Startups Selling To Other Startups: A House Of Cards?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” the saying goes. Well, if you’re running a startup that sells to other startups, you might be putting all your eggs in one blender. B2B companies whose customers are other early stage B2B companies put themselves doubly at risk:

A May-December Media Strategy Could Help Locally Focused Startups

In Silicon Valley, it’s sometimes easy to focus solely on social and other types of cutting-edge, digital advertising when advising startups on their marketing strategies. But these businesses can also amp up customer acquisitions by combining their Facebook,

TechStars London Demo Day 2014: Meet The 11 Startups (And Our Picks)

Today in an old music hall turned art house movie theatre in the East End of London, TechStars presented its London DemoDay, three months after the group was announced. The startups presenting ran the gamut from B2B to consumer, education to e-commerce and social networking.

Vengo Labs Raises $2M To Take Its Digital Ad/Mini Vending Machines Beyond NYC

As some aspects of the tech industry continue to mature, others are putting efforts into ways of using tech to disrupt decidedly non-tech businesses. In one of the latest developments on this front, Vengo Labs,

Facebook, Oculus And The Future Of Virtual Reality

Editor’s note: Dan Kaplan helps startups tell their stories. He’s done marketing for Twilio, Asana and Salesforce and blogs about marketing, growth, and storytelling at Threadling.Imagine a scene:You’re in your chair at home, the latest Oculus VR headset encircling your head,

The 50 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 1

Hardware took the spotlight at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, reflecting a major shift of the accelerator beyond the cliche mobile app startup. Out of the 50 companies from the Summer 2015 batch that demoed on the record today, 20 featured hardware.

Amazon Air adds 12 new aircraft to its cargo fleet, expands its ground operations

Amazon announced today it has added 12 new cargo aircraft to Amazon Air, bringing its total fleet to more than 80 aircraft, in part because of increased demand for shipments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The converted Boeing 767-300 were leased from the Air Transport Services Group.

Singapore-based caregiving startup launches Homage Health for online and home medical consultations

Homage, the Singapore-based startup that matches families and caregivers, has launched a new service that provides home medical visits, telehealth consultations and medication delivery. Called Homage Health, the service was already being developed before the COVID-19 pandemic,

Prosecutors seek arrest warrant against Samsung heir Jay Lee

South Korean prosecutors said on Thursday that they have filed an arrest warrant for Samsung’s vice chairman and anointed heir Jay Y. Lee and two other former company executives over an alleged accounting fraud and a controversial merger back in 2015. Lee, whose father is Samsung’s chairman,

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites and achieves a reusability record for a Falcon 9 booster

SpaceX launched its second Falcon 9 rocket in the span of just four days on Wednesday at 9:25 PM EDT (6:25 PM PDT). This one was carrying 60 more satellites for its Starlink constellation, which will bring the total currently in operation on orbit to 480. The launch took off from Florida,

Google and Walmart’s PhonePe establish dominance in India’s mobile payments market as WhatsApp Pay s

In India, it’s Google and Walmart-owned PhonePe that are racing neck-and-neck to be the top player in the mobile payments market, while Facebook remains mired in a regulatory maze for WhatsApp Pay’s rollout. In May, more than 75 million users transacted on Google Pay app,

RiskIQ adds National Grid Partners as securing data becomes a strategic priority for utilities

RiskIQ, a startup providing application security, risk assessment and vulnerability management services, has added National Grid Partners as a strategic investor.  The funding from the investment arm of National Grid, a multinational energy provider,

Decentralized identity management platform Magic launches from stealth with $4M

For developers looking to quickly build identity management into their platforms, the most readily available options don’t stray far from the internet’s biggest, most data-hungry platforms. Magic, a small SF startup building a decentralized blockchain-based identity solution,

Sleep++ 2.0 Proves That There’s Still A Market For Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch was supposed to become the new thriving platform and App Store for third-party apps. 10 months later, it’s hard to name popular Watch apps. And there are reasons why the Apple Watch App Store isn’t as vibrant as the iOS App Store. But some developers, such as David Smith,

NBA Bolsters Partnership With SAP To Bring Natural Language Queries To Stats Site

The NBA announced today that it was bringing natural language queries to its online stats pages on The feature enables fans to type a question in a natural way and the site should come back with your answer without having to dig for it. The feature is launching in Beta starting tomorrow.

In Race to Build Kid-Activity Subscription Services, Pearachute Raises $1.2 Million

They’re starting to crop up here and there, new startups that have appropriated the monthly class-pass model and are focused on children’s activities. Last month, a New York-based startup called KidPass announced $325,000 in seed funding, including from serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan. Meanwhile,



MWC:HTC One荣获“2013最佳智能手机”奖项

HTC于2013年发布的旗舰机型HTC One日前凭借优秀的外观设计和多项创新技术在今年的世界移动通信大会(MWC)上荣获“2013年度最佳智能手机”奖项。


眼为心 尾为色 勾勒窗户外的世界

埃洛普:我们将继续对Asha与Nokia X手机提供支持


价值 10 亿美元的直播

再一次是 10 亿美元级别的收购。 在传出被 YouTube 收购的传闻之后,游戏直播网站 Twitch 最终却被亚马逊以 9.7 亿美元收购。公司 CEO Emmett Shear 在官方博客正式宣布了该消息。

Deadspin USC: Trojans DB Out After Leaping From Balcony To Save Drowning Nephew | io9 True Blood Die

Deadspin USC: Trojans DB Out After Leaping From Balcony To Save Drowning Nephew | io9 True Blood Dies As It Lived—With A Lot Of What The Fuck | Jalopnik Has Google Images Been Hacked To Show A Russian Car Crash? | Lifehacker How to Survive Air Travel Like a Zen Master Read more...

《HTML重构》读书笔记&思维导图 - Ico_Coco

最近读了《HTML重构》这本书,以下做出自己的总结归纳,大家可以一起学习交流。 什么是重构?重构是在不改变程序行为的基础上进行小的改动是代码基本逐渐完善的过程,通常需要一些自动化工具的帮助。

【钛晨报】Apple Watch明年1月就要量产,哪些中国企业将代工?



据外媒报道,近日,来自波兰的医生团队成功地帮助一位瘫痪男子重新获得行走的能力。这位幸运的男子就是来自保加利亚的Darek Fidyka。据悉,Fidyka因一次暴力攻击而被致瘫痪。

GameAnalytics Scores $5.5M Series A, Hires Ex-Aol European MD As CEO

GameAnalytics, a free analytics platform for games developers, has leveled-up its funding. The Copenhagen-headquartered startup, which also has a sales office in London and a development hub in Berlin, has closed a $5.5 million Series A round. Read More

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