That time Boy George kicked down a door on 'The A-Team'

Mr. T and Boy George hang around offscreen.Image: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty ImagesSeason 4, Episode 16 of The A-Team was a very special installment. In addition to the regular Vietnam vets-turned-vigilantes-for-hire Hannibal (George Peppard), Murdock (Dwight Schultz), Face (Dirk Benedict), and B.A.

All the best signs from Women's March events around the world

The Women's March is back for its third year, and despite several layers of controversy surrounding the march's leadership, highly attended events were still held across the world.In Dec. 2018,

Teens in MAGA hats sparked outrage after crashing the Indigenous Peoples March

A group of young Donald Trump supporters has come under fire after ambushing and taunting a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.On Jan. 18, Washington, D.C. hosted both the Indigenous Peoples March and the anti-abortion March For Life.

Facebook could face 'record-setting' fine from FTC

Facebook could soon set a new record — just not the good kind.The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering a "record-setting" fine for the social network, as the result of its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

Jasmin Paris becomes first woman to win the grueling 268-mile Montane Spine Race

Jasmin Paris, a British ultrarunner, just made history by completely smashing the course record for the Montane Spine Race. And she did it while continuing to express milk for her 14-month-old child.With a time of 83 hours and 12 minutes, Paris not only became the first woman to ever win the race,

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made perfect use of this 20-year-old video game meme

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the super-rich to pay a heavier share of taxes.The newly elected Congresswoman's proposal that any earnings higher than $10 million carry a 70 percent tax rate has been widely popular.

7 ways to meaningfully honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Too often, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is seen as a day off — and little else.Aside from grade school lessons painting a vague picture of King's life and activism, the majority of us, especially white people, remain detached from his impact. King is a historical name we've learned to recognize,

Boo, the precious internet-famous Pomeranian, is dead at age 12

It's a sad, sad day for fans of the "world's cutest dog."On Friday, the owners of Boo the Pomeranian announced on social media that Boo died in his sleep at the age of 12. The precious and beloved pup has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram,

12 sexy lingerie sets to tempt your fantasies

Want to know Victoria's Secret? It's that there are tons of other brands out there that sell gorgeous lingerie. While they might not have their own televised runway show or a store in every mall across America, they do offer uniquely stunning pieces.

Japan's oldest elephant may never get to move to a grassy sanctuary

TOKYO — In the humble zoo, among the small cages of owls, guinea pigs and raccoons, Japan's oldest elephant stands in a concrete pen about the size of half a basketball court. She drinks sugar water from a bucket and munches on bananas with her last remaining tooth,

A Vermont tattoo shop is offering free Bernie Sanders ink

Ink lovers in Vermont are really feeling the Bern.Vermont Tattoo Shop Aartistic Inc. has decided to offer a free Bernie Sanders tattoo to any and all of their visitorsSee also:

California Whooping Cough Cases "an Epidemic"

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News, the state of California is "in the throes of a whooping cough epidemic, state health department officials announced Friday. Dr. Ron Chapman, director of the California Department of Public Health, said 3,

Little League Star Mo'ne Davis Hits Sports Illustrated's Cover

Mo'ne Davis, the 13-year-old girl whose steely demeanor and ace pitching skills have captivated the nation and powered her team from Philadelphia deep into the Little League World Series, is now gracing the cover of America's most iconic sports publication.See also:

Unbelievable video shows man getting into boiling volcano

Explorer Sam Cossman just uploaded this shocking video to Youtube showing his expedition to the bottom of the Marum Crater. An active and very dangerous volcano located in the Republic of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific Ocean. The images captured are both impressive and terrifying.Read more...

We Made it to Mars Again! NASA's MAVEN Satellite Settles In

Just as hundreds of thousands of people protested political inaction on climate change on Earth, a satellite swung into orbit that should help explain why climate change happened — on MarsNASA's MAVEN satellite, en route to Mars for the last 10 months,

Wi-Fi Alliance enhances Passpoint programme

Among the new options is an online sign-up process that makes it easier for customers to access Wi-Fi hotspots offered by mobile operators.Read more:

Publisher Macmillan Signs On With E-Book Subscription Services Oyster And Scribd

Macmillan, one of the “Big Five” book publishers in the United States, is making its titles available on subscription e-book services Oyster and Scribd, starting today. The news isn’t exactly a surprise,


知乎有位网友发了这么个问题:  知名外企工作,月薪2万以上,有漂亮的女朋友,却依然感觉生活无望,对什么事情都提不起兴趣,这算是抑郁吗?  

What is Hydrogenation? And Why Is It In All Your Food?

Chances are you’ll eat something hydrogenated today. What does that mean? We’ll give you a quick tour of what hydrogenation is, how it’s done, and why many people don’t like it.Read more...

揀邊部手機好?教你四個組合睇盡英超 + 樂視

「咩話 Letv 買咗英超轉播權?」「係呀!乜你唔知咩?仲可以係手機睇英超添!」無錯,你無睇錯。只要你買咗 Letv 兩部親生仔手機 Le 1s 同 Le Max ,就可以隨時隨地都睇到英超喇!至於買大定小喇喎,怕大部咪買部細啲囉!對於一眾英超球迷嚟講,應該都好頭痕要買邊個 Plan 先好,今集就等兩位靚女 onna 同點點為大家解構下點買先最抵啦!The post 揀邊部手機好?教你四個組合睇盡英超 + 樂視 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


广受好评的一款独立制作的横版动作射击游戏《危险时空的恋人(Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime)》在去年9月登陆PC和Xbox One平台之后,终于将于2月9日正式登陆PS4平台。Asteroid Base打造的这款游戏画面缤纷多彩,关卡设计相当有趣,令人欲罢不能。PS4版本游戏画面将升级至1080P,并且会有2倍的敌人。

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