UGG boot copycats will actually keep your feet dry

Unlike UGG boots, which die-hard enthusiast wear year-round regardless of the weather, these boots by EMU Australia will actually keep your feet dry.Full story: Read more...More about Wearable Tech, Waterprooof, Lifestyle, Ugg Boots, and Fashion

This fun, portable beer tap makes a great gift — and it's on sale

TL;DR: Bring the bar home with a Tapology 6-Pack Cooler Microfoam Beer Tap for $79.99, a 32% savings as of Oct. 31. After a long day, nothing beats settling into your favorite chair and cracking open a beer.

This adorable micro sewing machine is ideal for beginners

TL;DR: Let the DIY projects begin with a 301 Multifunctional Electric Micro Sewing Machine for $89.95, a 25% savings as of Oct. 31. For novice sewers, fancy features on a sewing machine can be more of a hindrance than a help. They'll want something minimal and super easy to operate,

Get over 65 courses on cybersecurity for just $30

TL;DR: Dip a toe into cybersecurity with the Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification bundle for $29.99, a 98% savings as of Oct. 31. If you want to learn more about the cybersecurity field, the Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification Bundle can help you get your foot in the door.

6 pairs of Sony headphones on sale this weekend

If you're on the hunt for a new pair of headphones but are counting the days until Black Friday deals come pouring in, we have good news: Some great deals are already here.We've rounded up six pairs of Sony headphones on sale this weekend.

12 cool drones for photography and more — including some on sale

To snap the photo of your dreams, you might have to get creative. You know, like climbing to the roof, flying over a cityscape, or scaling buildings. Oh, you're not Spider-Man? No problem. Just get a drone. Here are 12 drones on sale as of Oct. 31,

How Tesla fans get the add-ons they want that don’t officially exist

As soon as Arizona fitness coach Torrey Penn bought his new Tesla Model Y online this September he knew what extras he would need for his new ride — and it didn't involve an extra $10,000 Full Self-Driving advanced driving package with automatic steering, braking, and turning while on any road.

Facebook temporarily pauses awful feature it will reinstate post election

Don't worry, militia members will have to wait until after Election Day to be algorithmically pointed to Facebook groups of like-minded individuals. At Wednesday's Senate hearing on (at least in theory) Section 230,

Man leaves very nice note in car to prevent burglary, and it works

Sometimes when you steal a car, someone else steals your heartReddit user mfiasco was tired of getting his car stolen. But instead of succumbing to loss, he decided to do something about it. So mfiasco wrote a very nice note, and stuck it in the glove department of his car.

This New York City Airbnb listing takes Netflix and Chill very seriously

Netflix and Chill just got the Airbnbtreatment in New York City.Three hosts are bringing the meme to life by decking out a West Village 1-bedroom apartment with a Netflix and Chill theme. The room, which costs $400 a night, features a Netflix bedspread, "a fully stacked mini-bar,

Adorable little kid can't say her ABCs, for emooootional reasons

Sometimes, the ABCs don't come as easy as 123.YouTube star and adorable toddler JoJo Lomelino has been practicing her ABCs. But while the toddler is deeply familiar with the sequence of letters, sometimes she gets tripped up. For emotional reasons."This is really a problem," Lomelino concedes.

YouTube: Slow Buffering Is Totally Your ISP's Fault

YouTube wants you to know that if you're experiencing playback issues, blurring video or excessive buffering, it's probably your Internet service provider's fault.Taking a cue from Netflix,

Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

Jason Koebler writes Two cities—Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Wilson, North Carolina—have officially asked the federal government to help them bypass state laws banning them from expanding their community owned, gigabit fiber internet connections. In states throughout the country,



看看都咋评价的:Apple Watch媒体评测汇总

Apple Watch 预订即将开启之际,国外多家权威媒体发布了关于这款设备的评测。据悉评测者至少已经使用 Apple Watch 一个星期了。

国产军事游戏 你还记得几款?




[图]回头率绝对高 史上第一款能放音乐的滑板

滑板那么炫酷的活动,玩的时候当然要来点音乐。耳机戴着太碍事,音箱离远了就听不到了。最好的办法是,把音箱和滑板合二为一。GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ 号称是世界上第一款自带蓝牙扬声器的滑板。它的造型简单易懂,我们一眼就能看见板面上的扬声器格栅。有了这个玩意儿,我们就能滑到哪听到哪了。

Scotland has a job listing for a dog

Scotland's tourism board, Visit Scotland, is hiring an "ambassadog" — as in a canine ambassador — to "represent the spirit of Scotland around the world."SEE ALSO: Guy quits his job to travel Norway with his beloved huskyThe criteria are strict:



Village Roadshow CEO: Expect more site-blocking cases 'big time'

According to Graham Burke, co-CEO of Village Roadshow, Australia should expect his company to continue going after piracy sites "big time."After the Australian government passed a law in 2015 allowing copyright holders to petition for piracy websites to be blocked,

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