The sole convict in the 1985 Air India bombings released in Canada

Sikh-Canadian national Inderjit Singh Reyat, the only person convicted in the 1985 Air India bombings that killed 331 people, was released from a Canadian prison on Jan. 27 after being behind bars for over two decades.See also: See NASA drop a plane from 100 feet in the name of safetyOn June 23,

Lindsey Graham said in 2016 to use his words against him. Twitter followed through.

Senator Lindsey Graham's own words are being used against him, thanks to old videos recirculating on Twitter. Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the cohort of senators who review judicial nominations. In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death,

Honestly, I'm just tired.

2020 won't stop, and I'm exhausted. Maybe I should have known this year would be cursed when the New Year's Eve party I attended missed the countdown to midnight by three minutes — the year has been a downward spiral ever since. On the personal front, my cat died on my 24th birthday,

A squirrel malfunctions while eating nuts in the most 2020 mood

You're a squirrel. You're out in the forest doing your nut-gathering thing when suddenly one of those big, fur-less squirrels that walk on two legs kneels down and extends a paw filled with your favorite nut. So you rush over and start helping yourself until, without warning, you just freeze.

Hurricane Laura's impact lingered with nightmarish mosquito swarms

After Hurricane Laura hit land in the southern United States in late August and devastated the Louisiana coast, the storm surges and rainfall it brought along flooded the region.That flooded environment was an ideal breeding ground for some types of mosquitoes,

PlayStation 5 pre-orders were a disaster. Sony is sorry and promising more.

As anyone who tried to pre-order a PlayStation 5 surely knows by now: It was a bit of a mess.Sony revealed on Wednesday that its upcoming next-generation gaming console will hit stores on Nov. 12. It was a fine presentation,

NBC's Peacock finally arrives on Roku two months after launch

Peacock and a handful of other NBC apps are coming to Roku after the two parties reach a deal on Friday.When Peacock launched in mid-July, it was notably absent from Roku, Fire TV, and some smart TV platforms including Samsung's, which all carry other popular video streaming apps like Netflix,

There's no choice but to turn your grief into a fight for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy

In a year marked by calamity, the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is yet one more tragedy. The 87-year-old veteran of the court met her life's challenges with admirable grit, never forgetting to break a path for women who might follow.

Apple to introduce new iPad Air in March, rumor says

Not only will Apple introduce a new, 4-inch version of the iPhone this March, it will also show off a new iPad — at least according to a new report by 9to5MacThe details are fuzzy as always,

Freezing temperatures can't stop refugees making the long walk to Europe

Despite chilling temperatures, thousands of refugees and migrants are arriving in Greece and Macedonia — by land and by sea — seeking a better lifeIn 2015, more than 850,000 people entered Greece35,455 people have already arrived in Greece this month and, because of cold weather,

11 refugees, mostly children, drown off Greek island

At least 11 people, most of them children, died Thursday in the latest migrant and refugee boat sinking off an eastern Greek island, while an undetermined number of people were missing, the Greek coast guard said.

iFixit tears down the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, so what did it discover?

The teardown artists at iFixit got their hands on Samsung's Gear 2, the second-generation smartwatch from the South Korean consumer electronics giant, and pried open the device to see what makes it tiRead more: http://www.itproportal.

Google launches companion app for Android Wear

Last month, at its yearly I/O developer conference, Google introduced Android Wear, a version of the popular open-source operating system designed for wearables...Read more:


巴黎--(美国商业资讯)--斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger Limited) (NYSE:SLB)今日宣布,公司2014年第二季度营收为120.5亿美元,上季度和去年同期营收分别为112.4亿美元和111.8亿美元。第二季度营收环比增长7%,同比增长8%,其中国际业务营收为80.


emoji看起来虽然不起眼,但它却能让人们想出限的创意。昨日,我们曾报道了美国女记者一周内只吃来自emoji食物的故事。现在,伦敦的艺术家、设计师Sam Jacob又想到一个“折腾”emoji的办法--用这些表情打造城市。



思科:预计2019年每月全球移动互联网流量达24.3EB 增长超10倍


Android's Upcoming Camera App Might Choose Your Best Shot Automatically

The latest incremental update for Android’s Camera app, version 2.5 is out, and according to Android Police, the most exciting stuff — a burst-fire mode that automatically finds the best image — is hidden under the hood. Read more...



亚马逊私有化Kiva机器人 仓储机器人产业要火

2 月 15 日消息,美国知名财经网站 TheStreet 周日撰文指出,由于亚马逊带动消费者越来越希望获得两日送达服务,而这家公司私有化 Kiva 机器人,将迫使零售产业的竞争对手寻觅其它的仓储自动化技术。今年,仓储 ... ...


过去的一年里,微软成长为了一个分裂的存在。焕然一新、刮目相待、自食其言、垂垂老矣都是他的标签。可以说在这一年里,微软一边是炫目的增长与令人惊叹的黑科技,而一边则是萧条的衰退和敷衍、失信所带来的绝望。一、业务的炫目增长与令人惊叹的黑科技在纳德拉的带领下,过去的一年里,微软在很多地方的都可以说是焕然一新,让人刮目相看。在这一年里,Windows 10、云服务、Surface、HoloLens、股票价值都取得长足进步,都让人觉得微软宝刀未老,来着可期。

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