Bitstrips Is Raising $15 Million

Bitstrips, an app for building personalized comic strips, is raising a hefty Series B led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to sources familiar with the raise.

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Bitstrips Is Raising $15 Million

Bitstrips, an app for building personalized comic strips, is raising a hefty Series B led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to sources familiar with the raise.

Scammers are cashing in on Telegram’s upcoming ICO

Desperate for an opportunity to jump aboard in the next big thing, cryptocurrency owners are losing money by investing blindly in fake Telegram ICO websites. Chat app Telegram’s upcoming ICO promises to break records with a target raise of $1.2 billion,

Join the TechCrunch Meetup at the World Economic Forum #TCDavos

TechCrunch is holding an informal meetup during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Grab a free ticket here.The event precedes our TechCrunch Meetup the week after in Zug, Switzerland, the so-called Crypto Valley. You can grab a ticket here.

Crunch Report | Google and Tencent ink patent agreement

Google inks a patent deal with Tencent, Tile lays off 30 people and Apple hires the tech team from Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS). All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Yes, cities should indeed fight for tech jobs

Few events have jolted the urban planning crowd quite like Amazon’s process for selecting the company’s new second headquarters (dubbed HQ2). The company put up a massive carrot of 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment,

Spend a week fielding sensitive HR complaints in ‘Grayscale’ web game

If you’re looking for a way to close out your week that’s entertaining, edifying, and looks like you’re doing real work, check out Chimeria:Grayscale, a game where you act as an HR person dealing with everyday office problems via email. Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound that exciting,

Twitter updates total of Russia-linked election bots to 50,000

Twitter has provided updated details on its investigation into Russian election interference on its platform in 2016. Its identification of more than 13,000 more Russian-linked bots that made election-related tweets puts the total over 50,000. In addition, about 3,800 (up 1,

Google CEO: “I don’t regret” firing James Damore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he still believes that it was appropriate to fire James Damore. “I don’t regret it,” said Pichai, in an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Ari Melber.“It was the right decision,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, echoed on stage.

Selfie360 Turns Your Face Into A Gif

What's better than a selfie? A selfie that is also a gif. Meet Selfie360, the newest, and most aptly named, app from the Cycloramic team. After building an app that automatically rotates your phone (hands-free, no less) to take a 360-degree photo (which was featured on Shark Tank),

AT&T Releases Transparency Data On Government Requests For Customer Data

Today AT&T joined Verizon in releasing data concerning government requests for its customer information. Verizon released similar data in January. A host of technology companies have done the same. In 2013, AT&T received between 2,000 and 2,999 National Security Letters, impacting 4,000 to 4,

12 Of The Top 15 Data-Using Countries Are Predominantly On Android, Mixpanel Says

In their first annual global mobile data report, analytics firm Mixpanel reveals that Android is the originating platform for the lion’s share of app data generated from the top 15 countries as measured by active mobile usage.

ROOT精灵1.9.1发布 已支持三星Galaxy S5一键ROOT

三星最新款旗舰手机Galaxy S5即将在4月11日全球首发,4月8日最新消息,这款安卓机皇还未上市就已经被ROOT精灵成功ROOT了,届时三星S5的机友们可以通过ROOT精灵获取最高权限,让玩机无阻碍。

Google Unveils Working Prototype for Project Ara

Google developers got a peek at a Project Ara prototype on Thursday, an early look at the modular phone project Google initially announced in FebruaryPaul Eremenko, the head of Project Ara, said that the prototype was "tethered to a laboratory bench" a few weeks ago,

面向 Android L,Google 发布全新设计的 Gmail 和 Calendar 客户端

在全新的 Calendar App 中,这些邮件都会自动转化为事件,并会向用户提示他们的航班号和登机时间。如果航班延误了,Calendar 甚至会自动实时更新信息。



Obama to spotlight global warming during Earth Day visit to Everglades

For the 45th annual Earth Day on Wednesday, President Obama will elevate global warming to the top of the list of environmental threats currently facing Americans, in a speech at the Everglades National ParkThe trip, his first to the fragile but vital "river of grass" that,

FIFA 16最终加入女子足球队

随着女足世界杯将于下月揭开序幕,开发商EA Sports宣布,即将推出的FIFA 16将最终引进女子足球队,新的选项将包括德国,美国,法国,瑞典,英国,巴西,加拿大,澳大利亚,西班牙,中国,意大利和墨西哥等国家女足。

找得太辛苦 不如利用语音输入 Emoji 表情

iOS 上的语音输入是很早以前就加入了的功能,想必大家不会感到陌生,但正常来说语音输入只能输入文字,那么是否能用来输入别的什么东西呢?比如 Emoji 表情。  



Man with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s old phone number keeps getting raunchy texts

The law student who ended up with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s old phone number discovered that “Baby Got Back” was the theme of his next several messages.See also: Baby Got Bassoon: Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs With Seattle Symphony OrchestraAs the Seattle Times writes, law student Jonathan Nichols chose a new,

文章: ArchSummit微课堂|构建大数据系统的前沿技术概述

本文整理自ArchSummit微信大讲堂线上群分享内容;解释一下这次我为什么不是分享安全方面,反而分享数据方面的,ArchSummit北京2015分享的实际也是数据计算方面的技巧,只不过用在了风控场景上,这次我尝试把那些操作更加往底层架构上延伸一下,更加有逻辑去考虑这个话题。 By 季虎

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