What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times are over and that - on multiple fronts - the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction,

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What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times are over and that - on multiple fronts - the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction,

Microsoft's indie games on Xbox One and Windows 10 make a huge splash at E3 2015

Yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference, there were a number of indie games featured as a part of the ID@Xbox program. It was a great look at what indie developers can create on the Xbox One and for Windows 10 devices.

Reflections On Microconsoles

For a time I believed that microconsoles might change the face of the games industry, but they haven’t really worked out. Thoughts on why. Read More

GDC 2015: Microsoft unvels numerous new ID@Xbox indie games for Xbox One

Mobile World Congress 2015 isn't the only big tech event taking place right now. Not at all. In fact, the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2015 is also taking place in San Francisco, California, where more than 30 developers are bringing their games to Xbox One, via Microsoft's ID@Xbox program.

8 Breathtaking Indie Games Stealing Hearts at E3

Independent games made their mark on E3 this year, from the surprise hits of major press conferences to the titles stealing hearts on the show room floor.

Microsoft's Open Invite on August 28th lets you play Indie Xbox One games

If you're in Redmond on Thursday, August 28th, Microsoft has an open invite to come to their Redmond campus to play games from independent developers (for free). If you are interested check out the details here for directions, restrictions, and free transportation.

What Games Are: Valley People And Games People

I recently made reference to the idea that Valley thinking and games industry thinking are very different, and some people asked me to explain what I meant. So here you go. Read More

7 quirky indie games worth playing for the Wii U

Nintendo’s newest piece of hardware has had an interesting life so far. Since its launch in the fall of 2012, the Wii U has obviously seen a lot of activity from the game studio’s classic franchises. But while Nintendo usually keeps new games all in the family,

I Hath Seen The Future Of Video Games!

When considering the latest E3 I’m minded by how the games seem very cool, but the industry as represented by E3 has never been more divided. I’m pondering whether the promise of an ultimate platform can be the bridge, and just how likely or unlikely such a device is. Read More

Notes From The Game Developers Conference

This year’s GDC featured a wide range of themes and topics, subjects of interest and discussion. It was also a somewhat uncertain and quiet GDC however. Read More

Equifax slapped with UK’s maximum penalty over 2017 data breach

Credit rating giant Equifax has been issued with the maximum possible penalty by the UK’s data protection agency for last year’s massive data breach. Albeit, the fine is only £500,

Exhibit for free in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place on 29-30 November, and we simply can’t wait to see you all there. We always get super stoked about Startup Alley, the Disrupt exhibition hall, where hundreds of innovative early-stage startups display the very latest tech products, platforms and services. Now,

Lime hits 11.5 million bike and scooter rides

Bike and scooter company Lime recently hit 11.5 million rides, a couple of months after it surpassed six million rides. This milestone comes just 14 months after Lime deployed its first bikes. Today, Lime is in more than 100 markets throughout the U.S. and Europe. Last December,

Liquid Telecom goes long on Africa’s startups as future clients

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa.

Jamie Burke to explain why you should still bet on the blockchain at Disrupt Berlin

Now that your cousin doesn’t ask you questions about bitcoin anymore, is it the end of all things blockchain? Maybe it just means that it’s time to think about innovating at the protocol level and come up with new use cases.

Curve, the all-your-cards-in-one app, adds ‘zero fees’ when spending abroad

Curve, the London fintech that lets you consolidate all of your bank cards into a single Curve card and app to make it easier to manage your spending, has always faced a slight awareness problem. Even though nobody else does what Curve does — the product is innovative on a multiple fronts,

Meituan-Dianping’s IPO off to a good start as shares climb 7% on debut

Meituan-Dianping (3690.HK) enjoyed a strong debut today in Hong Kong, a sign that investors are confident in the Tencent-backed company’s prospects despite its cash-burning growth strategy, heavy competition and a sluggish Hong Kong stock market. During morning trading,

President Obama Will Headline DNC Fundraiser Hosted By YC’s Sam Altman And Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

This May 8th, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will hold a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee headlined by President Obama. The fête will take place at Y Combinator’s offices in Mountain View.

Airbnb And NY Attorney General Prepare To Meet In Court This Week

Last fall, the Attorney General filed a subpoena for thousands of records related to hosts in New York in an effort to identify bad actors and illegal activity on the platform. On Tuesday, Airbnb will finally have its day in court,

AI Experts On The Reality Behind The Sci-Fi Thriller “Transcendence”

An ambitious blend of fact and fiction, “Transcendence” is Hollywood’s latest dystopian-edged take on the implications of artificial intelligence. Here are some examples of where the film displays some chops in computer vision, intelligent systems and brain imaging. Read More

爸爸深夜赖在网吧打游戏 儿子喊其回家反被留下


HTC One M8 Blue leaked photo points to imminent release

A different colour scheme is all that is different on the blue version of the device that was part of a Tweet from the ever-reliable @evleaks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/13/htc-one-m8-blue-leaked-photo-points-imminent-release/



python生成汉字图片字库 - CodeMeals



小编按:本文小编一开始是没看明白的。百度了一下“内容营销”,才似懂非懂。不知道这篇文章自身是不是也是“内容营销 […]


基耶斯洛夫斯基 以及他的作曲家 普瑞斯纳 这个伟大的波兰导演,所有作品中音乐都是相当重要的元素,他的《蓝.白.红》算是我的最爱。





一个人玩虚拟现实这事,Oculus 看不过去了


California woman investigated for hate crime after attacking Muslim men

A California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee is being investigated for a possible a hate crime after an incident involving two Muslim men over the weekend.Denise Slader, the CDCR employee,

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