Bitstrips Is Raising $15 Million

Bitstrips, an app for building personalized comic strips, is raising a hefty Series B led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to sources familiar with the raise.

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Bitstrips Is Raising $15 Million

Bitstrips, an app for building personalized comic strips, is raising a hefty Series B led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to sources familiar with the raise.

Original Content podcast: We can’t resist the thoughtful glamour of ‘The Crown’

We weren’t expecting to like “The Crown.” Yes, there are talented actors and fancy costumes on-screen, and yes, there’s an acclaimed writer at the helm who specializes in dramatizing real history. But did we really need to watch another 20 hours of serious,

Distributed kitchen service Pilotworks is shutting down

Pilotworks, the distributed kitchen service which raised $13 million in venture funding from investors including Campbell’s Soup Co.’s investment arm, is shutting down.

At what point do we admit that geoengineering is an option?

In 1883, Krakatoa erupted, spewing volcanic ash and gas into the stratosphere, making clouds more reflective and cooling the entire planet by roughly 1° C that year. In 2018, the UN reported that human activity has already raised Earth’s temperature by 1°, and if we don’t do something drastic soon,

Make your own phone with MakerPhone (some soldering required)

There's no shortage of interesting electronics kits out there to occupy an idle Sunday, but with this one you get a phone out of the bargain. The MakerPhone is a kit looking for funds on Kickstarter that lets you assemble a working mobile phone from a number of boards and pieces,

What to expect from the return of electric scooters in SF

The time has come. Electric scooter sharing services are returning to the streets of San Francisco — this time with explicit permission from the SF Municipal Transportation Agency. On Monday, we’ll see both Skip and Scoot deploy their respective electric scooters throughout the city.

NASA plans ‘on schedule’ Soyuz launch despite failure of Russian rocket

The high-profile failure of a normally reliable Soyuz rocket during a crewed mission to the International Space Station earlier this week spooked the space community in more ways than one, but NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said he expects to launch a new crew in December via Soyuz anyway.

A fictional Facebook Portal videochat with Mark Zuckerberg

TechCrunch: Hey Portal, dial Mark Portal: Do you mean Mark Zuckerberg? TC: Yes Portal: Dialling Mark… TC: Hi Mark! Nice choice of grey t-shirt. MZ: Uh, new phone who dis? — oh, hi, er, TechCrunch… TC: Thanks for agreeing to this entirely fictional interview, Mark! MZ: Sure — anytime.

Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

What's better than a selfie? A selfie that is also a gif. Meet Selfie360, the newest, and most aptly named, app from the Cycloramic team. After building an app that automatically rotates your phone (hands-free, no less) to take a 360-degree photo (which was featured on Shark Tank),

AT&T Releases Transparency Data On Government Requests For Customer Data

Today AT&T joined Verizon in releasing data concerning government requests for its customer information. Verizon released similar data in January. A host of technology companies have done the same. In 2013, AT&T received between 2,000 and 2,999 National Security Letters, impacting 4,000 to 4,

12 Of The Top 15 Data-Using Countries Are Predominantly On Android, Mixpanel Says

In their first annual global mobile data report, analytics firm Mixpanel reveals that Android is the originating platform for the lion’s share of app data generated from the top 15 countries as measured by active mobile usage.

Shooting Challenge: A Better Pet Photo

Most of us take too many pictures of our pets. They're adorable, but how many are truly great photos worthy of hanging on the wall? For this week's Shooting Challenge, try to take a more amazing pet photo. Read more...

业内指FXBTC交易量注水 收费模式遇困境


All the Best Memorial Day Sales on Gadgets, Clothes, Games, and More

Before you head out to fire up the grill, be sure to peruse this list of all the best Memorial Day sales from around the web. Naturally, a ton of clothing outlets are offering huge sitewide sales, but there's a bucketload of gadgets, games, and household goods to be had as well.

解读刘强东关于人才的两个标准和5个层次 - 布鲁斯杨


百度宝马签署合作协议 联手研发高度自动驾驶技术




Irish pubgoers flock to rescue cat dangling from 2nd floor window

LONDON – Although cats are normally among the more suave members of the pet world, they do occasionally manage to spoil their image by doing something that's just plain dumb.See also:


这个问题其实就是在问:母语习得和二语习得(or二语学习)的区别。基于经验、理论或者假说的解释就不多说了,可以关注一下 @安时和我的大部分的关于语言习得的回答。


上海衡山路十二号豪华精选酒店携手Leica徕卡共同呈现镜头下的风情上海 联袂推出豪华套房精选体验 上海2015年12月16日电 /美通社/ --  喜达屋酒店及度假村国际集团(纽约证券交易所代码:HOT)旗下奢华品牌,豪华精选酒店及度假村(The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts)携手全球知名相机品牌Leica徕卡,于上海衡山路十二号豪华精选酒店呈现一场以 “记忆一瞬间,让我带你体验”为主题的视觉盛宴,以精准的视角呈现了原汁原味的上海风情,并正式宣布豪华精选品牌与Leica徕卡的合作。

深圳厂威武 看看第一款Windows 10手机平板

在深圳,你可以找到你想要的任何手机,或者看到你未曾见过的手机,这话不假。你可能认为目前搭载 Windows 10 操作系统的只有 Lumia 950 和 950 XL 等两三款机子。深圳的厂商再一次领先一切,目前已经完成了 7 英寸和 8 英寸的 Windows 10 手机平板。  

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