Justin Kan Is Hiring Someone To Revive Justin.tv On Snapchat

Justin Kan, the founder of Justin.tv — the online video portal that eventually became video game streaming giant Twitch — is restarting the service on Snapchat 18 months after it was shut down. Read More

Facebook and Instagram boot close Trump ally Roger Stone for network of fake accounts

Facebook released its latest report detailing disinformation campaigns operating on its massive social network Wednesday and this one came with a few surprises. In the new report,

Garry Kasparov on AI: ‘People always called me an optimist’

Garry Kasparov is a political activist who’s written books and articles on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and online privacy, but he’s best known for being the former World Chess Champion who took on the IBM computer known as Big Blue in the mid-1990s.

Strive School wants to increase the number of job-ready software engineers in Europe

College in the United States is expensive and, for many, comes with massive student debt. The price tag has led to the increase of coding bootcamps and alternative schooling options to help students gain employment, and a salary, without taking on millions of dollars in debt. In Europe,

Raising $22.5 million, Liftit looks to expand its logistics services in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and E

The Colombian trucking and logistics services startup Liftit has raised $22.5 million in a new round of funding to capitalize on its newfound traction in markets across Latin America as responses to the COVID-19 epidemic bring changes to the industry across the region.

Colvin raises $15M to rethink the flower supply chain

At first glance, Colvin — which recently announced that it has raised a $15 million Series B — might look like just another flower and plant delivery company, but co-founder and CEO Andres Cester said the startup has a much grander vision.

Mercedes opts for more screens and fewer buttons in the 2021 S-Class

Teaser images and leaked photos of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class suggested the automaker was moving towards a more digital-centric interior. That might have been an understatement. Mercedes-Benz revealed Monday its second-generation MBUX infotainment system and it is loaded with new technology,

In pandemic era, entrepreneurs turn to SPACs, crowdfunding and direct listings

If necessity is the mother of invention, then new business owners are getting very inventive in the ways in which they access cash. Relying on some long-tested and some new avenues to raise money, entrepreneurs are finding more ways to get public market cash faster than they would have in the past.

Android Wear Gets Speaker Support And New Gestures, Voice Input Options

Google launched an update to Android Wear today that brings a couple of new features to the smartwatch platform. Maybe the most interesting of these is Android Wear’s ability to use the speakers that are now inside some of the newest watches. If you own a Huawei Watch or an ASUS ZenWatch 2,

AltspaceVR Social Platform Launches On Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality can sometimes appear like it’s a pretty isolating platform. Visually, people experiencing VR certainly aren’t in the most approachable position and right now the tech is new enough that it rarely seems accessible to those who are vaguely curious. That being said,

iRobot Has Sold Its Defense And Security Business

In an effort to divest itself of the defense and security market iRobot has sold its D&S assets to form another company dedicated to all things military. The new company is led by CEO Sean Bielat, a former Marine officer. From the release:

2014年最受欢迎十大IT技能 编程与应用开发排名第一

据国外媒体报道,据Global Knowledge等十几家研究机构发布的2014年IT技能和薪金调查报告显示,2014年最受欢迎的十大IT技能如下: 您可能也喜欢经典文章: App Annie:2014年开发者最应关注的应用市场十大趋势 移动应用开发十大经验之谈

Netflix Falls For New Judd Apatow Series 'Love'

Netflix and Judd Apatow have fallen madly in Love.The streaming network has picked up two seasons of Love, a new half-hour comedy series about modern relationships created and written by the creator of Girls and writer/producer of countless films including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, in 2016.See also:

Ebola Has Killed at Least 5,000 People

There are 9,911 cases of the Ebola virus in West Africa as of Oct. 19, according to data released Wednesday. The latest figures paint a grim picture of a virus that is still running well ahead of the global community's efforts to slow its spreadTotal deaths — most of them in Guinea,

精益看板分析:流动效率 - 李淳

流动效率是度量组织精益程度的指标。对于ITC公司来说:根据《Zsolt Fabok, Lean Agile Scotland, Sep 2012, Lean Kanban France, Oct 2012》报告,流动效率为2%流动效率在5%至15%认为正常流动效率>40%就很好了!恰如《This i...

Nest Thermostat gets software update to help lower energy bills even more

The smart home device will receive the update this week, which introduces several new features and refines the system’s Auto Schedule platform, allowing Nest to react quicker to changes.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

10 Science Fiction Tropes We Will Never Get Tired Of

We've called out various movie and TV tropes that we never want to see again in the past. But today we're calling attention to the silly, stupid, brilliant and hilarious scifi tropes that we absolutely, positively love—and hope we never live in a world without them.Read more...

Alleged Bitcoin Scam Leaves Millions Missing

First time accepted submitter OutOnARock writes Yahoo Finance is reporting on the latest Bitcoin scam, this time from Hong Kong. "Investors in a Hong Kong-based Bitcoin trading company fear they have fallen victim to a scam after it closed down, a lawmaker said Monday,

Xbox One 国行版将推新游戏,所有玩家将免费得到 Xbox Live 金会员服务

在国行PS主机即将上市之际,微软Xbox One也带来了国行Xbox One游戏的最新进展,其中有既有将要登陆 […]

Retina MacBook和10.10.3支持更快的NVMe SSD接口

苹果悄悄的在最新的 OS X 10.10.3 和全新12寸 Retina MacBook 中增加了对下一代 NVM Express(NVMe)固态硬盘 SSD 接口的支持。NVMe 是指 Non-Volatile Memory Express,随机读取性能比之前的高端SATA固态硬盘快10倍以上。这一性能改善归功于 PCIe 3.

车贷利率查询是 6.15%,为什么基准利率跟实际 4S 店给的相差很多很多?


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