Combatant Gentlemen, A Runaway Startup Hit For Men’s Clothing, Launches App

Combatant Gentlemen, one of the breakout stars of a new generation of startup consumer clothing brands, has launched an app for iOS. The men’s clothing e-tailer and content creator has been a favorite of millennial men who’re looking to upgrade their wardrobe beyond hoodies, jeans and shorts,

Lime puts Jump bikes back on London streets

Jump bikes are returning to London — this time through its new owner Lime . London is the first city in Europe to see Jump bikes return since Uber offloaded the company to Lime in a complex deal that unfolded in May. Lime raised $170 million in a funding round led by Uber, along with […]

Intel to invest $253.5 million in India’s Reliance Jio Platforms

Intel said on Friday it will invest $253.5 million in Jio Platforms, joining a roster of high-profile investors including Facebook, General Atlantic, and Silver Lake that have backed India’s top telecom operator in recent months. The American chipmaker’s investment arm said it is acquiring a 0.

Festo’s latest biomimetic robots are a flying feathered bird and ball-bottomed helper arm

You could be excused for thinking that German robotics company Festo does nothing but put together fabulous prototype robots built to resemble kangaroos, jellyfish, and other living things. They do in fact actually make real industrial robots,

Sprint 5G is no more, as T-Mobile focuses on its own network

A day after formally completing the sale of Boost, Virgin and other Sprint prepaid networks to Dish, T-Mobile is pulling the plug on Sprint 5G. The move is one in a long list of issues that need sorting out in the wake of April’s $26.5 billion merger. And like a number of other moves, it’s […]

Uber adds another independent director to its board: Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi

Uber has a new, independent board member, shows a new SEC filing: CEO Revathi Advaithi of 51-year-old Flex, which is among the world’s largest electronic manufacturers and competes against Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology. Advaithi, a mechanical engineer who grew up in India with four sisters,

‘Westworld’ creators are developing a ‘Fallout’ TV series for Amazon

“Fallout,” the post-apocalyptic video game franchise published by Bethesda Softworks, is being turned into a TV series by Kilter Films, the production company of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The series, which began in 1997, takes place in an alternate future with a retro tone,

Police roll up crime networks in Europe after infiltrating popular encrypted chat app

Hundreds of alleged drug dealers and other criminals are in custody today after police in Europe infiltrated an encrypted chat system reportedly used by thousands to discuss illegal operations.

Palantir Acquires Kimono Labs For Its Web-Scraping Service

Kimono Labs, a Y Combinator-backed web-scraping tool that helps developers grab information from sites without having to write their own scrapers, has been acquired by Palantir.

Multicast, Big Phones And The Appification Of The Web And TV

Last year was another groundbreaking period of the mobile revolution. Overall app usage grew by 58 percent, driven largely by personalization, media and productivity apps. What’s interesting is the majority of this growth came from existing users,

For $499, You Can Buy Your Kids A Little Tesla Model S From Radio Flyer

Tesla and Radio Flyer — yep, the company best known for the little red wagon that parents all over the U.S. use to drag their kids around their neighborhoods — are about to launch a little electric Model S for kids.

SuperAwesome Crosses Pond Via Acquisition Of MobiGirl Media, A U.S. Mobile Ad Network For Girls

SuperAwesome, the European kids and teen-focused ad network and marketing platform, has crossed the pond via an acquisition. It's bought L.A.-based MobiGirl Media, a mobile ad network for girls.

No, Microsoft and Sony Don't Need to Worry About the Facebook-Oculus Deal

If you believe what you may have read online in the past 24 hours, in about five to 10 years we'll all be donning high-tech goggles when we go online, interacting with people who may be on the other side of the planet in virtual shops, classrooms and city streets.

Millennials More Likely to Lie to Take a Day Off, Survey Says

Millennials are taking a page out of Ferris Bueller's book.More than 60% of Americans aged 18 to 34 have made an excuse to take an impromptu vacation day, according to the 2014 annual travel survey by SpringHill Suites. That could be attributed in part to a shifting concept of work-life values.

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 18th

The Windows Phone Store is home to over 250,000 apps worldwide. Let's take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories. You might even discover your new favorite app!

52. 不用+、-、×、÷做加法[add two numbers without arithmetic] - hellogiser

add two numbers without arithmetic

Live blog: Apple’s Eddy Cue and Beats’ Jimmy Iovine on the $3B deal

Come back here at 8pm for my live blog of Apple and Beats' joint appearance at the Code Conference.


反正新标签页闲着也是闲着,不如设置点有新意的。 谷歌卫星地图每天打开标签页都是随机的卫星地图,点击右下角的地球标志可切换位置,让你可以每天都发现新的地方。

Fight bacteria and viruses in Defend Your Life, an awesome game for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone


刚刚才说完伦敦一大学开设自拍课程,这不,美国一大学告诉大家,LOL 打得好还能拿奖学金!  

依莉詩:「勁正 ! 小朋友會以後坐定定學野」- Osmo 教學 AR 套裝評測

iPad 的教學 apps 相信不少父母都有給小朋友玩過,不過 apps 始終都是平面的,很難訓練到小朋友的手眼協調。

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