What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times are over and that - on multiple fronts - the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction,

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What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times are over and that - on multiple fronts - the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction,

Microsoft's indie games on Xbox One and Windows 10 make a huge splash at E3 2015

Yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference, there were a number of indie games featured as a part of the ID@Xbox program. It was a great look at what indie developers can create on the Xbox One and for Windows 10 devices.

Reflections On Microconsoles

For a time I believed that microconsoles might change the face of the games industry, but they haven’t really worked out. Thoughts on why. Read More

GDC 2015: Microsoft unvels numerous new ID@Xbox indie games for Xbox One

Mobile World Congress 2015 isn't the only big tech event taking place right now. Not at all. In fact, the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2015 is also taking place in San Francisco, California, where more than 30 developers are bringing their games to Xbox One, via Microsoft's ID@Xbox program.

8 Breathtaking Indie Games Stealing Hearts at E3

Independent games made their mark on E3 this year, from the surprise hits of major press conferences to the titles stealing hearts on the show room floor.

Microsoft's Open Invite on August 28th lets you play Indie Xbox One games

If you're in Redmond on Thursday, August 28th, Microsoft has an open invite to come to their Redmond campus to play games from independent developers (for free). If you are interested check out the details here for directions, restrictions, and free transportation.

What Games Are: Valley People And Games People

I recently made reference to the idea that Valley thinking and games industry thinking are very different, and some people asked me to explain what I meant. So here you go. Read More

7 quirky indie games worth playing for the Wii U

Nintendo’s newest piece of hardware has had an interesting life so far. Since its launch in the fall of 2012, the Wii U has obviously seen a lot of activity from the game studio’s classic franchises. But while Nintendo usually keeps new games all in the family,

I Hath Seen The Future Of Video Games!

When considering the latest E3 I’m minded by how the games seem very cool, but the industry as represented by E3 has never been more divided. I’m pondering whether the promise of an ultimate platform can be the bridge, and just how likely or unlikely such a device is. Read More

Notes From The Game Developers Conference

This year’s GDC featured a wide range of themes and topics, subjects of interest and discussion. It was also a somewhat uncertain and quiet GDC however. Read More

WhatsApp limits message forwarding in bid to reduce spam and misinformation

In a bid to cut down on the spread of false information and spam, WhatsApp recently added labels that indicate when a message has been forwarded. Now the company is sharpening that strategy by imposing limits on how many groups a message can be sent on to. Originally,

AnyVision AI startup locks in $28M for its body and facial recognition tech

As image recognition advances continue to accelerate, startups with a mind towards security applications are seeing some major interest to turn surveillance systems more intelligent. AnyVision is working on face,

Public shareholders got high today on Tilray, the first marijuana company to IPO on Nasdaq

Tilray, a five-year-old, British Columbia-based medical cannabis company that sells its products to patients, researchers, pharmacies and even governments, saw its shares get high (sorry) on the Nasdaq today, after the company priced 9 million shares at $17 apiece and watched them soar,

Disney to debut its first VR short next month

The debut of Walt Disney Animation Studio’s first VR short film, Cycles, is set for this August in Vancouver, the Association for Computing Machinery announced today. The plan is for it to be a headliner at the ACM’s computer graphics conference (SIGGRAPH), joining other forms of VR,

Shared electric scooters probably won’t return to SF until August

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is still reviewing the 12 applications from companies to operate electric scooters in the city. In early June, companies like Uber, Lime, Bird, Lyft and others applied for permits to operate electric scooter share services in San Francisco. 

Surprise! Top sites still fail at encouraging non-terrible passwords

You would think that Amazon, Reddit, Wikipedia and other highly popular websites would by now tell you that "password1" or "hunter2" is a terrible password — just terrible. But they don't.

Farfetch acquires CuriosityChina to expand its social media efforts on the Mainland

Farfetch — the e-commerce startup that works with some 900 high end fashion boutiques and labels to present and sell clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery online, and we and others have heard is gearing up for a $6 billion IPO — is making an acquisition to double down China,

President Obama Will Headline DNC Fundraiser Hosted By YC’s Sam Altman And Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

This May 8th, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will hold a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee headlined by President Obama. The fête will take place at Y Combinator’s offices in Mountain View.

Airbnb And NY Attorney General Prepare To Meet In Court This Week

Last fall, the Attorney General filed a subpoena for thousands of records related to hosts in New York in an effort to identify bad actors and illegal activity on the platform. On Tuesday, Airbnb will finally have its day in court,

AI Experts On The Reality Behind The Sci-Fi Thriller “Transcendence”

An ambitious blend of fact and fiction, “Transcendence” is Hollywood’s latest dystopian-edged take on the implications of artificial intelligence. Here are some examples of where the film displays some chops in computer vision, intelligent systems and brain imaging. Read More

Scientists reveal the sound of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

As a human-made spacecraft gets ready to detach and touch down on a comet for the first time in history, the scientists at the European Space Agency have released the fascinating sound of the comet itself. Ladies and gentlemen, say hi to 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Read more...


上海2015年3月13日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,经典钟表品牌德国肯宁家于2014年专为德国世界杯夺冠而打造的,2732挂钟系列世界杯德国国旗限量版正式进驻中国市场,这款限量版挂钟全球限量仅14台。


einzelkampfer 写道 "加州的一群科学家成功研制出能够提供暂时夜视能力的眼药水。他们使用胰岛素与名为Chlorin e6(Ce6)的化学物的混合物使得使用者能在黑暗中看清50米外的物体。Ce6在某些深海鱼类中被发现并常用于治疗夜盲。

摩托罗拉业绩下滑 欲求收购但无人问津


36氪每日投融资笔记:P2P借贷平台Funding Circle获1.5亿美元融资,代客泊车应用 ZIRX 获3000万美元B轮融资

一、P2P借贷平台Funding Circle获1.5亿美元融资Funding Circle主打P2P借贷的同时,还让个人能够对中小型企业提供借款。本轮融资由DST Global、BlackRock和Temasek领投,将用于进一步扩展美国和英国的市场。

【一周10篇 • 精选】趁青春,和这个烧钱的时代说Yes, I can



许多人都听说过标准石油在19世纪末控制了美国石油工业,但没有任意提高价格,反而使煤油价格持续走低的这段历史。不 同的人,对此会有不同的解读。

Ironkey资产已出售 - Kanguru成为全球最值得信赖的全集成USB硬件/软件安全解决方案提供商

马萨诸塞州米利斯--(美国商业资讯)--鉴于Ironkey的硬件资产最近剥离给金士顿(Kingston),而其软件资产剥离给第三方,Kanguru现已成为USB加密和远程管理领域全球唯一最值得信赖的全集成USB硬件/软件安全解决方案提供商。作为一家美国公司和USB数据安全领域的全球领先企业,Kanguru拥有22年历史,公司保持稳定运营和盈利。数年来,Kanguru一直提供创新、安全的USB加密数据存储和综合远程管理解决方案。Kanguru可以帮助全球各地的大小型企业确认并管理其便携式数据需求。   这份智能新闻稿包含多媒体内容。完整新闻稿可在以下网址查阅:http://www.

Former WWE standout, reality star Chyna dead at 45

Chyna, real name Joan Laurer, a former WWE wrestler whose impressive record and vibrant personality earned her accolades and a second career in reality TV, has died. She was 45. News of the wrestler's death was confirmed late Wednesday by postings across her official social media accounts. 

New 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer shows Idris Elba's villain in action

On Friday, Paramount dropped the new trailer for the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek BeyondPacked with a lot more action and character detail than the last trailer, this time we get a good look at the chief villain, Krall,

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