As Nokia's acquisition nears completion, 'Microsoft Mobile' division likely in the works

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As Nokia's acquisition nears completion, 'Microsoft Mobile' division likely in the works

Microsoft/Nokia Deal Closes

Last September Microsoft announced it would be purchasing Nokia's Devices and Services business. The terms have been worked out, the shareholders gave approval, and the regulatory issues were hurdled. As of today, it's official: Nokia's phone business is now Microsoft Mobile.

The Best Phones For The Privacy-Obsessed

With governments looking to wrap their hands tighter around your personal data, getting a phone that can keep your information safe is paramount. Here are our top picks for super-private devices.Read more...

Steve Jobs, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google: Tech's top 10 Judas moments

Unfortunately in tech, decent morals are sometimes replaced with questionable - but certainly effective - tactics, in order to gain an advantage over rivals. However, it does make terrific reading. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

12 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week, we learned that Facebook now cares about how long we linger on News Feed posts, Sean Parker’s new political discourse app, and got introduced to Microsoft’s new Xbox One controller. These are the tech stories you don’t want to miss this week. Read More

Microsoft under fire by employees over HoloLens deal with U.S. military

Microsoft has found itself in a puddle of hot water with some of its employees. Back in November 2018, Microsoft announced that it had signed a new $479m contract with the U.S. military to supply augmented reality technology. This technology was supposedly to be supplied for training purposes.

ExxonMobil to use Microsoft technologies including Azure and Dynamics 365 for its Permian Basin oper

Microsoft and ExxonMobil are working together to optimize the oil company's Permain Bain operations through an amalgamation of Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning and Internet of Things solutions.

Skip Ahead Preview build 18841 (20H1) released to Insiders with lots of fixes, longer wait for new f

Another Skip Ahead preview build is being released to Windows 10 Insiders that is once again heavy on the fixes and improvements while light on new features and, thankfully, known issues. Hello #WindowsInsiders we have released 19H1 Build 18343 to Fast https://t.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 18343 to 19H1 Fast Ring, unblocks Intel processors

Microsoft dropped a couple of Insider builds on us this Friday morning, including a Fast Ring build (18343) that mainly fixes a problem that resulted in the company blocking build 18342 from installing on certain Intel based PCs. Here is the full list of changes and improvements to 18343:

How to Control a 3D Printer with a Raspberry Pi

For the uninitiated, 3D printing can seem like a daunting hobby. However, once you figure out how everything works, 3D printing can become fun and enjoyable. For beginners, it might be tempting to just buy a plug-and-play 3D printer to use with Windows 10.

Santorini, Centaurus, Pegasus – codenames provide clues to Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windo

Microsoft has been working for years on the modularization of its flagship operating system. Over many years, various fixes and shortcuts to gain performance made it difficult if not impossible to separate bits out again, but the idea of a modularized Windows,

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, 4 Lost Planet video games gain Xbox One backward compatibility

As promised, Microsoft has added more titles to the list of Xbox 360 games that are now backward compatible with the newer Xbox One series of consoles. As pointed out by Xbox’s Larry Hryb on Twitter, four of the Lost Planet titles—games 1, 2, 3,

Fake Steve Ballmer Twitter account used iPhone, now suspended

Steve Ballmer famously stomped an iPhone during a company event, showing his distaste for the rival in the desktop and mobile operating systems market. Now that he is no longer running the company,

Indians find Microsoft to be the most attractive employer over Google and Apple

The software giant Microsoft is the “most attractive employer” in India, according to a latest survey by HR services firm Randstad. Randstad released a comprehensive report on employer branding and employee perception, studying over 2 lakh (200,000) people from 1000 companies,

The top five trending apps for Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store as of April 17th

彭博社:苹果计划将 Shazam 直接整合到 iOS 中

分类: 软件应用靠旋律来找歌的 iOS 应用很多,但苹果似乎觉得那还不够简便。彭博社日前称,苹果计划在未来的 iOS 版本中直接将歌曲辨识软件 Shazam 整合在内,具体的做法可参照之前 Facebook 或 Twitter 的例子。


虎嗅注:孙宇晨,生于1990年,锐波科技创始人兼CEO,美国硅谷Ripple Labs大中华区首席代表。Ripple Labs正在构建一个未来金融系统的底层协议,秒杀比特币。


企业高层领导人们每天都是如何度过的?本文来自对财富500强中的267个公司高管(副总裁级别以上)的邮件调查,调查者为企业家John Rampton、Chris Stowell。


如果决定使用Docker,是否有必要同时使用OpenStack、Docker Daemon之NewDaemon实现、分布式机器学习的故事、为啥CoreOS没用Paxos,重新搞了Raft,更多Docker新闻与教程,请看本期Docker周报。 By 郭蕾



Mac OS X上用CoreCLR运行一个真正的.NET控制台程序 - dudu


恶意插件 KeyRaider 导致超过 22.5 万越狱 iOS 用户的账户被盗

越狱的 iPhone 有它的缺点。


编者按:本文作者陈悦天,创新工场投资总监,看在线娱乐、社区和游戏,勾搭可移步知乎。本文是《创新工场文化内容投资手札》系列的第六篇,其他文章见文末目录。 ACTOY 我对于动漫衍生品的看法如下: 动漫衍生品市场在日本动漫市场的70%以上,是非常大的变现端。 但是动漫衍生品的消费构筑于强IP之上,只有我前面提到的在“形”和“意”层面都做出特殊感觉的内容(参见《内容的作用原理(下)》),同时保证持续高频的生产才能称之为强IP(参见《IP 到底是什么?》)。用户们在购买衍生品的时候实际上是在追逐感觉,定义自身的标签。 所以某种程度上,中国动漫市场如果都没有自己的强IP,何谈衍生品市场?

站在风口上 “借鉴大师”众泰开始研发无人驾驶技术

“无人驾驶”的话题早已被媒体炒得火热。而对多数消费者来说,这还是全新领域,媒体在提到这个话题时,往往被人看作“科幻般存在”的角色。目前世界上无人驾驶汽车发展到了何种程度?中国有没有无人驾驶汽车?技术能 ... ...



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