Marvel Universe Live: A First Look at the Traveling Superhero Circus

You'll probably never see a comic book-style meet-up of Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers on the big screen, but we’ll do you one better: on a live stage near you, starting this summer.Beginning in July, Feld Entertainment, the live-show wizards behind the Ringling Bros.

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Marvel's latest super-team is a collaboration with Telltale Games

Marvel Entertainment is teaming up with Telltale Games to tell a story.Let that sink in for a moment — not just because it's cool as hell, but also because the as-yet-unrevealed series won't be premiering until 2017.

Marvel Universe Live: A First Look at the Traveling Superhero Circus

You'll probably never see a comic book-style meet-up of Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers on the big screen, but we’ll do you one better: on a live stage near you, starting this summer.Beginning in July, Feld Entertainment, the live-show wizards behind the Ringling Bros.

Marvel Games integrates Netflix series 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones'

Who needs Netflix & chill when you can Netflix & game?Mashable has learned that Disney-owned Marvel is launching an integration of content into Marvel Games based on the Netflix shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Maker Studios, go90 announce 'Star Wars,' Marvel-inspired series

The Force is coming to Verizon's go90 platform.Disney-owned Maker Studios and go90 announced Thursday a slate of eight new originals — including a Star Wars-themed series and a Marvel-themed series — for the mobile-first, social entertainment platform.Maker,

Spider-Man swings back to the Marvel universe

LOS ANGELES — Look out, Avengers: Here comes the Spider-Man.A deal to put Spider-Man back in the Marvel universe — where, let's face it, he belongs — has been struck between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel/Disney. And to some degree, vice-versa.SEE ALSO: Carol Danvers,

'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' springs a leak with 'Double Agent'

LOS ANGELES — If you can't beat the leakers, join the leakers.All of Marvel's upcoming stuff is apparently too hot to keep under wraps these days, so the studio's TV arm is dispatching a "double agent" who will infiltrate the production team on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel's newest superhero is a preteen girl genius with a T-Rex sidekick

Say hello to Lunella Lafayette, Marvel's newest superheroThe comic giant will soon be introducing audiences to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, a reimagining of the short-lived 1978 comic previously centered around a red T-Rex and his "caveman-like friend" Moon Boy,

Marvel assembles first all-female Avengers team, the 'A-Force'

LOS ANGELES — Not since Pulp Fiction's fictitious "Fox Force 5" has an all-female hero team-up sounded this kick-ass.Marvel Comics, which is already light years ahead of the entertainment industry when it comes to awesome female characters, announced its first all-women Avengers team on Friday.

Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Inhumans Join Marvel's Cinematic Universe

LOS ANGELES — Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the Inhumans will join Marvel's cinematic universe with stand-alone movies, all part of the studio's plan to bring Avengers: Infinity War parts I and II for May 2018 and 2019, respectively, the studio announced Tuesday.

Ms. Marvel speaks: Marvel's first audiobook is Kamala Khan's story

LOS ANGELES — We first met Kamala Khan a year and a half ago, when Marvel Comics debuted Ms. Marvel, introducing a new superhero who possessed incredible powers, pluck and teenage street smarts.Now, she has a voice, too.SEE ALSO: Marvel Comics' reboot will bring all-new characters, No.

Tabletop gaming is getting a mixed-reality upgrade

Online game developer Wargaming created this mixed-reality prototype of its game World of Tanks. It also plans to use the tech to recreate historical events with the History Channel. Read more...More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Tech

'A Star Is Born' is responsible for the greatest memes of 2018

The trailer for A Star is Born dropped in June, and in the months since, it's been viewed more than 8.4 million times. And as with anything that's been viewed more than 8.4 million times, it's become excellent fodder for memes.

Ridiculous dudes hold Fenway Park banner hostage, and it's the most Boston thing ever

Boston is a city of personality, from its iconic accent, to its loyalty to the Red Sox, to its determination to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Here's a video that captures all of that in less than two minutes. SEE ALSO:

Cat hiking videos are the wholesome escape you need in your life

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter.Things you can reasonably expect to see on a hike: trees; rocks; streams. Thing you might not expect to see on a hike:

This exchange between Trump and hurricane victims sounds fake but it's very, very real

Is Donald Trump our first AI president?It's hard not to think so after seeing his truly weird interactions with several victims of Hurricane Florence during his visit to North Carolina to survey the storm's damage.SEE ALSO:

Where to pre-order the Sony PlayStation Classic: Walmart, Gamestop, and more

With the announcement of the PlayStation Classic, it's going to be a race to lock down those pre-orders. It wouldn't be surprising for this to go the route of the NES Classic or SNES Classic, where Nintendo didn't release enough to cover demand, leading to grossly inflated ebay prices.

Cody Wilson, the face of 3D printed guns, was just charged with sexual assault of a child

The face of the battle over 3D printed guns has some new legal trouble on his hands: the alleged sexual assault of a child.Cody Wilson, the 31-year-old 3D printed firearm activist, was just charged Wednesday with the sexual assault of a minor that he met on in Austin, Texas.

Square: No, We Haven't Been in Acquisition Talks

Just a few months ago, most rumors about Square focused on the possibility of an IPO, but the narrative has shifted more recently to the possibility of the mobile payments startup being sold.The Information reported earlier this month that Google had studied an acquisition of Square,

South Korea President: Ferry Captain's Actions Were Like 'Murder'

As the death toll from South Korea’s ferry disaster continues to rise — it was reported at 64 as of Monday morning — the country’s president has spoken out against the actions of the captain and crew."The actions of the captain and some crew members were utterly incomprehensible,

'The Voice' Takes Tailgating to a Social Level, and You're Invited

Tailgate parties used to involve beers and brats before the big competition, but in the social age, not even that most American of institutions is safe from hashtags, selfies and whatnot.Starting Monday, NBC’s The Voice is launching a pre-show social media event during which artists, coaches,

Alex Pentland眼中:“万能”的大数据和“尴尬 ”的可穿戴

8月31日,百度百家 The Big Talk来到了第三期。同它的名字一样,这次的话题也有些宏大——“大数据和 […]

郭台铭不满iPhone组装机器人 欲推第二代

当下,全球最炙手可热的两款智能手机非苹果 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 莫属。从发售首日的 400 万部销量到昨日传出的三天卖掉 1000 万部的消息,苹果新 iPhone 在全球的广泛号召力绝对令任何竞争对手望尘莫及。


The Intercept根据Edward Snowden提供的机密文件报道,NSA有特工执行线下的渗透和间谍任务,中国、德国和韩国都是渗透目标。文件暗示,秘密特工的行动帮助NSA在全球通信行业获得敏感数据和系统的访问权。


博通希望让硬件制造商更容易地生产采用Android Wear操作系统的智能手表,因此它今天推出了自己的Android智能手表公版设计,甚至集成谷歌软件暂不支持的功能。这套设计包含四核处理器,2G/3G调制解调器,无线网络连接,蓝牙4.


来自中国的钢铁侠粉丝Xing Yile日前已经在他的地下停车场工作室,打造了自己的Hulkbuster反浩克装甲。它很容易胜过了目前只有4英尺高的类似产品。

小伙狂摇手机登顶微信运动 结果得了腱鞘炎


The Flu Vaccine That Lasts a Lifetime is Coming

The flu vaccine: A tedious annual chore, but necessary unless you want to spend a week bed-ridden and barfy. Still, wouldn’t it be great if one jab could protect you for life? A lifetime flu vaccine isn’t impossible, and we’re making progress toward one, but we’ve still got a ways to go.

微软暗示HoloLens将亮相今晚的Windows 10硬件发布会

为了北京时间今晚10点召开的Windows 10硬件发布会,微软的宣传机器早已全面运转起来。不过除了我们已经知晓的几款新设备之外,微软还打算给大家另一个惊喜。


感谢安卓中国的投递10月13日消息,乐视宣布将于10月27日举行发布会,发布会地点同样是乐视初次发布乐视超级手机时的北京万事达中心,同时该海报中显示“Apple 2”的字眼,是否暗示着第二次发布新手机再次宣称颠覆苹果呢?

消费者不买Apple Watch原因:太贵和不实用

11月12日消息,据国外媒体报道,调查发现,不购买苹果智能手表Apple Watch的消费者没购买主要是出于两点理由:价格贵和不实用。  

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