Domino's merges pizza pie with actual pie and the result is heaven

Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any better, in comes a random Ukrainian Domino's franchise.Domino's has performed wild culinary experiments in the past, but Ukrainian Domino's recently decided to one-up the world and merge actual pie with pizza crust. The concept is so powerful,

'Quordle' today: Here are the answers and hints for October 1

Some Quordles are brain-busters, some are less challenging than remember what you had for lunch yesterday. Some, like today's are in-between.If it's a little too challenging, you've come to the right place for hints. There aren't just hints here, but the whole Quordle solution.

The best retro mini-fridges that’ll keep your food even cooler than their vintage vibe

Ever heard the phrase "Everything old is new again?" For whatever reason, we tend to have a nostalgic soft spot for aesthetics that seem to transport us to another time period. Whether it's clothing or home design, style just comes in waves every few decades or so,

Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for October 1

October is here, and to kick off the spooky season there's a brand new Wordle. But if you've used all your brain cells this week and are struggling with today's puzzle, never fear — we're here to help every day.If you just want the answer,

Hurricane Ian slammed into South Carolina, and photos and video from the scene are harrowing

Hurricane Ian made landfall in South Carolina at 2:05 p.m. ET Friday near the city of Georgetown on Winyah Bay — marking the official start of the storm's second major assault on the U.S. mainland. Some damage was immediately visible, with at least two piers collapsing into the sea.

10 movies you'll want to see out of NYFF 2022

The 2022 New York Film Festival begins today, showcasing a slew of new films to get excited about this upcoming fall and winter.This year's lineup includes movies from Luca Guadagnino, Joanna Hogg, and Noah Baumbach,

A family-friendly streaming guide for Hispanic Heritage Month

From stunning animation to heartfelt family stories to the acknowledgment of complex histories and identities, the current digital media environment is rich with stories by and about Latinx culture.

Joe Rogan and Oprah's bestie caught texting with Elon Musk over Twitter buy

Remember when Elon Musk was going to buy Twitter? Earlier this year, Musk seemed intent on taking over the social media platform.

Morgan Freeman's spin on Justin Bieber is basically 'The Shawshank Redemption'

Making fun of Justin Bieber is a beloved pastime. Even so, his cred as a world-class pop star is undeniable thanks to Purpose, an album strong enough to convert even non-Beliebers. Morgan Freeman's dramatic reading of Bieber's"Love Yourself," pays tribute to the singer's latest smash hit,

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' will finally be yours this April

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plus a bunch of bonus features, will finally be yours to own this April. The $2.048 billion box office juggernaut will be available on April 1 for digital, and April 5 for Blu-ray and DVD, according to Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger,

It's a miracle: 'Kimmy Schmidt' star Tituss Burgess has his own brand of pinot noir

It's a wine, dammit.Tituss Burgess of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fame has revealed that he now has his very own brand of pinot noirSee also: Tina Fey, Tituss Burgess and Jane Krakowski lip sync Beyoncé flawlesslyBurgess, of course,


4月18日出版的美国《纽约时报》印刷版刊登题为《明星梦与生意经:用摄像头和声音赚钱》(Lucrative Stardom in China,

用Qt写软件系列五:一个安全防护软件的制作(2) - 24K纯开源

引言 在上一篇中讲述了主窗体的创建和设计。主窗体的无边框效果、阴影效果、拖动事件处理、窗体美化等工作在前面的博客中早就涉及,因此上篇博文中并未花费过多笔墨。这一篇继续讲述工具箱(Tool Button)的实现。

直攻樂視電腦節首日拍賣超級電視 X50 Air 盛況

實在 8月22日起至24日電腦節期間,樂視展館 L01 每日都會舉行「X50 Air顛覆價 • 由你定」拍賣活動,以無底價無限定每口叫價形式拍賣 Letv 超級電視 X50 Air「限量測試版」。我們也在場直攻今日首次的拍賣盛況喔!

周鸿祎自述:我眼中的互联网经典商战TOP 10

周鸿祎可谓互联网的战术大师,以下就是他自己总结的互联网十大经典战役。“互联网的一些事”推荐此文,为读者带来详尽分析。   TOP10 百度早期如何打动用户?   



TW2015技术雷达中文版发布 - 破狼

今天thoughtworks 2015新版技术雷达pdf发布了,在这里你可以了解到我们都在用什么技术,那些技术是推荐的,那么技术是不再推荐的.技术雷达主要分为技术、工具、平台和语言及框架四个象限,

JavaScript系列----AJAX机制详解以及跨域通信 - 天天向上中

1.Ajax1.1.Ajax简介 Ajax简介这一部分我们主要是谈一下ajax的起源,ajax是什么?因为这些是跟技术无关的。所以,大多细节都是一笔带过。 Ajax的起源? Ajax一词源于2005年 Jesse James Garrett发表的一篇题为"Ajax:A new Approach t....

Terrifying video shows cabling snapping on amusement park ride

Part of the thrill of amusement park rides is the element of danger. But when the danger becomes a reality rides can turn from exciting to downright terrifying in a matter of seconds.

注意 ! 香港 iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 於 9 月 12 日下午 3 點開始上網預訂

在香港官網上就公佈了預訂時間,為 9 月 12 日下午 3 時 01 分。價格方面最平 16GB iPhone 6s HK$5,588 起、iPhone 6s Plus HK$6,388 起。The post 注意 ! 香港 iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 於 9 月 12 日下午 3 點開始上網預訂 appeared first on UNWIRE.

文章: 2016年,文本分析、情感分析和社交分析的10大趋势

文本分析、情感分析和社交分析帮助你转化成客户、病人、公众以及市场的“声音”。它们从线上、社交网络、企业数据源中提取商业洞察力。著名的分析战略顾问Seth Grimes对2016年,文本分析、情感分析和社交分析的发展趋势进行一个前瞻性的观察。 By Seth Grimes Translated by 董志南

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