nest has long been the darling of the smart home industry, but the company recently confirmed its web-connected smart thermostat, known for learning the behavior of owners and saving them money, has been quietly leaking location data.

Get 2 of the new Echo Plus devices *and* an Echo Sub for $100 off with this Amazon pre-order deal

In case you didn't know, Amazon recently revealed a bunch of new Alexa-powered gadgets to the world, further giving us reason to hop on the smart home bandwagon.SEE ALSO:

Pre-order the Amazon Echo Auto for $25 off and bring Alexa on the road

Amazon announced a slew of updates and new devices recently in their efforts to take over the world. One of the hottest new gadgets is the Echo Auto, a dedicated device meant to bring Alexa into your car. Amazon is already ahead of the game,

Samsung makes its virtual assistant Bixby a little less annoying for Note 9 users

Take a deep breath, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users. Bixby is about to annoy you a little less.Samsung is giving its Note 9 customers the ability to reduce accidental activations of Bixby. According to Android Authority, thanks to Samsung’s latest Note 9 update,

Snag a pair (or two) of Apple AirPods from Walmart on sale

We're pretty obsessed with everything Apple makes, but nothing more so than the AirPods. They're small, wireless, non-invasive earbuds that make for the perfect companion to your new iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't exactly like offering discounts on them, so any deal is worth taking note of. 

Best weekend laptop and tablet deals: Save on MacBook Pro, Dell, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and mor

It's official: Fall has arrived. It's time to watch the leaves change and start breaking out all the wool clothes you own. But if you're looking for something else to keep you warm — like a new laptop or tablet in your lap — don't worry, there are plenty of sales to jump on thanks to Amazon,

This trailer for an immersive new 'Game of Thrones' exhibition will make your jaw drop

A Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire exhibition is coming to Berlin, bringing to life the work of more than 40 concept artists exploring The World of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin's history of Westeros.

Best deals for Sept. 21: Save on MacBook Pro, AirPods and iPad, Beats headphones, and the new Amazon

Happy Friday! With the weekend now here (#weekendgoals), we rounded up the best deals from across the internet on kitchenware, headphones, and other electronics like tablets and routers. We also gathered deals on new Amazon devices, Udemy online classes, and deep discounts only found at Target.

Recipe for lamb curry with basmati rice

In this episode of Cooking With One Hand, creator and host David Vos is sharing a recipe that has sharing at its heart. It was developed by a woman named Sattie Pal who took the flavors of Puerto Rico and melded them with spices of India to create a truly unique lamb curry dish.

Half of Americans who aren't LGBTQ think the fight for equality is over

When it comes to the future of LGBTQ activism, a major obstacle is that many non-LGBTQ people don’t see a need for that activism to exist at all.According to a new study released Wednesday by GLAAD, half of all non-LGBTQ Americans believe that "gay people have the same rights as everyone else.

Comedians, video accuse Amy Schumer of stealing jokes

Amy Schumer had an unusually exciting and extraordinarily successful 2015 — so it naturally follows that she's now being hit with accusations of joke theftOn Wednesday, a video surfaced on Vimeo titled "Amy Schumer is a Joke Thief.


今年 1 月份我们了解到了经典射击作品《傲气雄鹰》(Sky Force)即将推出周年版的消息,提到《傲气雄鹰》(Sky Force)这款卷轴射击作品,应该会有不少朋友会缅怀曾经在塞班平台上的酣畅厮杀,早在 2004 年,这款由波兰开发商 Infinite Dreams 推出的作品就凭借着令人上瘾玩法和关卡设计获得了大众好评。  



Shell中判断字符串是否为空与单词分割 - 西城小磊

目录:1. 前言2. 判断字符串是否为空3. test或[]的使用注意事项4. 单词分割(Word-Splitting)5. 总结6. 参考链接前言Shell中通常用test命令判断文件类型和属性,以及数字、字符串的比较,[ expression ]是"test expression" 的同义词。注...

一:JDK和JRE - weilf

>JRE: Java Runtime EnviromentJava的运行环境。面向Java程序的使用者,而不是开发者。如果你仅下载并安装了JRE,那么你的系统只能运行Java程序(不能编译)。JRE是运行Java程序所必须环境的集合,包含JVM标准实现及Java核心类库。



应用内一键交易!Google公布Android Pay项目

在MWC大会上,Google负责Android业务的副总裁Sundar Pichai证实Android Pay项目,并表示它并不是一款供用户直接使用的新产品,而是能让其他公司在实体店或通过App在Android系统上进行安全支付的“应用程序接口”。


(图为洋葱淘 CEO elya)打开“洋葱淘”这款App(iOS/Android),你会觉得它并不大像一个卖东西的地方,更像是一本美妆杂志,或者是某位美妆达人博主的经验贴。 洋葱淘每天推1款限时特卖产品,1个专题,1篇文章。

Google SVP confirms integrated 'Buy' button is 'imminent'

RANCHOS PALOS VERDES, CALIFORNIA — Google is thisclose to removing one step out of your online buying process and, quite possibly, taking a chunk out of Amazon's online shopping business.

The Next Big Opportunity In Enterprise Starts In The Field

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OnePlus 2拍摄样张曝光

根据此前发布的邀请函,第二代一加手机定于本月28日早上10点在北京奥雅会展中心举行,在此前发布的预热海报中已经确定该机搭载高通骁龙810处理器、使用USB Type-C端口,配置指纹识别和3300mAh容量电池,售价不超过$450。

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