Microsoft patents show next batch of Windows Phones could be touch free

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Microsoft patents show next batch of Windows Phones could be touch free

Leaked Images Show What Could've Been a Lumia 1020 Successor

When the Lumia 1020 launched last summer with its bulbous 41-megapixel camera, it was a weird looking smartphone that found favor with the photography-inclined. It's been 15 months since the 1020 was released,

Microsoft could replace humans with Project Adam

Microsoft says, "Project Adam is a new deep-learning system modelled after the human brain that has greater image classification accuracy and is 50 times faster than other systems in the industry".Read more:

A mysterious Nokia device spotted in the wild could be the Lumia 830

Why Windows Phone might die if Microsoft doesn't release a flagship soon

It was recently that I opted, at last, to move away from my venerable Lumia 1020. Spoiler alert: I ended up moving to the refreshed Lumia 930.Purchased in May of last year, my innocuous little white slab of polycarbonate,

If you missed it: the lure of Xbox One and Surface Pro 3, Windows Phone updates, and the future of W

Possible Lumia 1020 successor, complete with enormous camera hump spotted online

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a phone that still commands a great deal of respect in the mobile space, even though it has reached the end of life status.

How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room

Amazon has been amassing computer vision expertise for a long time. And continues to do so. A LinkedIn search for computer vision jobs at the company currently returns more than 50 posts — mostly split across research and software engineering roles.

Why Microsoft’s Windows 10 event sold more than just its products

As the fog of war continues to dissipate from Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices announcement, I find myself more enthused with how the company presented itself rather than devices that were revealed.   Make no mistake;...

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Could Be Unveiled Next Week

Microsoft might be gearing up to show off the third iteration of its Surface Pro Windows-powered computer/tablet next week at a special event. The surface event is confirmed, and reports suggest that there will be a smaller version of the Surface called the “Surface Mini” shown off there,

It’s official, the EU has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub

the European Commission has officially approved of the Microsoft and GitHub purchase without any conditions and says the purchase would not damage competition in the sector.

How to install Windows 10’s Linux Subsystem on your PC

In 2016, Microsoft made a stunning announcement during its annual Build developers conference: it was bringing the Linux shell Bash to the Windows desktop* as a first-class citizen.

Windows 10 “19H1” update will address performance slowdowns caused by Meltdown/Spectre mitigations

Microsoft has recently made some changes to the Windows Kernel so that the Spectre mitigations now have a negligible impact on performance.

iFixit gives the Surface Laptop 2 a 0/10 repairability score, just like the original model

iFixit gave Microsoft’s latest Surface devices the teardown treatment this week, and as expected, the Surface Laptop 2 didn’t fare any better than the “glue-filled monstrosity” that was the original Surface Laptop.

App Mirroring may be Microsoft’s most successful platform development pivot yet

The question now becomes, will App Mirroring be enough of functionality to keep people who have become used to new app experiences on their phones, using those same experiences on the desktop when applicable?

Microsoft releases new patch for the Windows 10 April 2018 update

The build 16299.755 for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now available to download and it brings a pretty long list of fixes.

Here’s what’s new in OneNote for October 2018

The new features list for OneNote will streamline the Mac, Windows 10 and Online versions and bring them more in line with the way OneNote 2016 functions.

If you missed it: Windows Phone 8.1 released and Office updated

Aerize Explorer is a simple, beautiful and functional file manager for Windows Phone

The update to 8.1 brought tons of new features to Windows Phone. From Cortana to action and notification center, the operating system looks full-fledged now. However, there is still one thing that it lacks, a file manager. That’s where Aerize Explorer for Windows Phone comes into play.

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 can automatically update your apps

微软已提供2个Windows 8.1 Update故障修复补丁 但问题仍存在

本周早些时候,微软发布了Windows 8.1 Update,但遗憾的是,并不是所有人都顺利地安装上了这个更新。在微软问答论坛上,许多用户报告称,当他们在尝试安装这个更新的时候,却遇到了代码为“0x800f081f”的错误。



Kid Recreates Iconic 'Dirty Dancing' Routine

If there's an argument for a Dirty Dancing remake, it's this kid. Lainie Kristina posted a video to Facebook of her son Charlie copying Patrick Swayze's dance moves in the movie's famous final scene, and his skills are impressive. Nobody puts Charlie in a corner!See also:

UK forces porn websites to implement over 18 age verification

The UK government could deny access to porn websites unless visitors verify that they are over 18 years of age, according to new legislation being drafted by the department of culture media and sport.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Tickets now available for the Digital Beltway conference in D.C.

From hashtag activism to Meerkating politicians, digital technology has combined with new media to change the face of politics.The Digital Beltway conference in Washington, D.C. is designed to explore this new political frontier, fostering conversation between the thought leaders,

iPhone发展到现在最需要的是什么? 新鲜感

苹果是世界上最成功的企业之一,给我们带来了“改变世界”的 iPhone 手机。然而,这个世界中是既生瑜又生亮的,iPhone 无法独占这个世界,因为它有一个同样强劲的对手——Android。  

正视听? 沃兹称当年是乔布斯自己离开苹果

好吧,一直以来我们听到的说法就是:当年乔布斯企图发动政变推翻苹果时任 CEO 约翰·斯考利,无奈时任苹果高管吉恩·路易斯·盖西(Jean-Louis Gassee)背叛了他,政变失败,乔布斯被赶出了苹果董事会。

李国庆:就算A股2500点 当当回来也能涨3倍


Need for Speed now available for EA Access subscribers on Xbox One

An EA Access subscription has its own set of benefits for gamers. The subscription offer users a variety of popular EA games, as well as discounts on digital purchases. Furthermore, gamers can also access...



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