As Nokia's acquisition nears completion, 'Microsoft Mobile' division likely in the works

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As Nokia's acquisition nears completion, 'Microsoft Mobile' division likely in the works

Microsoft/Nokia Deal Closes

Last September Microsoft announced it would be purchasing Nokia's Devices and Services business. The terms have been worked out, the shareholders gave approval, and the regulatory issues were hurdled. As of today, it's official: Nokia's phone business is now Microsoft Mobile.

The Best Phones For The Privacy-Obsessed

With governments looking to wrap their hands tighter around your personal data, getting a phone that can keep your information safe is paramount. Here are our top picks for super-private devices.Read more...

Steve Jobs, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google: Tech's top 10 Judas moments

Unfortunately in tech, decent morals are sometimes replaced with questionable - but certainly effective - tactics, in order to gain an advantage over rivals. However, it does make terrific reading. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

12 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week, we learned that Facebook now cares about how long we linger on News Feed posts, Sean Parker’s new political discourse app, and got introduced to Microsoft’s new Xbox One controller. These are the tech stories you don’t want to miss this week. Read More

Microsoft releases new patch for the Windows 10 April 2018 update

The build 16299.755 for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now available to download and it brings a pretty long list of fixes.

Here’s what’s new in OneNote for October 2018

The new features list for OneNote will streamline the Mac, Windows 10 and Online versions and bring them more in line with the way OneNote 2016 functions.

Minecraft held a virtual music festival last month, and called it Coalchella

A group of Minecrafters and DJ's started the first major music festival in Minecraft, humorously named Coalchella.

Apple announces October 30th NYC event, new iPads and Macs expected

News just in, Apple has announced a Special Event, for October 30th. This image looks like Simpsons with Marge at the bottom, but expect more artistic flair from the event. Is there a hint of Apple going back to its roots? New Apple iPads and Macs are expected, with Face recognition,

Samsung shows off its Surface-like Galaxy Book2

At first, second and even third glance, the Samsung Book 2 looks in most respects, just like a Surface Pro

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box and three more Valve games are now Xbox One X enhanced

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box bundle, Portal: Still Alive, Left 4 Dead and its sequel Left 4 Dead 2 are now enhanced for the Xbox One X, with a 9X resolution bump, better textures and smoother performance.

Analysts expect Microsoft to bounce back from recent stock woes with earnings report next week

Analysts believe there's at least a recovery on the way for Microsoft after it reports its quarterly earnings next week.

Fake Steve Ballmer Twitter account used iPhone, now suspended

Steve Ballmer famously stomped an iPhone during a company event, showing his distaste for the rival in the desktop and mobile operating systems market. Now that he is no longer running the company,

Indians find Microsoft to be the most attractive employer over Google and Apple

The software giant Microsoft is the “most attractive employer” in India, according to a latest survey by HR services firm Randstad. Randstad released a comprehensive report on employer branding and employee perception, studying over 2 lakh (200,000) people from 1000 companies,

The top five trending apps for Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store as of April 17th



Interviews: Ask Andrew "bunnie" Huang About Hardware and Hacking

samzenpus (5) writes Andrew "bunnie" Huang holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering from MIT and is one of the most famous hardware and software hackers in the world. He is a contributing writer for MAKE magazine,


威锋网讯,2014年对于自动智能家居来说可能是重要的一年,而通用电气公司也在充分利用这一机会,在通用电气公司的创始人爱迪生创造属于他的电灯泡一个世纪之后,他们再次推出了一款智能的 LED 电灯泡,名叫 Link。  

Germany May Turn to Typewriters to Counter American Spying

German politicians are considering reverting to old-school forms of communication to thwart U.S. surveillance efforts.Patrick Sensburg, the head of the Germany's NSA Inquiry Committee,

Amnesty deems IPT Hearing “farcical”

Human rights charity Amnesty International has called last week’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) “farcical” due to government’s refusal to explicitly confirm or deny surveillance practices.Read more:

LegalSifter Helps Designers And Developers Read Their Contracts

If you are a freelancer, chances are you have to deal with quite a few legal documents when you get hired for a new project. But while it’s great to get to that stage, getting a lawyer involved to go over a $3,000 contract isn’t exactly cost effective. Read More


上海2014年8月14日电 /美通社/ -- 锦江国际酒店宣布推出全新的“Jin Jiang Hotels”国际版移动应用程序。

Android数据存储之File - Fly_Elephant

Android使用与其他平台类似的基于磁盘文件系统(disk-based file systems),上篇文章通过SharedPerference来进行数据存储,这次可以使用File。

消息称工信部最迟15日发放FDD-LTE 4G牌照

知情人士透露,工信部将在最近几日内发放FDD-LTE 4G牌照,可能的发放日期为13、14、15日。虽然三大运营商均未确认,但已经有种种迹象表明FDD将发放。

Trump took kids on a ride in his lavish helicopter outside Iowa State Fair

When Donald Trump mused about taking kids for a ride in his helicopter at the Iowa State Fair, fair officials had a disappointing response: nope.That didn't stop the Republican presidential candidate from coordinating a flying excursion at a nearby athletic fieldSee also:

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