Nest confirms its smart thermostat quietly leaked user location data

Nest has long been the darling of the smart home industry, but the company recently confirmed its web-connected smart thermostat, known for learning the behavior of owners and saving them money, has been quietly leaking location data.

Save an additional 15% off these battery packs, wireless chargers, USB hubs, and more

There's no such thing as too many devices — until, of course, you're wrapped up like a mummy in a seemingly endless roll of different cables, multiple types of chargers, and all the gadgets to go with them. We get it:

Save big on home security products during Presidents Day weekend

If we had it our way, we'd hire Fluffy the three-headed dog to guard our houses and live in peace forever. Unfortunately, this is not the Wizarding World, and we have no choice but to resort to the second best thing — home security products.In honor of Presidents Day,

Take an extra 15% off select VPNs this weekend

It's no secret that there are a number of threats you could encounter when you go online — and no, we're not talking about that one weird Reddit thread you wish you could unsee. Malware, viruses, hackers, and other innovative forms of attack all pop up,

Colin Kaepernick settles collusion case with NFL

Colin Kaepernick and his former teammate, Eric Reid, have reached a settlement in their suit against the NFL. The players sued the league in 2017,

Samsung gives up on Blu-ray players in the U.S.

Samsung is throwing in the towel on Blu-ray players, in the U.S. at least."Samsung will no longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market," the company told CNET, in response to an earlier report in Forbes. SEE ALSO: Welp,

Amazon invites Ocasio-Cortez to visit and see for herself how workers don’t pee in bottles

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one of the most outspoken critics of Amazon's now-abandoned HQ2 plan for New York City, and now the online mega-retailer is hitting back...nicely.

Disney's 'Incredibles 2' Oscars pitch hilariously brings out the 'Spider-Verse' stans

When Oscar voters cast their ballots ahead of the 91st Academy Awards on Feb. 24, Disney wants them to remember Incredibles 2."For your consideration" ads and social media posts are a common sight in the run-up to the big show every year.

Recipe for lamb curry with basmati rice

In this episode of Cooking With One Hand, creator and host David Vos is sharing a recipe that has sharing at its heart. It was developed by a woman named Sattie Pal who took the flavors of Puerto Rico and melded them with spices of India to create a truly unique lamb curry dish.

Half of Americans who aren't LGBTQ think the fight for equality is over

When it comes to the future of LGBTQ activism, a major obstacle is that many non-LGBTQ people don’t see a need for that activism to exist at all.According to a new study released Wednesday by GLAAD, half of all non-LGBTQ Americans believe that "gay people have the same rights as everyone else.

Comedians, video accuse Amy Schumer of stealing jokes

Amy Schumer had an unusually exciting and extraordinarily successful 2015 — so it naturally follows that she's now being hit with accusations of joke theftOn Wednesday, a video surfaced on Vimeo titled "Amy Schumer is a Joke Thief.

极致速度感 世界上最快的电动摩托车

在大众的观点里电动车和极致速度似乎没太大关系,但 Lightning LS-218 将改变这一成见,它将是世界上跑得最快的摩托车。  






谢谢小当家 雨前羽街 邀请*^^*我今天想了一下,因为我是一个特别看重早餐的人,我家的早餐可能对于大多数人来说会有点过于“严重”,跟正餐的分量和模式差不多了。

Meet Roku TV: The TV Set With Your Favorite Streaming Platform Inside

Many smart TV platforms are less than perfect, so you're almost always better off adding some kind of streaming device. Now Roku is cutting out the middleman completely, by releasing TVs with Roku baked right inside . Synergy! Read more...

New cyber crime police unit arrests UK man over illegal streaming sites

The recently formed, Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, has arrested an individual after finding 12 computer servers used for streaming high-profile sporting events.Read more:

Book Review: Architecting the Cloud

benrothke writes Most books about cloud computing are either extremely high-level quasi-marketing tomes about the myriad benefits of the cloud without any understanding of how to practically implement the technology under discussion.



筛选法求素数 - humingX

// 100 prime number// 筛选法 即:“埃拉托色尼筛选法”// 找出一个非素数就把它挖掉,最后剩下就是素数/* * 找出1~n的素数表 * 1、挖去1 * 2、用下一个未挖去的数p去除p后面各数,把p的倍数挖掉 * 3、检查p是否小于n的整数部分(如果n=1000,则坚持p#inc.


考試或是面試在台灣人的想法中,除了自己本身充實多努力之外,還有人習慣會到廟裡去拜拜求神,將准考證或是履歷表放在文昌帝君的面前,擺上祭品誠心祈求上榜;在日本的文化中也有類似的文化,在許願時將不倒翁的其中一隻眼睛點上,達成了再畫上另一隻眼睛,日本專門製作真實顏的公司株式会社マーユ把公司專業結合不倒翁,推出了非常 可怕的 真實的顏不倒翁,希望能為消費者提供祈福的效果。

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